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Slip on Muffler Removal, tips and tricks
Latest by FBUser10 2 days ago

A really good penetration fluid is 50% acetone and 50% tranny fluid. I put it on my rusty header bolts, and they nearly came off w ...

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Topic by: Benno
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Street 500 adjustable brake levers
Latest by DanMan24 3 days ago

Thanks for that!

Topic by: DanMan24
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Grease Monkey
RED security light stays on intermitantly after LEDS fitted 14 breakout
Latest by Grease Monkey 8 days ago

I had to use an equaliser on my old Dyna but it wasn't canbus, still the blurb says for canbus so it must be a common issue and th ...

Topic by: bodgie1307
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1985 FXEF Starter relay position?
Latest by graeme_t 15 days ago

Finally found out where the starter relay goes on the FXEF so I thought I would post some photos so that if anyone else needs to k ...

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Topic by: graeme_t
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Intermittent blinker
Latest by mickolly 15 days ago

hi guys I have a 96 heritage the right side blinker doesn't work while moving no engine works,stopped engine on works,travelling d ...

Topic by: mickolly
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rick k
Buzzing noise in front brake.
Latest by rick k 15 days ago

Pads still have 1/2 left on , noise is still there like a locust or a little buzz , I’m not really worried as my sporty does exact ...

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Topic by: Smokey61
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Idling problem
Latest by Daffy 18 days ago

Ok.My Thundermax is still the bees knees. Cheers 

harley intake wrench.jpg Screenshot_20200922-215333.png 20200922_190646.jpg
Topic by: Smokey61
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Far Canal
COVID Builds! What yah doing to your ride during lockdown?
Latest by Far Canal 19 days ago

Well then, that picture of the manual would suggest the F3's were 1978 models. The F2's were 1977. The engine numbers on a F3 were ...

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Topic by: tussuck
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Krash Kinkade
Changing your tires Question
Latest by Krash Kinkade 22 days ago

.would probably need to double check beads work by dynamic balancing wheel & tyreBut like fc , I have never noticed the differ ...

Topic by: dicko
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Ignition problem
Latest by Bangkokbob 25 days ago

If you have a kill switch check all the contacts in the system especially junction on frame between tanks.regards, B.B.

Topic by: Fugalltadowivu
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Motor mounts - talk to me
Latest by robots 1 month

Try the service bulletin first Shave top of mount, then shim with washer. I have the sputhe and only noticed a bit more stabili ...

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Topic by: noctm
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Tank swap for 2006 FXDi
Latest by me_ashman 1 month

Nice work!

Topic by: sinny
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Latest by dicko 1 month

 I still have a thundermax for sale , if i could figure out how to find my old parts for sale i could repost it ??/

Topic by: grooveyguru
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Installing Rocker Lockers
Latest by Smokey61 1 month

In Townsville that's Townsville Custom Cycles. Cheers for the info. 

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Topic by: Phatty
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Heads Up: Michelin Commander III Touring
Latest by dicko 1 month

Yeah, the girls were always after the lump in me pants???You guessed it ====    wallet!

Topic by: Nutty
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shovel vibes
Latest by daddyracer56 2 months

Shovels look funny with cv,s on ,

Topic by: raybear
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2020 Breakout wheels on a 2003 VROD
Latest by imoo6170 2 months

You will probably find more answers re Vrods on

Topic by: Bondy
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Spark plug removal
Latest by Hoodeng 2 months

There is this type that may tilt in behind the pushrods. ...

Topic by: Jamesstrathdee
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1986 sporty rebuild
Latest by daddyracer56 2 months

do a comp test , clean fuel system proper inc idle and main jets carb fuel delivery etc, check ign system 1st ,first things first& ...

Topic by: beaglebasher
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Two new electrical gremlins. Anyone had these issues?
Latest by Smokey61 2 months

Aaand a few rides later the idle problem reappears. Two days before I'm supposed to ride it to Adelaide. 

Topic by: Smokey61
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