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Twin cam issues
Latest by Sed8td 11 hours ago

Yeah true, both plugs are as bad as each other and no codes come up. Bloody Melbourne weather I can't take out often enough t ...

Topic by: Sed8td
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Air Leak after installin Screamin’ Eagle Ventilator Air Cleaner Kit
Latest by robots yesterday

Not being installed correctly Finger tight head bolts, install backing plate, bolts finger tight and then tighten all up In ins ...

Topic by: GGUser221
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M8 131 injectors
Latest by FBUser214 9 days ago

Participating 'in the spirit of the forum' requires an ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are those who offer adv ...

Topic by: Mesmer
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Twin Cam FXR, V2.
Latest by Baloffski 10 days ago

Another one jr.good on ya mate. Number 2 is really coming together really well by sounds of it.Clearance ahh , hammer. Number 3 ca ...

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Topic by: John.R
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New donk arrived.
Latest by GGUser322 15 days ago

Looks good John, what motor is that? What are your plans with it?Looks like you have a lot of new shiny bits  👍.....   ...

20211025_121348.jpg 20211025_121405.jpg
Topic by: John.R
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Playing with some tweaked handlebars
Latest by tussuck 19 days ago

Gee... they have bloody good prices!

Topic by: tussuck
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Latest by tussuck 20 days ago

See this is why I LOVE the Thundermax on the Sporty.  No locks and the current installed map is 100% downloadable so never an ...

Supertuner.png PXL_20200920_063048311~2.jpg
Topic by: Aseven66
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Maximus Direct Link Tuning Key
Latest by Lushy 1 month

Both the Maximus and Power Vision keys work well on the 2019. Pricing is a little more for Maximus. They are a means of unlocking ...

Topic by: OzzyGreg
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SE Spark Plugs - How often do you change them
Latest by robnicko 1 month

as long as the bike is tuned well and has no mechanical issues spark plugs should last a very long time, SE or STD I run the STD ...

Topic by: leachy
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HD Topless
Latest by Baloffski 1 month

all right.Yah correct, she is a Road Glide, and should stay that way, and this baby should not come outta the closet.    ...

Topic by: Baloffski
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Sporster shocks on a street glide.!!!
Latest by DocGreen 1 month

Binnsy, got my shocks thru Rob at Racng Shocks Australia.  He advertises on the site also.Cheers DocGreen

Topic by: binnsy
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Road Glide Oil Pressure Gauge not working
Latest by Baloffski 1 month

ok - thanks boys, that makes sense will look at first light and suss. Let you know wat it was.

Topic by: Baloffski
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Brake fail..
Latest by keith 1 month

@ Far Canal might be a 'Danny' from Geelong with some of those questions ? The certain Individual.

Topic by: Azzaaa
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Starter motor troubles
Latest by Floyd 1 month

Thanks Kato yes helpful, I have my starter in pieces and can see no broken or worn parts ?? Thanks for the help. Really want to kn ...

Topic by: Floyd
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Engine Oil Level
Latest by Postie 1 month

I now check oil after my ride so I know its good for next time. Provided there's no puddle under the bike it's still gotta be insi ...

air filter.jpg
Topic by: leachy
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Latest by Neale 1 month

Screaming Chicken, (eagle).

Topic by: Jersey
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Melted Piston or worse
Latest by Jersey 1 month

Did the bike ever sit for a long time without running? Unless my eyes are that bad what else could cause that cylinder pitting u ...

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Topic by: inmate
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PV to calibrate speedo - affected by ABS??
Latest by bodgie1307 1 month

hey onequickpuck can you confirm that a vss change with PV the shift indicator works ?  i used a dakota speed cal module and ...

Topic by: Onequickpuck
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Increased Fuel Usage after new Header pipes
Latest by Jersey 2 months

Hi AllHavent ridden much unfortunately but finally ran enough petrol thru the bike to do another mileage check.  I turned bac ...

Topic by: Jersey
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Latest by Wideglider 2 months

GM actually lists some parameters/set points that are auto-tuned, so my previous comment was tongue in cheek ;)I list some additio ...

Topic by: Jeffa
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