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Lifters in a 09 Sporty
Latest by obisteve 21 hours ago

Sounds like a lifter to me, you might be able to pick which one with a stethoscope or a big screwdriver placed on the tappet guide ...

Topic by: tussuck
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"Remanufactured" HD Screamin Eagle EFI Super Tuner
Latest by Retroman 22 hours ago

All 5 tuning laptops last updated in 2018 with the last Supertuner Pro release. Windows level the "latest" in 2018. Hope that h ...

Topic by: imoo6170
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Dual burn LED mod
Latest by Hilly 19 days ago

Update on this Stedi light, can no longer recommend them for a Harley, the vibration has shaken the park light loose in the the ho ...

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Topic by: Grease Monkey
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Upgrading my XR1200
Latest by GGUser610 23 days ago

That’s an old post hanging in there, like self. Wat a lovely looking bike, I seem to only see Baggers on the road these days ...

DM-XR.jpg Pipes.jpg XR1200.jpg
Topic by: Shovelhead80
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2011 manual required
Latest by tussuck 1 month

Or just download things from harley https://serviceinfo.harley-davidson.com/sip/content/document/view?viewLatest=true&id=1681 ...

Topic by: Sasquatch
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Oz Howard/Harley project
Latest by GGUser608 1 month

Hi, they go really well, very smooth, plenty of power and a pleasure to ride. I built the black one in 1980, the red one in 1985 a ...

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Topic by: Joolstacho
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Mystery grub screws?
Latest by Hoodeng 1 month

House of Horsepower used the 4 screws for some insurance holding the cast in insert in place, the left case was the same. They ver ...

grubs screws.png Grun screws..jpg
Topic by: WhiteTrash
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Arlen Ness 15 inch brake disc.
Latest by TJU 2 months

Thanks crowster69 ... I will look into that one ... Cheers.

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Topic by: Far Canal
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Twin Cam FXRS
Latest by Hilly 2 months

I saw it and thought I know that bike, it's a beauty.

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Topic by: John.R
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Fair cost of a used engine
Latest by Stuart 2 months

"I'm sure a lot of us have bought a "good used - whatever it may be -" to find it totally stuffed." - guilty as charged.

Softail Rocker C 2010 engine_1.jpg
Topic by: rock38
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Looking for a mechanic east susurbs
Latest by Hilly 3 months

Do you have the workshop and electrical diagnostic manual's for your bike? They would tell you how to properly diagnose the issue, ...

Screenshot_20221204-105733_AVG Secure Browser.jpg
Topic by: beehappier
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Latest by bloohound 3 months

I've been screwing around with this all day today and I think the dash base is where the problem is, it looks like there's no powe ...

Harley - April 2022 (1).jpg
Topic by: bloohound
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Latest by brucefxdl 3 months

maybe he has found his gears a pissed off for an overdue ride.

Topic by: Dusty54
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TTS Matertune 11
Latest by Retroman 4 months

Where are you located mate ?  Supertuner pro can be "unlocked" here in Australia. Deffo NOT a TTS dongle. email to TTS only ...

Topic by: Dave210358
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2018 M8 code
Latest by tussuck 4 months

Is it even a fault code?  could be a version/firmware/partnumber

Topic by: Goldfields47
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Starter Clutch Wrong Size
Latest by Dusty54 4 months

Thanks. Every thing is brand new - jackshaft - starter clutch and clutch shaft.  Gone back the original jackshaft. Will not b ...

Topic by: Dusty54
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Error Code issue
Latest by beaglebasher 5 months

Sorry mate , cant help you .  There is usually a couple of nerds that will explain the codes.You might have to wait a couple ...

Topic by: GGUser580
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Left hand and high beam dash lights not working
Latest by Wayneo57 5 months

G'day  guys  un regards  to the dash  lights  not working  I found  a circuit board  wizar ...

Topic by: Wayneo57
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what external breathers to fit
Latest by WideglidingNZ 5 months

I have my trask tranny cover which ventilates the crank case(engine) with the filter mounted on the lower frame, Trask recommends ...

Catchcanvent.JPG Catchcan.JPG 20240109_132233.jpg
Topic by: ralphski
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SE Pro Tuner Base Maps
Latest by PappaSmurf 5 months

Thanks guys, I’ll start with the map I last installed and see how it runs. I’ve just done a full service on it, but now I’m thinki ...

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Topic by: PappaSmurf
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