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other type of fun
Latest by Soapbox2627 7 hours ago

just to follow up, the reheat for lunch, the wife bunged it in the microwave, still the most tender chunk of meat ever,  I wo ...

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WTB: Hydraulic clutch release cover 07 springer
Latest by Vic 7 hours ago

About $630 Retro but you get the slave and nipple with that as well, for that though, I thought a blow job may of been in ord ...

Topic by: Vic
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Videos for no reason
Latest by pat 8 hours ago


Topic by: System
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Sport Glide tuner
Latest by Hilly 11 hours ago

You could or you could spend it on Maximus or Power vision or TTS, kinda depends who is going to tune it.

Topic by: Riverina
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Nrl 2024
Latest by paulybronco yesterday

Winner Hilly!.....fail again for me so lets see what happens for the remainder of the round

Topic by: paulybronco
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Good Greater Sydney Dealers
Latest by imoo6170 3 days ago

HH - Tempe - I know quite a few people who have bought bikes (new and used) from them and have not really heard any complaints. Qu ...

Topic by: flatheadphillips
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Arlen Ness 15 inch brake disc.
Latest by Benno 3 days ago

Still running the same front set up on the TC wide glide FC, have done 40k since installing the 15" Ness disc, virtually no signs ...

Topic by: Far Canal
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Hubs wanted.
Latest by Hoodeng 5 days ago

I am looking for some Sportster spoke hubs for a 2000 SP Front 43610-00 19" and rear 40976-00 16" Full wheels will be ok. Condit ...

Topic by: Hoodeng
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Oil level - Twin Cam 88
Latest by Kato 5 days ago

Thanks to all 3 of you guys that replied to me . Moochow Grassy A$$ .... cheers 

Topic by: Kato
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2012 Custom Softail for sale
Latest by Kato 6 days ago

so................did it sell eventually ??

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Topic by: Retroman
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Your other "non-Harley" Bike?
Latest by obisteve 6 days ago

https://youtu.be/yqwegFuzdEE?si=RslkwkMy4NjUV84aLooks interesting, aimed at the new line Sportsters. Looks way better than previou ...

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What did you guys do on your bikes today?
Latest by Neale 6 days ago

New tyre time.

Topic by: System
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Latest by obisteve 7 days ago

The old style 1"" bars bend OK with a metre of pipe slipped over them, but I reckon it'd get harder as the diameter grows. I've be ...

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Topic by: Firey
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Jack Miller Motor GP Win.
Latest by Hilly 9 days ago

More the merrier I reckon

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Topic by: keith
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The Music Lounge now open!
Latest by bloodog 9 days ago

Topic by: kingchops
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Fair cost of a used engine
Latest by Stuart 11 days ago

"I'm sure a lot of us have bought a "good used - whatever it may be -" to find it totally stuffed." - guilty as charged.

Softail Rocker C 2010 engine_1.jpg
Topic by: rock38
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M8 Touring model parts
Latest by Carizo 12 days ago

UPDATED PRICES For sale various parts, all in really good condition, to suit touring model – were on a 2018 Street Glide 107 FLHX ...

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Topic by: Carizo
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Latest by Hilly 13 days ago

You spelt inevitability wrong bloo 

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Topic by: bloodog
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Softail slim forks
Latest by Hilly 15 days ago

Gator's work, but you could run them naked, they have a dust seal above the oil seal.

Topic by: Mr.Mow
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Latest by Ratbob 16 days ago

Yes tussuck you were definitely inspired and you’d be most welcome to bring that inspiration with you and clean my bikes. 😎

Topic by: Ratbob
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