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Iron fuel tanks
Latest by Umpa07 21 hours ago

It's EFI, awesome thanks for the different bits of info there. It's had a bit of work done and the guy I have just bought it from ...

Topic by: Umpa07
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Looks different now
Latest by roadrunner14 2 days ago

Awesome job 👍

0FC275AD-0AFC-4D40-A34E-3374BF9755DC.jpeg 4F777C15-76FE-499D-A318-B120E33B66BF.jpeg
Topic by: Pagey
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Mid Controls for 2000 Sporty??
Latest by Bootz1971 19 days ago

Hey Guys & Gals,  I have a 2000 xlh883c and I am on the hunt for some mid controls or reduced reach kit if anyone ha ...

Topic by: Bootz1971
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48 - Side Mount Lic Plate WA
Latest by themilkman 29 days ago

ahaha yeh sorry mate was a bit out of the blue. I only found this thread because I was doing some mods to my bike and wanted to ha ...

side mount licence.PNG vertical licence plates.PNG
Topic by: one_day
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Latest by Govnor 1 month

Ah i see thanks for that postie, much appreciated. :-)

Topic by: Govnor
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Narrow glide front end
Latest by Bones3228 2 months

Hey guys, anyone got a 39mm narrow glide front end, preferably post 2000?

Topic by: Bones3228
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883 Sportster 2008 Heel and Toe gears possible?
Latest by Swellerfungus 3 months

Thanks, I got the part and fitted well.

IMG_20210225_174518.jpg IMG_20210225_174545.jpg
Topic by: Swellerfungus
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New LaPera Barebones seat
Latest by Pagey 3 months

2A5188A5-7F09-4975-843E-163A04F9194E.jpeg FCDC9EA1-26D2-4D66-AAA4-9D5ADFEDD3FE.jpeg 9B4BFA68-427C-47AD-AC0B-F4ADA5F40EFD.jpeg
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Took the Sporty out for a run!
Latest by roadrunner14 3 months

Damn nice looking bike, that colour just pops. 

Sporty May 2020 1.jpg Sporty May 2020 2.jpg Sporty May 2020 3.jpg
Topic by: stevo fxsb
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New Mufflers and Throttle Lag - Tuner required?
Latest by antdoz 3 months

Yeah, its an 883 unfortunately... I went against every bit of advice I was given and bought the 883 (in saying that, the price I p ...

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Krash Kinkade
Kick stand
Latest by Krash Kinkade 4 months

Not Sure if he is still a forum member but Daddyracer56 has a lot of old sportster bits, he is in Sydney too.

Topic by: Rino1233
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2018 hd xl883n iron 883 forward controls
Latest by GGUser151 4 months

Thank you for your advice, not possible with my pipes, will need to look for another option

Topic by: GGUser151
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Battery disconnect without alarm
Latest by FBUser128 5 months

I have a 2004 sportster have old fob systerm push two times to disable alarm can I disconnect my battery without having to reset m ...

Topic by: FBUser128
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Bar end indicators
Latest by FBUser42 5 months

Mate its your bike who cares if no one else like them. Wiring would be a pain but do able.. Hey i think the hypercharger looks goo ...

Topic by: skotte
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Krash Kinkade
Iron 883 engine conversion
Latest by Krash Kinkade 5 months

I think the 1200 worth the extra, the heads they use same chamber & ports & same size valves as the 103 cubic inch big twi ...

IMG_5360.JPG IMG_5362.JPG ohno.jpg
Topic by: skotte
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70's Sportster Build
Latest by daddyracer56 6 months

if ya need a hand yell out cheers

IMG_20180923_132459.jpg IMG_20180819_152517.jpg 9DB7D500-87DD-48C1-97D2-8E6992B5DF68.jpeg
Topic by: Birtyyy
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88 sporty
Latest by daddyracer56 6 months

hi there i may have some bits there if you like cheers 

Topic by: Benny
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2013 1200 sporty dip stick blows out
Latest by Rossy 6 months

thanks every one for your imput on the oil leak  we worked out whaT THE PROBLEM WAS MY BROTHER IS SHORT LEGED AN WITH FORWARD ...

OilCold.PNG Oilhot.PNG
Topic by: Rossy
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Projected Life of Sportster
Latest by Jay-Dee 7 months

I knew that mate, sorry I was just taking the piss. I'm sure there are some guys out there who think she's a goddess though.

Topic by: miketl
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Krash Kinkade
Lets see your Bikes - Sportster
Latest by Krash Kinkade 7 months

If you don’t like Batteries could fit a Magnito, but seem to be able to get simple ignitions with adjustable advance. But think yo ...

081200XLC.jpg 19F5A148-5207-4002-8B2B-E63A258851FC.jpeg Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 9.54.31 am.png
Topic by: walka
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