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Far Canal
NRL 2022
Latest by Far Canal 6 hours ago

Broncs vs Storm, who ya rooting for Paulystorm?

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Latest by B0nes 7 hours ago

+ 1 on the Lyndall Pads. Been using them for a few years and just picked up a set for the Night Train and a set for the Ultra.

Topic by: wombat457
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Twin cam abs brake bleeding
Latest by softfat 8 hours ago

Update, just got around today to bleeding my brakes/ABS using this system. I bled the brakes last year without doing the ABS and b ...

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Topic by: Grease Monkey
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other type of fun
Latest by paulybronco 8 hours ago

My mate eats his steak like that! i think its called blue steak.......i cant stomach it.

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Topic by: Soapbox2627
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Michelin Commander 3
Latest by WideglidingNZ 17 hours ago

I haven't run any Commander tyres but I've used a couple of Michelin Scorcher 31's which came std with my previous '17 wideglide a ...

Topic by: binnsy
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Latest by tussuck 18 hours ago

You need to fir one...lol....  You can wire up a standard RPM counter easily.  You just need to add a diode or 2 in the ...

Topic by: wombat457
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Charging system not working Softail 2005
Latest by Bomberberg 18 hours ago

I've put in a new circuit breaker, and also run a separate wire from VR directly to battery -ve post - still no change.  Scr ...

Topic by: Bomberberg
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Dealership Satisfaction?
Latest by wombat457 22 hours ago

Neale - nope, me either.  

Topic by: wombat457
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What did you guys do on your bikes today?
Latest by Baloffski yesterday

Got to say I like every picture on this page. 

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Topic by: wombat457
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Cam Choice
Latest by tussuck 2 days ago

What blew me away was just how high the compression was when I was running at 10lbs of boost!  Thank god the starting compres ...

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2022 Trii Glide Ultra issues.
Latest by Droopster 2 days ago

Yes Steamer, good idea. I will take them for a ride rather than the other way around. Sorry, an anti dealer joke. Haha.

Topic by: Droopster
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After the Dyno.
Latest by steelo 2 days ago

Nothing worse is there young binnsy

Topic by: binnsy
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Legends vs Wilbers vs SE Ohlins vs Ohlins
Latest by paulybronco 3 days ago

I have had multiple Ohlins on various race bikes and loved them. Chose not to put them on my Hd as i personally feel they are over ...

Topic by: TJU
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An epic trip south to remember for all the wrong reasons
Latest by steelo 3 days ago

Really glad to hear Stropp. 

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Topic by: STROPP
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Buchanans Stainless Spokes (Kit# HD811SS)
Latest by tussuck 4 days ago

NFI TBH.   Let me weight them and have a look at the Auspost site.

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Topic by: tussuck
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Hard Wiring GPS?
Latest by steelo 4 days ago

Hey Wombat. The GPS installed yet? Show us some pics.

Garmin Power Cable Breaker.jpg Garmin Power Cable.jpg
Topic by: wombat457
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Videos for no reason
Latest by paulybronco 5 days ago


Topic by: System
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Laidlaws "OverGlide"
Latest by Baloffski 6 days ago

Ohh, point taken, and I'm sorry if I ... Nah no I'm not. I might just be a ridding through there, in hangon wat month is this ...

Topic by: Jayman6
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Tent stretched bed on a bike
Latest by wombat457 7 days ago

A motel/hotel room works for me as well; however, if your going to rough it then I guess a good old fashion, simple, no hassle bed ...

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Topic by: Kato
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Jack Miller Motor GP Win.
Latest by Jay-Dee 8 days ago

Yep, just pure talent in Casey Stoner's case. The amusing part at the time was how everybody was saying the bike was superior to t ...

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Topic by: keith
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