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TTS Matertune 11
Latest by Retroman 10 hours ago

Where are you located mate ?  Supertuner pro can be "unlocked" here in Australia. Deffo NOT a TTS dongle. email to TTS only ...

Topic by: Dave210358
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Latest by tussuck yesterday

Well, dont leave us all hanging here!  

Topic by: Dusty54
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2018 M8 code
Latest by tussuck 4 days ago

Is it even a fault code?  could be a version/firmware/partnumber

Topic by: Goldfields47
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Starter Clutch Wrong Size
Latest by Dusty54 11 days ago

Thanks. Every thing is brand new - jackshaft - starter clutch and clutch shaft.  Gone back the original jackshaft. Will not b ...

Topic by: Dusty54
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Error Code issue
Latest by beaglebasher 1 month

Sorry mate , cant help you .  There is usually a couple of nerds that will explain the codes.You might have to wait a couple ...

Topic by: GGUser580
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Left hand and high beam dash lights not working
Latest by Wayneo57 1 month

G'day  guys  un regards  to the dash  lights  not working  I found  a circuit board  wizar ...

Topic by: Wayneo57
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what external breathers to fit
Latest by WideglidingNZ 1 month

I have my trask tranny cover which ventilates the crank case(engine) with the filter mounted on the lower frame, Trask recommends ...

Catchcanvent.JPG Catchcan.JPG 20240109_132233.jpg
Topic by: ralphski
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SE Pro Tuner Base Maps
Latest by PappaSmurf 1 month

Thanks guys, I’ll start with the map I last installed and see how it runs. I’ve just done a full service on it, but now I’m thinki ...

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Topic by: PappaSmurf
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Clutch interrupt Switch Wires Question
Latest by TNT696 2 months

Thank You for your reply

IMG20231225152842.jpg IMG20231225152935.jpg
Topic by: TNT696
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Maintenance - Oil Change is the best thing you can do !!
Latest by Baloffski 2 months

Redline in gearbox . Number 1 👍

Topic by: Daz666
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m8 slipping clutch
Latest by WideglidingNZ 2 months

What oil are you using in the primary? then check clutch and cable adjustment, you can get heavier clutch springs(SE 1275lb's) as ...

Topic by: ga121
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Pro Street Tuner stock map backup
Latest by reaver_05 2 months

Can anyone tell me if the new pro street tuner for 2021 to 2023 models backs up your stock base map to the cloud when you install ...

Topic by: reaver_05
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Grease Monkey
ABS cover
Latest by Grease Monkey 3 months

G'day Wayne, welcome to the forum, if you punch the part number into eBay and the like you might luck out on an original, aftermar ...

Topic by: Wayneo57
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Progressive shock, MELTDOWN!.
Latest by obisteve 3 months

Easily rebuildable too when the time comes, an oil seal and a couple of O rings.

Topic by: Far Canal
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CV carby hop up
Latest by obisteve 3 months

And ditch the return cable.

Topic by: Daz666
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Grease Monkey
Fuel filter change on a Road King
Latest by Grease Monkey 3 months

Hook in brother, show us how a Harley mech goes about it.

Topic by: Daz666
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Is this Compensator problem?
Latest by paulybronco 4 months

Good outcome Lozz.

Topic by: Lozz
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Tri-Bar Fender LED Rear Tail Light Lamp For Harley for Softail FXST FXSTB FXSTC
Latest by Retroman 4 months

Original OEM rear LED cluster repaired. With more gusto then 8 years ago. broken solder joints all re-tinned better than new ...

LED Softail rear light repair.jpg
Topic by: Retroman
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Street 500 no power
Latest by Lushy 4 months

We had one a few months back where the earth lead , not battery end, but the other end ( if that makes sense) had failed connectiv ...

Topic by: HDSTREET93
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More fuel than usual
Latest by Trjnhrse 4 months

So i finally think i have sorted the fuel issue i was having, checked over the airfilter, sparkplugs and usual stuff. Booked it in ...

Topic by: Trjnhrse
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