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Krash Kinkade
New Sportster S
Latest by Krash Kinkade 6 days ago

I'm just happy I have my 2003 XLH 1200 5 speed with the motor rigid mounted to the frame ( not rubber mounted ). these are the Bik ...

Topic by: System
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Reduce Pullback at Speed
Latest by Baloffski 1 month

Bet he uses soft nose pills too.

maxresdefat.jpg Thompson Machine gun case.jpg 7_4.JPG
Topic by: RWB24
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Looks different now
Latest by Pagey 1 month

8139BFF5-7950-4C9B-8C10-DF853535DE43.jpeg 77D490DB-EDD3-43D7-A456-F8D15ABE745C.jpeg
Topic by: Pagey
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2016 rear pulley spacer
Latest by John.R 1 month

It will be out of alignment as soon as you put a spacer behind it. How much are you intending to space it out?3-4mm or more? Just ...

Topic by: Pagey
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Fat Bottom Girl
Latest by Wideglider 2 months

Lookin' tougher Glen.

Topic by: Pagey
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Far Canal
Latest by Far Canal 2 months

No worries Milo, thanks for the reply.

sportster 1.png
Topic by: milo1
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Latest by Govnor 2 months

Thanks Mate will check it out 🤙 Stay safe 

Topic by: Govnor
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Iron fuel tanks
Latest by Umpa07 3 months

It's EFI, awesome thanks for the different bits of info there. It's had a bit of work done and the guy I have just bought it from ...

Topic by: Umpa07
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Mid Controls for 2000 Sporty??
Latest by Bootz1971 4 months

Hey Guys & Gals,  I have a 2000 xlh883c and I am on the hunt for some mid controls or reduced reach kit if anyone ha ...

Topic by: Bootz1971
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48 - Side Mount Lic Plate WA
Latest by themilkman 4 months

ahaha yeh sorry mate was a bit out of the blue. I only found this thread because I was doing some mods to my bike and wanted to ha ...

side mount licence.PNG vertical licence plates.PNG
Topic by: one_day
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Latest by Govnor 4 months

Ah i see thanks for that postie, much appreciated. :-)

Topic by: Govnor
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Narrow glide front end
Latest by Bones3228 6 months

Hey guys, anyone got a 39mm narrow glide front end, preferably post 2000?

Topic by: Bones3228
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883 Sportster 2008 Heel and Toe gears possible?
Latest by Swellerfungus 7 months

Thanks, I got the part and fitted well.

IMG_20210225_174518.jpg IMG_20210225_174545.jpg
Topic by: Swellerfungus
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New LaPera Barebones seat
Latest by Pagey 7 months

9B4BFA68-427C-47AD-AC0B-F4ADA5F40EFD.jpeg FCDC9EA1-26D2-4D66-AAA4-9D5ADFEDD3FE.jpeg 2A5188A5-7F09-4975-843E-163A04F9194E.jpeg
Topic by: Pagey
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Took the Sporty out for a run!
Latest by roadrunner14 7 months

Damn nice looking bike, that colour just pops. 

Sporty May 2020 1.jpg Sporty May 2020 2.jpg Sporty May 2020 3.jpg
Topic by: stevo fxsb
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New Mufflers and Throttle Lag - Tuner required?
Latest by antdoz 7 months

Yeah, its an 883 unfortunately... I went against every bit of advice I was given and bought the 883 (in saying that, the price I p ...

Topic by: antdoz
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Krash Kinkade
Kick stand
Latest by Krash Kinkade 7 months

Not Sure if he is still a forum member but Daddyracer56 has a lot of old sportster bits, he is in Sydney too.

Topic by: Rino1233
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2018 hd xl883n iron 883 forward controls
Latest by NTharley 7 months

Thank you for your advice, not possible with my pipes, will need to look for another option

Topic by: NTharley
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Battery disconnect without alarm
Latest by FBUser128 8 months

I have a 2004 sportster have old fob systerm push two times to disable alarm can I disconnect my battery without having to reset m ...

Topic by: FBUser128
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Bar end indicators
Latest by FBUser42 8 months

Mate its your bike who cares if no one else like them. Wiring would be a pain but do able.. Hey i think the hypercharger looks goo ...

Topic by: skotte
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