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Three phase stator wanted. Blown is OK
Latest by AJ56 2 hours ago

I have one ( Seal started to leaK so replaced it.)  Do you want the whole thing or just the plug that goes to the Reg.  ...

Topic by: Nutty
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Iron 883 engine conversion
Latest by Mr.Mow 2 hours ago

Just cough up the extra and get an ex demo softail or something, when they do run outs usually you’ll find a street bob or lowest ...

Topic by: skotte
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Annual Xmas run, WA Harley Riders. DEC 12th 2020
Latest by wello 3 hours ago

beings as i live not to far from gingers ..i may be able to just pop round there and say g,day to you all before you head out .. s ...

Topic by: carbon fibre
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250cc HD
Latest by Ratbob 17 hours ago

Hi binnsy, I recall the 350s like Bruce’s but I’d not seen a 250 before. It’s a nice looking thing. Thanks for posting it.

250 HD.jpg
Topic by: binnsy
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HealTech Quickshifter Easy now available for more Harleys
Latest by Onequickpuck 19 hours ago

Hey Woody! You know I can sell direct to you from here :)   Show us the goods mate! Cheers Mike

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Topic by: Onequickpuck
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Video of my ride home in Tassie...
Latest by AJ56 yesterday

Same here, MC Warehouse, I got the Bridgestone Battleaxe to give it a go.  I think I have been out on the bike twice since I ...

Topic by: Hidiho
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Fornales shocks
Latest by fatbat yesterday

My understanding is that everything changed from 1999 to 2000 when they went to the twin cam from evo. Lots of parts are not inter ...

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Topic by: TJU
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Krash Kinkade
Air Conditioning- Splits vs Multi-Splits vs Ducted and Panasonic vs Daikin vs Mitsubishi
Latest by Krash Kinkade 2 days ago

Out there Broken Hill , Wilcania , Cobar, so on it's a dry heat! get shelter and its not too bad, but humid heat another thing!!

30-10-2020 6-38-47 PM.jpg
Topic by: Muzza Wa
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What a bunch of %$#$#$$
Latest by paulybronco 2 days ago

I hear you Fey but the reality is that for the most part it is true. Hospitality actually had their penalty rates REDUCED for week ...

Topic by: Fey
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Elite Sprinter Camper
Latest by Soapbox2627 2 days ago

couple more pics

IMG_2710.jpg IMG_2707.jpg IMG_2709.jpg
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will a 4.5 gallon efi sportster tank fit on a dyna
Latest by Ratbob 3 days ago

In line 12v fuel pumps are usually available from speed shops, try and get a small variable unit with a range at least between 55/ ...

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Topic by: FBUser10
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Krash Kinkade
Who said tourers are slow
Latest by Krash Kinkade 3 days ago

There is more than one breed of horse!If your looking at draught horses, expect them to weigh a bit more than a Shetland pony . bu ...

Yamaha-road-star-warrior-2006-2006-2.jpg sumo-wrestlers-race-3.jpg 626BD482-242D-4C4E-8E8C-465540BE7762.jpeg
Topic by: B0nes
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perth harley
Latest by brucefxdl 3 days ago

i take it you where talking to the service manager ?,about your bike/job.if someone undermined his position,it shows the place is ...

Topic by: FBUser45
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1996 Softail
Latest by Bangkokbob 4 days ago

Back when I was riding in Thailand

My Pictures 007.jpg
Topic by: Nath103
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Lucky Lucky boy....
Latest by dicko 4 days ago

It looks like nobody was going to stop???

Topic by: paulybronco
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Roadking 2012
Latest by dicko 4 days ago

PRICE $20,500 Neg ,pick up Shoalhaven NSW

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Topic by: gidgi
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2015 Street Glide Build
Latest by Nath103 4 days ago

Its from my building track car days. You can have 400+hp but if you dont have the drive line to back it up & stopping ability, ...

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Topic by: Nath103
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2013 1200 sporty dip stick blows out
Latest by Rossy 4 days ago

thanks every one for your imput on the oil leak  we worked out whaT THE PROBLEM WAS MY BROTHER IS SHORT LEGED AN WITH FORWARD ...

OilCold.PNG Oilhot.PNG
Topic by: Rossy
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Insurance repair
Latest by Retroman 4 days ago

Sorry mate just saw that this thread is Re an "Insurance job". You SHOULD get new parts but they will take MONTHS to come from the ...

Topic by: micathia
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crossbone owners
Latest by Retroman 4 days ago

I have had a 2008 CVO Springer 110 cube , FXSTSSE2 , since 2011. I have had to rebuild the front end ( Indian driver can ...

Topic by: micathia
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