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perth harley
Latest by Mesmer 4 hours ago

Very interesting. A couple of things: I've noticed there's very few used bikes outside in recent weeks, hardly anything available ...

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will a 4.5 gallon efi sportster tank fit on a dyna
Latest by FBUser10 6 hours ago

Thanks for then replies. I think I will go on a hunt for an old superglide tank and external fuel pump.

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New Street 500
Latest by beaglebasher 10 hours ago

Dont know anything about them GG but it might be a good idea to buy the book relevant to your model. I thought they only star ...

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Who said tourers are slow
Latest by wello 13 hours ago

kin oath mate ...would deff be more eco friendly.

Yamaha-road-star-warrior-2006-2006-2.jpg sumo-wrestlers-race-3.jpg 626BD482-242D-4C4E-8E8C-465540BE7762.jpeg
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1996 Softail
Latest by Bangkokbob 15 hours ago

Back when I was riding in Thailand

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Lucky Lucky boy....
Latest by dicko 17 hours ago

It looks like nobody was going to stop???

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Roadking 2012
Latest by dicko 20 hours ago

PRICE $20,500 Neg ,pick up Shoalhaven NSW

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2015 Street Glide Build
Latest by Nath103 21 hours ago

Its from my building track car days. You can have 400+hp but if you dont have the drive line to back it up & stopping ability, ...

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2013 1200 sporty dip stick blows out
Latest by Rossy yesterday

thanks every one for your imput on the oil leak  we worked out whaT THE PROBLEM WAS MY BROTHER IS SHORT LEGED AN WITH FORWARD ...

OilCold.PNG Oilhot.PNG
Topic by: Rossy
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Insurance repair
Latest by Retroman yesterday

Sorry mate just saw that this thread is Re an "Insurance job". You SHOULD get new parts but they will take MONTHS to come from the ...

Topic by: micathia
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crossbone owners
Latest by Retroman yesterday

I have had a 2008 CVO Springer 110 cube , FXSTSSE2 , since 2011. I have had to rebuild the front end ( Indian driver can ...

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rick k
Lowering a Softail front
Latest by rick k yesterday

Handles great but  I want to lower it as it’s too high . I like it low , I’m guessing we don’t know what is inside the fork l ...

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Slip on Muffler Removal, tips and tricks
Latest by FBUser10 2 days ago

A really good penetration fluid is 50% acetone and 50% tranny fluid. I put it on my rusty header bolts, and they nearly came off w ...

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Grease Monkey
Softail seat for sale
Latest by Grease Monkey 2 days ago

Cheers mate, can you wrap it in bubble wrap and chuck it in an express bag, I'll pay, will need the cover intact as I'll reuse it, ...

Topic by: rick k
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Grease Monkey
Here she is ,my Super glide custom
Latest by Grease Monkey 2 days ago

Looks great mate, I really like how the big light transforms the dynas, running lights as well, nice colour, bags if you need them ...

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Topic by: gidgi
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Custom Dynamics Probeam LED front indicators
Latest by Drac 3 days ago

Has yours got the cowling around the forks behind the headlight?Some have a extra wire behind that you can use

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Street 500 adjustable brake levers
Latest by DanMan24 3 days ago

Thanks for that!

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rick k
48 sportster tank $300
Latest by rick k 3 days ago

I’ve got a 2016 48 tank I don’t need . As you can see the paint isn’t original , it’s taken 18 months to get to this , now lost in ...

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Deluxe Heat Shields
Latest by Daffy 3 days ago

Spook is correct. BUT NO BLACK!

Topic by: Daffy
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For sale HD Parts
Latest by beaglebasher 4 days ago

I will  take  the  grips and the other rubber bits rick. Will  send you a PM

Topic by: rick k
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