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Penrite Oil Sale at Supercheap
Latest by leachy 7 hours ago

Just thought I let you all know, if you already didn't Supercheap are selling V-Twin Fully Synthetic PAO-Ester 20W-50W for $69.00 ...

Topic by: leachy
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First Service
Latest by Adam76 8 hours ago

Thanks, I have the FSM. 👍

Topic by: Cycle
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Clear coating lower fork sliders ?
Latest by Adam76 8 hours ago

Nice. They came up alright. Did you do the cerakote yourself Crowster? Or a paint shop? I don't think it's cheap from what I can ...

20210514_143303.jpg 2 pac.JPG 20141226_195101_1.jpg
Topic by: Adam76
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Legend Cartridges
Latest by leachy 12 hours ago

Yeah these are on the softest setting as I read the issues on the USA forums before I installed them. I too was thinking they woul ...

Topic by: leachy
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Front tyre bounce/vibration
Latest by robnicko 3 days ago

see if you can try another front rim from another bike, if problem persists id be looking at steering head bearings and also front ...

Topic by: Mitchleeey
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Snap ring / circlip pliers ?
Latest by robnicko 10 days ago

agree on the Kinchrome ones, bought them when I had to remove the circlips for the footpegs and one of the pins broke on the plier ...

toolstek.jpg Screenshot_20210605-111239_Chrome.jpg DSC02874.JPG
Topic by: Adam76
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Extended Brake pedal Street Glide Special
Latest by Robbo_Townsville 17 days ago

I had the same issue with my Ultra brake being too close. I went with a product from the States called Soft Brake.

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Topic by: binnsy
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Mid frame heat deflectors
Latest by paulybronco 22 days ago

Never heard of that before but sounding like a tune problem....un burnt fuel in a red hot pipe when rear cycl kicks in.

defelctor3.jpg defelctor1.jpg defelctor2.jpg
Topic by: binnsy
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lithium batteries yes or nope ?
Latest by FBUser42 25 days ago

Watch the ricks video..basically you need.a lower output regulator. Only about .5 volts just so u dont boil the lithium. Them AA b ...

Topic by: brucecul
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Bridgestone T31 GT Tyres
Latest by leachy 26 days ago

I know another question about tyres. I was just looking up the tyres on a new bike I have purchased and it has Bridgestone Battle ...

Topic by: leachy
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cam recommendation
Latest by Hoodeng 1 month

My personal preference is two into two staggered duals as was fitted stock for years, a set of S&S taper turbo mufflers will g ...

Topic by: Brad24
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2015 Breakout Fork oil capacity
Latest by Adam76 1 month

When I did the forks on my evo softail, I saw a trick one guy used Large cable tie with a mark on it as DIY  fork fluid measu ...

Topic by: FBUser204
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Oil leak from clutch cable
Latest by Hoodeng 1 month

Check the trans vent.

Topic by: siva.velagala
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Mower Build
Latest by paulybronco 1 month

Ha Ha just in case we had an objection from a infrequent member perhaps... 

20210206_200256.jpg VzmCQn9.jpeg
Topic by: steelo
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Might be of use to someone (Adapter)
Latest by binnsy 1 month

Here ya go

20210427_094942.jpg 20210427_094634.jpg 20210427_094652.jpg
Topic by: binnsy
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wider rear end
Latest by beaglebasher 1 month

Why would you want to do that FXSTC?It is a subjective thing I suppose but why not go for a really fat back tyre? Like 350 mm or 5 ...

Topic by: FXSTC
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More confusing than which engine oil...
Latest by ice 1 month

formula + 02 softail 180k , change all oils every 5000 , no problems 

Topic by: Adam76
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Thundermax cable
Latest by Daffy 1 month

I have a Thundermax on my Deluxe. I’m in Angaston. Guy up here set mine up and he still has the programme on his laptop. I’m sure ...

Topic by: Steve L
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Bottom end rebuild? Advice needed
Latest by Adam76 2 months

Thanks Krash, appreciate the info on the QLD guy for the flywheels. TBH I'm hoping I don't have to, if my runout is good I'm ...

Topic by: Adam76
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Upgrade For 37707-84A Clutch Basket
Latest by Longjohn 2 months

Hi All I hope someone can help me with some information? My bike is an 1986 FXWG solid mounted EVO engine running a Baker 6 int ...

Topic by: Longjohn
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