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Nrl 2024
Latest by evo94 1 hour ago

Power v Numbnuts...

Topic by: paulybronco
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American Idiots
Latest by WideglidingNZ 2 hours ago

It sounds like the shot was on target but Trump turned his head at the right time unfortunately- https://www.today.com/news/donald ...

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Topic by: beaglebasher
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WLA pistons
Latest by obisteve 13 hours ago

And just for fun, extracts from Polson's bike piston catalogue from the 50's, but because of my Norton background, the selected pa ...

WLA Piston.jpg
Topic by: Old Fatty
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Jack Miller Motor GP Win.
Latest by paulybronco 3 days ago

Trackhouse could be the other gig.

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Topic by: keith
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Street glide 2024 apple carplay jumper plug
Latest by Middy08 4 days ago

Hi all Does anyone know where to buy one of these in Australia. I know they are sold on Amazon but cannot find if they are co ...

Topic by: Middy08
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Legend Revo-A shocks on 2011 Street Glide
Latest by GGUser616 4 days ago

Give Terry Hay a call at Shock Treatment in Greendale NSW. He’ll be able to rebuild them. 02 4773 9115

Topic by: mattt
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Dyna Wide Glide 2016 slow to crank when cold
Latest by Hilly 6 days ago

I do Tom, I have put a lot of hours into both doing it and working out how to do it on the road, too much to type in here with 1 f ...

Topic by: TommyBlackdog
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1996 softail rear master cylinder clevis spring/roll pin question
Latest by WideglidingNZ 7 days ago

the old WD40 it's good stuff- check out number #26 on this list- https://www.wd40.com/useArticle/unusual-uses-wd40/

Topic by: hoodoo13
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The Music Lounge now open!
Latest by paulybronco 8 days ago

Cheers Steve...a few yrs back after a bit of a flood i came down the Obi, gave it the berries coming down the mtn and just about t ...

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Topic by: kingchops
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Bead breaker
Latest by Stuart 12 days ago

Years ago I had a hotted up XJR1300. And I thought I was king of my little dung heap. A bloke on a Rocket 3 pulled up next to me a ...

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Topic by: blueystar
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Ride pics
Latest by obisteve 12 days ago

Just out poking around up the valley. Road I was following narrowed down and ended at a locked gate. Turned around, enjoyed the ri ...

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Topic by: Grease Monkey
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Rusty/out of use shed photos
Latest by obisteve 12 days ago

Just mucking around up Muddy Creek rd, Dunno if the house is being lived in, lot of tyre tracks through the gate but there wa ...

Topic by: kingchops
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Outback Australia on our Roadking Special - 8000kms 21 days
Latest by SRV72 12 days ago

Thanks for watching mate. Can't wait for our next trip. Wish we could have just kept riding. 

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Topic by: SRV72
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Videos for no reason
Latest by obisteve 16 days ago

Well it would be a copy of a copy, but as long as you weren't too nitpicky about precise replica badging and details, it should be ...

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Topic by: System
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Finally Back (with a Garage)
Latest by tussuck 16 days ago

Corbin Warbird.... Now that takes me back! I have a full set of bits for an 86 FXRP (off a CHiP's bike)  

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Topic by: 78gold
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Cleaning Roadworks Crud
Latest by WideglidingNZ 17 days ago

I highly recommend this stuff it works well, spray on let it soak then simply hose off- https://motomuckproducts.com.au/products/a ...

Topic by: Sniper
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Vibration in 2011 FXDC Super glide
Latest by robots 17 days ago

Check clearance on rubber, shim mount, check exhaust not touching frame, check head studs Put rubber grips and foot pegs on if do ...

Topic by: dan.need75@yahoo.com
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Last chance Rear End Squeak, 2023 Breakout.
Latest by GGUser628 18 days ago

Did I say that out loud…. Haha.

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Topic by: GGUser628
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Hammock seat
Latest by beaglebasher 19 days ago

Took the bike for a short run yesterday arvo after work and my first impression is that it is better with the cheap seat cover thi ...

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Topic by: Daffy
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Cruise 62
HD Quick release top box kit
Latest by Cruise 62 20 days ago

Quick release top box mount.Genuine HD for '09 forward. Plus passenger sissy bar and pad. Comes with Roadglide seat...Ultra one lo ...

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Topic by: Cruise 62
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