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rick k
Riding Brisbane to Sydney
Latest by rick k 36 minutes ago

The missus and I left marrickville 0600  , we stopped along the way eating at roadhouses , stayed in a motel in Lismore   ...

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Member bikes - current rides only
Latest by Blocky 2 hours ago

Australia Rock.jpg
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Remember the HD TV show ??
Latest by brucefxdl 2 hours ago

went a couple of years ago [ have a kind cousin with spare beds in bright ] and we were looking at the bikes in show...and along w ...

Topic by: markwoumla
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Fatbob foot peg position
Latest by Baloffski 2 hours ago

Gary, firstly, sorry 'bout your brother , falling frim the twig, secondly love the motorcycle left to yo. I bought a new Fat ...

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Topic by: Gary
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New Bike
Latest by T4 2 hours ago

That 6.9% Mercury Hard Cider can in a saddlebag also would certainly give you a jump-start. :)

20210127_194017.jpg PXL_20200920_063048311.jpg IMG_20200711_113218.jpg
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miss yu bro
Latest by Baloffski 3 hours ago

yeah been on this   throw away poter, which have met and talked, even rideen with    some very fine gentlemen. ...

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 10.49.23 am.png
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Videos for no reason
Latest by Humbug 5 hours ago

I gotta agree as well, hydrogen is the way to go. 

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2009 Big Twin using Transmission Oil
Latest by WideglidingNZ 15 hours ago

sorry I can't help with your leaky g/box but I know where to get the Redline shockproof Heavy gear oil from, BNT auto spares sells ...

Topic by: WildJim
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Million dollar bogun is back at it.
Latest by Baloffski 21 hours ago

Welll,  thanks steelo.Few questions, just from my own confused and mixed up mind...nothing unusual here.. Firstly, how in the ...

Topic by: Far Canal
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Mower Build
Latest by steelo yesterday

Sorry to hear you hurt yourself RK. Get a socket wrench driver attachment for the drill and you can turn em over using the drill. ...

A7AEE77C-8AA7-4BEF-BD4A-F3EAE2E3EDDE.jpeg 43D6563F-F9D7-4B35-98B2-CE0B057E2F84.jpeg FACFC977-133F-460F-BDE6-C9E8FAF6FCDE.jpeg
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WTB Speedo for 2001 FXDX or FXDWG dash
Latest by Techmech64 yesterday

WTB - an OEM speedometer (in Km/h) to suit a 2001 Dyna Super Glide Sport (FXDX) part #68938-99A OR the Dual MPH / Km/h Speedo, par ...

Topic by: Techmech64
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rick k
FOR SALE 48 tank
Latest by rick k yesterday

PRICE DROP $250,,,,, any takers ?

636ABB98-4C85-4918-8597-3E8961F44EB2.jpeg 152596DD-1480-40A2-8CB9-A8E6AFA865FA.jpeg 142C0056-4D46-4EB1-B9E7-D3C77810FA6C.jpeg
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883 Sportster 2008 Heel and Toe gears possible?
Latest by Chester yesterday

There's lots of them out there for the Sportster, do a web search.  I remember looking at them a while back.  Most have ...

Topic by: Swellerfungus
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Selling the streetglide and getting a 2021 roadking
Latest by STROPP 2 days ago

Yes I’ve had a couple before and they are a nice bike, best of both when you chuck the screen on 

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Ballarat tribute to the fallen
Latest by UltraPete 2 days ago

Sounds good, I'm not too far away!

IMG_20210123_092516.jpg IMG_0375.jpg IMG_0376.jpg
Topic by: Soapbox2627
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0.0% alcohol drinks
Latest by Baloffski 2 days ago

Aye blood , would      be happy to share island, bunkrooms, separate mats of course, any time man.Hanging out ta ge ...

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Topic by: rick k
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Pictures for no reason
Latest by brucefxdl 2 days ago

spitfires......nasty looking shits.

20210125_194225.jpg dropbear1.jpg IMG_0942.JPG
Topic by: Far Canal
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EJ Potter V8 Bike in the 1960's
Latest by brucefxdl 2 days ago

reckon i have the pic of EJ as a poster some where from when i was a bit younger.

EJPotter-1.jpg The King.jpg The King ..PNG
Topic by: Krash Kinkade
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Fitting footboards/ floorboards to a softail
Latest by Baloffski 2 days ago

Yes RickHave ridden for well, 50 fucken years on the road, dirt, beaches, and like Mr. House seller: mm , squellion dollar bl ...

2021-softail-slim-f29-motorcycle.jpg 45372E90-1D0D-4A67-BD0B-6E0E8D8EF6ED.jpeg
Topic by: rick k
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rick k
883 iron for sale
Latest by rick k 3 days ago

PRICE DROP $9250 ,,

75FEAB18-BB89-46A2-B3D2-A19E8006874D.jpeg B31981CD-1BF1-4192-AA36-67EA03940847.png
Topic by: rick k
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