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2017 Forty Eight | Vance & Hines Short Shot Staggered
Latest by FBUser214 7 days ago

or a bmw

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Topic by: RodFortyEight
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Buttoned key fob programming issue
Latest by Rdj_sc 15 days ago

That's what I'm getting at. The pairing process is working for the original fob but not the new one. Everytime I go through the pr ...

Topic by: Rdj_sc
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Far Canal
Forty Eight seat
Latest by Far Canal 17 days ago

https://www.amazon.com.au/Estwing-Hammer-Claw-12Oz-Leather/dp/B000KKWMB0/ref=asc_df_B000KKWMB0/?tag=googleshopdsk-22&linkCode= ...

Topic by: Dragz
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Super low triple tree swap
Latest by OlChesnut 20 days ago

You can easily remove the risers.  There's one bolt holding each riser to the top triple tree.  Much easier than messing ...

Topic by: Leaning.not.turning
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Sportster 2 up seat
Latest by OlChesnut 1 month

2006 and 2010 Sportsters are both the newer rubber mount style frame, so I would have thought seats are compatible.  But from ...

Topic by: Rdj_sc
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Krash Kinkade
New Sportster S
Latest by Krash Kinkade 2 months

I'm just happy I have my 2003 XLH 1200 5 speed with the motor rigid mounted to the frame ( not rubber mounted ). these are the Bik ...

Topic by: System
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Reduce Pullback at Speed
Latest by Baloffski 3 months

Bet he uses soft nose pills too.

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Topic by: RWB24
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Looks different now
Latest by Pagey 4 months

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Topic by: Pagey
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2016 rear pulley spacer
Latest by John.R 4 months

It will be out of alignment as soon as you put a spacer behind it. How much are you intending to space it out?3-4mm or more? Just ...

Topic by: Pagey
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Fat Bottom Girl
Latest by Wideglider 4 months

Lookin' tougher Glen.

Topic by: Pagey
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Far Canal
Latest by Far Canal 4 months

No worries Milo, thanks for the reply.

sportster 1.png
Topic by: milo1
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Latest by Govnor 4 months

Thanks Mate will check it out 🤙 Stay safe 

Topic by: Govnor
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Iron fuel tanks
Latest by Umpa07 5 months

It's EFI, awesome thanks for the different bits of info there. It's had a bit of work done and the guy I have just bought it from ...

Topic by: Umpa07
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Mid Controls for 2000 Sporty??
Latest by Bootz1971 6 months

Hey Guys & Gals,  I have a 2000 xlh883c and I am on the hunt for some mid controls or reduced reach kit if anyone ha ...

Topic by: Bootz1971
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48 - Side Mount Lic Plate WA
Latest by themilkman 6 months

ahaha yeh sorry mate was a bit out of the blue. I only found this thread because I was doing some mods to my bike and wanted to ha ...

side mount licence.PNG vertical licence plates.PNG
Topic by: one_day
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Latest by Govnor 7 months

Ah i see thanks for that postie, much appreciated. :-)

Topic by: Govnor
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Narrow glide front end
Latest by Bones3228 8 months

Hey guys, anyone got a 39mm narrow glide front end, preferably post 2000?

Topic by: Bones3228
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883 Sportster 2008 Heel and Toe gears possible?
Latest by Swellerfungus 9 months

Thanks, I got the part and fitted well.

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Topic by: Swellerfungus
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New LaPera Barebones seat
Latest by Pagey 9 months

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Took the Sporty out for a run!
Latest by roadrunner14 9 months

Damn nice looking bike, that colour just pops. 

Sporty May 2020 1.jpg Sporty May 2020 2.jpg Sporty May 2020 3.jpg
Topic by: stevo fxsb
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