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Latest by LWS 22 days ago

Few mods:  short shots, tail tidy, tank lift, headlight, bars, wire tuck  Cheers

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Freedom performance outlaw exhaust
Latest by Jay-Dee 1 month

Black ceramic coating, it's more expensive but the bike looks too good not to.

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Fat Bottom Girl
Latest by HOG63 2 months

Nice. Is that 180 on a stock rim?

Topic by: Pagey
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New Sportster S
Latest by UltraPete 3 months

Fuck Indian, motorcycling's best kept secret is the budget 20yo twin cam bagger.

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Saying Hello to the Forum for the First Time
Latest by UltraPete 3 months

Welcome mate!

Topic by: 883Sparrow
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2017 Forty Eight | Vance & Hines Short Shot Staggered
Latest by Pedro123 4 months

I'm with fatbat. Kromeworks work fine for me on a 2016 1200 Sporty. Got them from EzyR.

Topic by: RodFortyEight
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Factory exhaust for Iron883
Latest by wadewilson 4 months

Am I missing something here or is this another case of the mysteriously deleted OP again? OP must have been offended by the replie ...

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Super low triple tree swap
Latest by OlChesnut 6 months

Ah, that's good to know.  I didn't think the Superlow used those.

Topic by: Leaning.not.turning
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clutch plate compatabile xlh 2001 custom and standard
Latest by Neale 6 months

I wouldn’t think so mate.It’s mainly the jewellery that hangs off them from the factory that makes them different from each other. ...

Topic by: hogbrew
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Buttoned key fob programming issue
Latest by Rdj_sc 7 months

That's what I'm getting at. The pairing process is working for the original fob but not the new one. Everytime I go through the pr ...

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Far Canal
Forty Eight seat
Latest by Far Canal 7 months

https://www.amazon.com.au/Estwing-Hammer-Claw-12Oz-Leather/dp/B000KKWMB0/ref=asc_df_B000KKWMB0/?tag=googleshopdsk-22&linkCode= ...

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Sportster 2 up seat
Latest by OlChesnut 8 months

2006 and 2010 Sportsters are both the newer rubber mount style frame, so I would have thought seats are compatible.  But from ...

Topic by: Rdj_sc
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Reduce Pullback at Speed
Latest by Baloffski 10 months

Bet he uses soft nose pills too.

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Looks different now
Latest by Pagey 10 months

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2016 rear pulley spacer
Latest by John.R 11 months

It will be out of alignment as soon as you put a spacer behind it. How much are you intending to space it out?3-4mm or more? Just ...

Topic by: Pagey
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Far Canal
Latest by Far Canal 11 months

No worries Milo, thanks for the reply.

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Topic by: milo1
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Latest by Govnor 11 months

Thanks Mate will check it out 🤙 Stay safe 

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Iron fuel tanks
Latest by Umpa07 1 year ago

It's EFI, awesome thanks for the different bits of info there. It's had a bit of work done and the guy I have just bought it from ...

Topic by: Umpa07
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Mid Controls for 2000 Sporty??
Latest by Bootz1971 1 year ago

Hey Guys & Gals,  I have a 2000 xlh883c and I am on the hunt for some mid controls or reduced reach kit if anyone ha ...

Topic by: Bootz1971
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48 - Side Mount Lic Plate WA
Latest by themilkman 1 year ago

ahaha yeh sorry mate was a bit out of the blue. I only found this thread because I was doing some mods to my bike and wanted to ha ...

side mount licence.PNG vertical licence plates.PNG
Topic by: one_day
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