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2013 1200 sporty dip stick blows out
Latest by Rossy yesterday

thanks every one for your imput on the oil leak  we worked out whaT THE PROBLEM WAS MY BROTHER IS SHORT LEGED AN WITH FORWARD ...

OilCold.PNG Oilhot.PNG
Topic by: Rossy
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Krash Kinkade
88 sporty
Latest by Krash Kinkade 14 days ago

Might be able to catch daddyracer56 in here?

Topic by: Benny
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rick k
Projected Life of Sportster
Latest by rick k 15 days ago

I used to go out with a red head years ago ,,, no hair just a red head .Sorry guys I had to post it .

Topic by: miketl
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Krash Kinkade
Lets see your Bikes - Sportster
Latest by Krash Kinkade 17 days ago

If you don’t like Batteries could fit a Magnito, but seem to be able to get simple ignitions with adjustable advance. But think yo ...

081200XLC.jpg 19F5A148-5207-4002-8B2B-E63A258851FC.jpeg Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 9.54.31 am.png
Topic by: walka
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Drag Specialties Engine Mounts
Latest by B.Zanetti 2 months

I answered the question myself by fitting the ds mounts. I didn’t see much in the way of wear on the oem mounts though. The i ...

Topic by: B.Zanetti
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70's Sportster Build
Latest by Birtyyy 2 months

Hahaha Yeh bit of a late response wasn't it.

IMG_20180923_132459.jpg IMG_20180819_152517.jpg 9DB7D500-87DD-48C1-97D2-8E6992B5DF68.jpeg
Topic by: Birtyyy
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Big Inch Sportster 4 cam motor
Latest by Kris78 2 months

Back in the early days I use to help out in the pits with the teamCraig , cow , marcus 

Topic by: Krash Kinkade
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New Mufflers and Throttle Lag - Tuner required?
Latest by Daffy 2 months

I am rapt with my Thundermax.

Topic by: antdoz
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Far Canal
Turning sportster into mini road glide?
Latest by Far Canal 2 months

Sweet! Liberator. Looks like you could pack a few sandwiches in those hard bags plus other stuff.

beach lhf.jpg beach rhr close_1.jpg lhs_2.jpg
Topic by: micathia
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2018 883 - Slip on's. RUSH?
Latest by antdoz 3 months

It's been really hard to choose something, being new to Harley I take advice as it's given... so far the Harley mechanics I have s ...

Topic by: antdoz
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Front Reflectors - General Consensus
Latest by Jay-Dee 3 months

That's a good point steelo, I removed them from my Breakout but with the benefit of hindsight have thought a few times maybe it wa ...

Topic by: antdoz
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Lowered 2016 iron 883 exhaust
Latest by noctm 4 months

I used to have a lowered iron, went through two sets of 2-2 that I scraped the fuck out of before I ended up with a magnaflow 2-1 ...

Topic by: Bts838
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Stage 1 tune
Latest by WideglidingNZ 4 months

Generally stage 1 tunes(usually just makes it run a little richer) are the same for each model with the same engine, swapping pipe ...

Topic by: Bts838
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Mid Controls
Latest by Neale 4 months

Yep.....I like ‘em.

Topic by: Neale
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Spark Plug Help - 883 to Hammer 1275
Latest by HOG63 5 months

An interesting point is Hammer email stated they will no longer sell the Denso Iridium plugs. No explanation offered. 

Topic by: BLKFLME
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Flying Sportster pic
Latest by steelo 5 months

Here's the same photo without the bike

21-06-2020 5-15-00 PM.jpg
Topic by: Krash Kinkade
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stevo fxsb
Took the Sporty out for a run!
Latest by stevo fxsb 5 months

Cheers Birtyyy!

Sporty May 2020 1.jpg Sporty May 2020 2.jpg Sporty May 2020 3.jpg
Topic by: stevo fxsb
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Krash Kinkade
Where to get Clutch plates
Latest by Krash Kinkade 5 months

I don’t mind a bit of clutch slip, it takes shock load off other parts, & in most cases does not hurt performance ( in the rea ...

Topic by: Pagey
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Roo Ted
V-twin twins.
Latest by Roo Ted 6 months

You sick ol' men. ;-)

20200518_115844.jpg 20200518_145731.jpg
Topic by: Roo Ted
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Extended front end on 1200 Sportster S
Latest by HOG63 6 months

Hey Ozztropolis666, I recommend a “try before you buy” approach. 4” is a lot of change to handling steering, high/low speed c ...

Topic by: Ozztropolis666
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