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COVID has killed off the home mechanics!
Latest by tussuck 1 hour ago

OMG... Your unstoppable!   Im in the throws of getting mine onto Club plates but the main focus has been converting the ...

Topic by: tussuck
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Twin Cam FXR, V2.
Latest by bloodog 13 hours ago

10/10 J R awesome job 

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Topic by: John.R
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Handlebar weekend
Latest by tussuck yesterday

Well its a long weekend down south and I'm ready to tweak the spare set of bars I bought for the Sporty.  Before is wide and ...

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Topic by: tussuck
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Mid frame heat deflectors
Latest by fatbat 3 days ago

I felt it in Canberra 

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Topic by: binnsy
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2006 heritage softail classic hard to start
Latest by Ratbob 6 days ago

No recommendations but maybe what not to buy, I have an old Ryobi 36 volt job.Bought a few years back as I have a two levels of la ...

Topic by: GGUser277
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Engine Oil Level
Latest by robnicko 10 days ago

same thing applies to my dirtbike Leachy, its a honda xr400 and it will show next to nothing on the dipstick cold but needs to be ...

air filter.jpg
Topic by: leachy
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Clutch problems 2005 softail
Latest by Gemmakhan 11 days ago

Adjusted the new clutch cable as per specs yet bike jumps into gear and creeps. Tried removing all cable slack but still doing it. ...

Topic by: Gemmakhan
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Latest by Jersey 12 days ago

OK  Thanks for that Grease Monkey.  Whenever I get one I will be doing it myself.  Will heed your advice and do ple ...

Topic by: Jersey
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Grease Monkey
2019 Slim
Latest by Grease Monkey 13 days ago

Think one uses a gasket and one a seal so I'm thinking you would need the manifold bas well but not certain, parts book might help ...

Topic by: Mesmer
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Increased Fuel Usage after new Header pipes
Latest by Jersey 14 days ago

Hi Krash I did not put new 02 sensors in.  I just wire brushed the old ones a bit and reinstalled in the new pipes makin ...

Topic by: Jersey
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Grease Monkey
SE Super Tuner Pro Tuning setup table
Latest by Grease Monkey 16 days ago

Upping the cubic inches in the calibration is something tuners can do if your VE is getting close to maxing out, tops out at 127.5 ...

Topic by: bodgie1307
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Changing Battery
Latest by Humbug 22 days ago

Mine I switch on,pull main fuse. Change battery,turn ignition off,replace fuse. Find owners manual and reset clock, which I still ...

Topic by: Sparra
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Krash Kinkade
Oil leaking from timing cover
Latest by Krash Kinkade 1 month

I think your model's Crank Case breaths from the heads, just make sure crank case breathers are free & Breathing ok.

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Topic by: Domingo1962
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Melted Piston or worse
Latest by inmate 1 month

Again.. have been flat out with work and life much like you good blokes. The weather is warmer which in turn means more beers and ...

Topic by: inmate
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Drive train light fault
Latest by FBUser142 1 month

Having trouble with my 2008 Softail Custom, put a new battery in and now the drive tain light comes on after starting and stays on ...

Topic by: FBUser142
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Frame width 2009 up softail Fender strut offsets
Latest by 84fxst 1 month

I am trying to find struts to suit an 09 up bobtail fender on  a 1984 softail frame. My frame is 280mm wide where the struts ...

Topic by: 84fxst
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Rocker Cover bolts / Floorboards
Latest by Kato 1 month

Hi So i got bored and did the following to my ride  Brake Master Cylinder  - took it off and sandblasted it  ...

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Topic by: Kato
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2015 Dyna FXDB Rear Wiring harness
Latest by Jay-Dee 1 month

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Topic by: TheoDyna
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Clear coating lower fork sliders ?
Latest by Smokey61 1 month

Just use it horizontally, keep it perpendicular to the leg, soapy water, keep it wet. try and keep even pressure all around.  ...

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Topic by: Adam76
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S&S adjustable pushrods question
Latest by Hoodeng 1 month

I have found using the S&S standard style pushrod in all applications the most stable. They are .437"ΓΈ compared to stock .375" ...

Topic by: Adam76
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