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Grease Monkey
Lithium batteries
Latest by Grease Monkey yesterday

Thanks Ohio, good info as always. Edit, $669-$979 in Oz.

Topic by: RicB
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Grease Monkey
Mower Build
Latest by Grease Monkey 19 days ago

Lmao, use a garden fork, less effort :)

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Topic by: steelo
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Twin Cam FXR, V2.
Latest by John.R 28 days ago

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Topic by: John.R
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Far Canal
COVID Builds! What yah doing to your ride during lockdown?
Latest by Far Canal 1 month

Yes it holds fuel alright O Steve. This thread is about a year old and as it happens I am waiting for my brand new Sunrise Orange ...

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Topic by: tussuck
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2019 Slim Throttle problem
Latest by steelo 1 month

Rich girl uses Vaseline, poor girl uses lard. Baloffski uses nothing, he likes it nice and ….

Topic by: Mesmer
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2019 Slim Brake light sticking
Latest by STROPP 1 month

That is what it will be, fairly common with any hd model, need to pull it apart and check 

Topic by: Mesmer
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Screamin Eagle Pro Tuners
Latest by Retroman 1 month

SOLD, sorry for the multiple posts.

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Topic by: Cass
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Grease Monkey
Softail Custom King Queen seat onto TC Slim
Latest by Grease Monkey 1 month

That's a very good point haha

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Topic by: Grease Monkey
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Just bought a 2009 rocker c and was told it might have a cam, can you tell from this Dyno chart?
Latest by Lushy 1 month

77hp,  a good stock 96cube does about that. Those old V&H pipes are actually surprisingly good.

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Topic by: RockerC0911
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Twin cam 103 cam bearing tools
Latest by Trotts 2 months

Yes if I had looked at them more closely before hurrying to get them in I would have noticed. But no. My RK had a couple of nice t ...

Topic by: Trotts
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96ci to 103ci
Latest by Soapbox2627 3 months

I had my 88 built to a 103 when I done a cam bearing, amazing performance, still going strong

Topic by: Sed8td
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Melb Mechanic
Latest by Kenif 3 months

Thanks guys.

Topic by: Kenif
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Fouling plugs
Latest by tussuck 3 months

Good result.  

Topic by: Sed8td
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Idling problem
Latest by FBUser214 3 months

Bit of discussion 12 months ago about avoiding intake manifold leaks. I don't go with the manual on this one. This is my preferr ...

Topic by: Smokey61
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Powervision tune/107 start up
Latest by FBUser214 3 months

Do a bit of reading on doing heat cycles. Use your Powervision to monitor temps, afr and timing. Do a bit of reading on seating ...

Topic by: inmate
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Steering head bearings.
Latest by tussuck 3 months

I Just replaced them in the old FXR @ about 120,000km old as needed roadworthy for Club Plates.  But they have been notchy fo ...

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Topic by: Far Canal
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2004 Softail carby
Latest by Harro015 3 months

Thanks gentlemens, heading to ACT in a couple of days so I'll get some service items and see if they have any jets

Topic by: Harro015
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Latest by beaglebasher 4 months

Welcome Antic.  Sounds like youve got a bit of an adventure planned.Where you heading first ?  Send a couple of photos o ...

Topic by: Antic
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Original Header Pipes for a 2006 Ultra glide.
Latest by Trev 4 months

Hi all, I am looking for a set of header pipes for my bike. I have repaired them a couple of times but the weld just cracked next ...

Topic by: Trev
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Interesting Shovelhead?
Latest by paulybronco 4 months

Umm thinking your selling yourself a bit short there young man...

Topic by: John.R
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