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Heads Up: Michelin Commander III Touring
Latest by WideglidingNZ 2 days ago

sorry not a good picture taker 

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Topic by: Nutty
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Krash Kinkade
Sputhe positrac
Latest by Krash Kinkade 3 days ago

They help a lot!That's a problem you have to expect, when you mount a motor& gearbox on rubber mounts, to isolate vibration. t ...

oil_cooler.jpg SP01.jpg SP02.jpg
Topic by: Daggs
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Twin Cam FXRS
Latest by Baloffski 9 days ago

Began scribing to JR. But, as just bought bottle of Scotch, and Mrs. Sniffed , I gota go...

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Topic by: John.R
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Fat Bob Stands
Latest by Mesmer 11 days ago

Ah, very fair point. lol

Topic by: Mesmer
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BDL Compensator
Latest by AJ56 13 days ago

yep well mine is working fine atm.  Maybe I was lucky, I don't know but all is happy atm.  might be riding style not sur ...

Topic by: Sponge Boy
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2005 Fatboy EFI - Fuel Pump assembly kit with sender unit
Latest by Mr_Bean 14 days ago

You can try they have a good range of fuel pumps arounf $170.00 cheers

Topic by: Fatboy__095
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Harley Davidson Primary Oil - WFT ?????
Latest by WideglidingNZ 15 days ago

Yes it is a known fact HD ask oil companies to quote a price for the grade of oil they require and go with the cheapest option. I' ...

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Topic by: Sponge Boy
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Have You Seen This Guy's Youtube Stuff?
Latest by Airhead 18 days ago

The interesting bit is that she reckons this is a good way to make money, either as a lawyer, owner of a car wash or woman on a So ...

Topic by: Airhead
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Mower Build
Latest by Baloffski 18 days ago

aye T5         were are such a beautiful , M C that sttill have stuuff on ......l.

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Topic by: steelo
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Tourer front wheel removal order. FYI
Latest by Nutty 20 days ago

1) rags on footboards2) towel on tyre 3) remove fender 4) remove RHS caliper and place on rag 5) loosen LHS caliper 6) remove whee ...

Topic by: Nutty
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Sportster Wont Start
Latest by Hound_Dog 21 days ago

I always seem to get the combo deals. This bike came with leaking o ring at the QD. Fixed that, wouldnt start even with a spray of ...

Topic by: Hound_Dog
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Mikuni 40mm versus 42mm
Latest by Benno 22 days ago

Roger that, thanks again.

Topic by: Benno
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Fuel Coupling O-Ring Size?
Latest by DocGreen 25 days ago

Cheers mate

Topic by: Hound_Dog
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Harley Davidson Service and Parts Manuals
Latest by steelo 1 month

Was that the black and red leather bound, 120gsm glossy paged, willy G autographed, large print version FB?

Topic by: shovelhead1
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I need someone who knows a thing or two
Latest by DJP_120ci 1 month

Try the rear brake light, On the back of the master cylinder. That’s where jagg get power for there fan assisted oil coolers.  ...

Topic by: GGUser135
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FXLR Low Rider Gauges
Latest by leachy 1 month

We have all been caught up in a really good marketing plan, and if you buy a Harley and think you buying the best bike made then y ...

Topic by: PM65
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Predator mount
Latest by dicko 1 month

Here's a link that may help.

Topic by: rock38
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COVID Builds! What yah doing to your ride during lockdown?
Latest by Humbug 1 month

The old girl looks great. The only problem I have is whie looking at it the Honda song popped into my head and now I think it is s ...

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Topic by: tussuck
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Grease Monkey
SE Heavy Breather *Extreme* edition
Latest by Grease Monkey 1 month

Bigfella did it to his, cam, gaskets, bearing, lifters and a tune, helps if you can do the spanner work yourself, he might see thi ...

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Topic by: Mesmer
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Burliegh Roller Bars fit 2019 Fatboy FLFB
Latest by FBUser119 1 month

Thanks mate...can't wait to get them fitted. The beach bars are way too low I reckon.

Roller bolt centres.jpg
Topic by: FBUser119
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