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Well if its on the outside then logically its from the air filter.  maybe too much oil on the filter and it got sucked in wit ...

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Far Canal
Foot pegs out to far.
Latest by Far Canal 4 months

They sure look like they stick out a long way!. There are Forward mounts and Mid mounts that we all know about but they look like ...

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Topic by: George
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2004 sportster roadster died
Latest by tussuck 4 months

Good idea... its all baggers here...lol

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Topic by: TeeMay
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Latest by robinhood_52 5 months

Just found neoprene spacers on ebay.Will update later. Thanks

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Cobra 3" Slip on - Quiet Baffle
Latest by brucefxdl 6 months

i have krome works tapered slip ons [ look like dyna originals outside ] on my lowrider,not too loud but doesnt sound like a water ...

Topic by: GGUser557
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New Addition to the Garage
Latest by obisteve 8 months

Or, if you get bored with it just ride it somewhere new....

Topic by: Jayman6
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48 - Side Mount Lic Plate WA
Latest by keith 9 months


side mount licence.PNG vertical licence plates.PNG
Topic by: one_day
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Sporty alarm woes.
Latest by Neale 11 months

Can’t say for sure if you can remove, but I imagine you could as it was an option in the USA when it was new.Unplug it . There are ...

Topic by: GGUser532
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Latest by Humbug 1 year ago

Last time I had a problem with the shop (12 years agoI did post it up on HDF) I got in contact with the bloke who is in charge of ...

Topic by: GGUser518
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Alarm going off after battery replacement
Latest by rodrigotm 1 year ago

Replacing Fob battery seems to have done it.Thanks for your help.

Topic by: rodrigotm
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XL1200N LED neutral light issue
Latest by STEAMER 1 year ago

I had my blinker led dash light stop working twice on my 2011 fxst,  cost under $100.  As all the lights are on a board. ...

Topic by: ThrustinBieber
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Tuning problems
Latest by PappaSmurf 1 year ago

Thanks Bakes, that’s a really good breakdown of the process.

Topic by: poppy
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Swing Arm Pivot Bolt
Latest by obisteve 1 year ago

Yeah, they're beautifully made out of chrome-molly steel, fitted with an aluminium swing arm. They're HL500 replicas for Yam thump ...

20220929_124119.jpg D24BADA1-098A-4321-ACD7-311E883A8AF4.jpeg Swing Arm out.JPG
Topic by: T4
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Grease Monkey
Road Rage Long or not…
Latest by Grease Monkey 1 year ago

Sorry mate I was just clowning around, the system on my bike is a hodge modge of parts from different manufacturers and a few self ...

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Topic by: HOG63
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Sporty drag racing
Latest by HOG63 1 year ago

If I ever drag raced a sporty, I would put a much smaller front sprocket and actually start off in second gear. It’s the 1st to 2n ...

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After market speedo mount brackets
Latest by killerkoala 1 year ago

Hi all, I'm trying to source a after market speedo bracket that will tilt speedo up more .Gat stage 1 2012 XL1200X getting too muc ...

Topic by: killerkoala
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Xlh1200S forks, need some help.
Latest by Ozztropolis666 1 year ago

Yeah it’s been a while since I had them apart. Thanks I’ll get in touch with them 

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Topic by: Ozztropolis666
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Extended front end on 1200 Sportster S
Latest by Ozztropolis666 1 year ago

I didn’t need to modify the side stand. It does lean over quite a bit more but it doesn’t fall over. Got used to it pretty quick.& ...

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883 with 56 hp what do you think has been done
Latest by Lushy 1 year ago

It could be the kit which adds capacity to 1200 but uses the 883 heads. They do not add a lot of power, and the exhaust is costing ...

Topic by: GK74
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Wanted 07-13 sportster stock exhaust
Latest by tussuck 1 year ago

I have some stock tail pipes from my 09 883 (not the headers as they are fitted to the bike)

Topic by: Gooba
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