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NRL 2021
Latest by evo94 1 hour ago

officiating was absolute shite...

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Topic by: paulybronco
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Videos for no reason
Latest by bloodog 4 hours ago

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Fat Bottom Girl
Latest by Wideglider 10 hours ago

Lookin' tougher Glen.

Topic by: Pagey
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Reduce Pullback at Speed
Latest by Neale 14 hours ago

The screen on the right is shit. 14” from top of headlight cutout to top centre of screen.The screen on the right is much better. ...

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Latest by dicko 16 hours ago

Quote    "Without going into the circumstances and the evidence, he acted like a guilty man when the evidence came to li ...

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Scheduled servicing - caution mentions oil
Latest by paulybronco yesterday

Well a quick pun intended...picked the bike up today after the software update for the dealer to tell me there's nothi ...

Topic by: Carizo
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Can anyone recommend a good lawyer
Latest by steelo yesterday

Leachy. Have you gone online and viewed the camera photos. Get or download copies. That's a good place to start. If you wish, PM m ...

Topic by: leachy
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Fuel filter fsxb breakout
Latest by magnum54 yesterday

Don't worry about it unless you have problems from dirty fuel or contaminants in the tank.

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Topic by: bodgie1307
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Krash Kinkade
dyno results
Latest by Krash Kinkade yesterday

Thanks! Missed that. I’ve used Supertrapp on a TC 95”, I liked them, but , at that time I was drag racing in SE Harley’s ( the ser ...

Topic by: Brad24
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New Sportster S
Latest by RossW 3 days ago

Can't even buy those new anymore. Cheapest new HD is the Softail Standard once they run out of 883s.

Topic by: Chester
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Disappearing thread
Latest by beaglebasher 4 days ago


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Far Canal
HD Softail Fly by wire throttle heated grips!
Latest by Far Canal 4 days ago

Well then, I guess the best you can do is to contact a few different folk who can do it and go for the best quote you can get. The ...

Topic by: GGUser221
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Ash Barty World No 1.
Latest by paulybronco 4 days ago

Lucky to get out with your life.

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Topic by: keith
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First Service
Latest by GGUser221 5 days ago

First service went well, the bike is much smoother & the brakes are not squeaking. Apparently I was not braking right! Anyhow ...

Topic by: Cycle
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Far Canal
Latest by Far Canal 5 days ago

No worries Milo, thanks for the reply.

sportster 1.png
Topic by: milo1
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Far Canal
Latest by Far Canal 5 days ago

Bill and Bob were out hunting one day when Bob suddenly keels over. In a panic Bill dials 911 on his cell phone and cries out that ...

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Krash Kinkade
Livewire review.
Latest by Krash Kinkade 5 days ago

I’ve never seen anyone riding one myself. But a local cafe owner at East Lynne told me, someone road one there from Canberra. ...

Topic by: Jay-Dee
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Krash Kinkade
Daddyracer56 is looking for a Sportster 1991 to 2003 any condition
Latest by Krash Kinkade 6 days ago

I think we have both been around long enough, to know what we want.

Topic by: daddyracer56
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Your other "non-Harley" Bike?
Latest by paulybronco 7 days ago

I am enjoying the the electronics and suspension. My Street Glide is still the long distance choice.

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Harley breakout handlebars
Latest by fatbat 7 days ago

Have a look at carlini menace ape bars. Not identical to the pic but a bit similar. Also lots of mini z ape bars not too dissimila ...

Topic by: GGUser257
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