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Far Canal
NRL 2021
Latest by Far Canal 35 minutes ago

Panthers! Well done. Cracking game.

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Topic by: paulybronco
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COVID has killed off the home mechanics!
Latest by tussuck 36 minutes ago

OMG... Your unstoppable!   Im in the throws of getting mine onto Club plates but the main focus has been converting the ...

Topic by: tussuck
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import Harley
Latest by keith 1 hour ago

Shippers are Schumacher Cargo Logistics LA.West Coast Auto Compliance. RAWS.

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Topic by: gary76
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the best sunglasses for glare
Latest by GGUser260 10 hours ago

Maui Jim polarized.

Topic by: Brno62
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Twin Cam FXR, V2.
Latest by bloodog 13 hours ago

10/10 J R awesome job 

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Topic by: John.R
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Latest by wadewilson 22 hours ago

I will be at the eastbound truck stop on the freeway just past the Mount Barker exit. If we leave from there at 10am this is a gen ...

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Topic by: wadewilson
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Quad lock on SGS
Latest by binnsy yesterday

That's the plan steelo. Haven't got one as yet but will run it up behind the fairing so it's nice and neat. I thought the usb that ...

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Topic by: binnsy
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Latest by tussuck yesterday

And better money if your make it to F1.  Plus I like the options of heading to yanky land like Romon Grosson has (must be a t ...

Topic by: Krash Kinkade
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Handlebar weekend
Latest by tussuck yesterday

Well its a long weekend down south and I'm ready to tweak the spare set of bars I bought for the Sporty.  Before is wide and ...

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Topic by: tussuck
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Videos for no reason
Latest by GGUser260 yesterday

Here are 3 pictures;1923 HD and 1923 BMW and the first Harley the 1903. The 1903 looks a bit too much like a pushbike?

R.jpg HARLEY-ONE-ZOOM-5_1024x1024_1.jpg a04026e4ea4c82d667a9b075c41a8532.jpg
Topic by: System
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Krash Kinkade
Harley Roadshow
Latest by Krash Kinkade 2 days ago

I don't watch those video's. But I'm just guessing what he was talking about, I know for a fact Softail's don't come with Torque c ...

Topic by: TJU
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Booster plug
Latest by FBUser214 2 days ago

sounds like a good fix for a new bmw

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Topic by: paulybronco
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Grease Monkey
Wanted , Softail 103 "long block" 2013 or younger
Latest by Grease Monkey 2 days ago

96" can be a 110" real easy while it's on the bench :)

Capture M8.PNG Softail Rocker C 2010 engine.jpg 9C95346E-3BF1-4540-B887-BF6E0D059CE9.png
Topic by: Retroman
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Mid frame heat deflectors
Latest by fatbat 2 days ago

I felt it in Canberra 

defelctor3.jpg defelctor1.jpg defelctor2.jpg
Topic by: binnsy
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LED turn signal housings for 2020 Softail
Latest by steelo 3 days ago

Haven’t had cause to use this one in a while t!

Topic by: GGUser283
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On the pension.
Latest by dicko 4 days ago

Found this and I figured it sounded like Me. I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 60 years later. I don't have ...

Topic by: dicko
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Catch Can
Latest by wadewilson 6 days ago

So the weather here has been a bit shite the the last couple of weekends and a recent post about catch cans had me thinking about ...

Topic by: wadewilson
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Krash Kinkade
New Sportster S
Latest by Krash Kinkade 6 days ago

I'm just happy I have my 2003 XLH 1200 5 speed with the motor rigid mounted to the frame ( not rubber mounted ). these are the Bik ...

Topic by: System
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2006 heritage softail classic hard to start
Latest by Ratbob 6 days ago

No recommendations but maybe what not to buy, I have an old Ryobi 36 volt job.Bought a few years back as I have a two levels of la ...

Topic by: GGUser277
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Impressive tools people come up with
Latest by fatbat 7 days ago

Haha, right-on……. the Peter Brock Polarizer For those that don’t know about it: ...

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