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Show us your bike - Dyna
Latest by fatbat 1 month

Good stuff Mitch, although I know people with the short rear fender (fxdls) that want to do the opposite and go to the longer rear ...

IMG_3196_2.JPG FXDL May 21 (3).jpeg dyna2.jpg
Topic by: kingchops
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Far Canal
Wide Glide rims on Super Glide
Latest by Far Canal 3 months

21 front gets the thumbs down for me, unless you can get a rim that takes a fatter tyre than 90mm. Also wider rear does not mean b ...

Topic by: Slowen down
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Indian FTR R vs Harley 1250 Custom
Latest by Neale 4 months

On HD’s Australian site.$26,495.

Topic by: GGUser157
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1999 Dyna stock looking swing arm lighter and longer
Latest by daddyracer56 7 months

i have a 1999 Dyna does anybody know  what original swing arm i can fit in that will be lighter and a bit longer , someone me ...

Topic by: daddyracer56
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Far Canal
1982/84 STURGIS
Latest by Far Canal 8 months

Topic by: norto333
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FXDB tank lift kit
Latest by DJP_120ci 9 months

Pretty simple little set up. You can see how much it lifts the tank by the couple pictures I have put up. $50 with postage in ...

16E40B10-F194-4B87-8AA9-E1D529CC82EC.jpeg 70F471E0-A8D7-44E9-89DA-B21CDF3C35E9.jpeg A2C227BC-E596-4577-BB44-9C0F2FD21C97.jpeg
Topic by: Alan92
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Fatbob foot peg position
Latest by Baloffski 10 months

Gary, firstly, sorry 'bout your brother , falling frim the twig, secondly love the motorcycle left to yo. I bought a new Fat ...

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Topic by: Gary
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Latest by FBUser42 11 months

My 2007 dyna has done this 3 times. Even the dealer said he has only seen this issue a few times...electrical interferance. Eg.&nb ...

Topic by: FBUser103
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Bobtail Rear Fender On 06 Street Bob
Latest by Half 1 year ago

i have done the opposite swap, the fxdwg rear gurd is wider in the rear where the guard mounts, so i had to use spacers for my fxd ...

2011-12-25 17.12.09.jpg 20131005_135654.jpg
Topic by: RaggedHaggis
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Krash Kinkade
Replacement battery for 2013 Dyna FatBob
Latest by Krash Kinkade 1 year ago

SSB , good!!I had a problem with one, but they start my motor so easy, I got another one & no problems, they are good! ( I can ...

Topic by: garman63
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Trade up or not?
Latest by mattt 1 year ago

When I was getting ready for our 2018 16,000km Lap Around The Block (you can read about it here: ...

Topic by: inkaporka
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100th anniversary Superglide
Latest by STROPP 1 year ago

Bike is done and registered 

011AB5DB-E76E-4A79-AFA9-8EAAADF8EAED.png DC31E8F1-FCA8-40AD-9E9F-1AE95160E2AD.jpeg 18E81BA9-296C-4346-B735-19231232839F.jpeg
Topic by: STROPP
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Tyre pressures Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 2013 FatBob
Latest by garman63 1 year ago

Thanks again for all the input blokes! Tyres well and truly scrubbed in, will experiment a little with different pressure.

Topic by: garman63
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fatbob pics
Latest by Leezy22 1 year ago

20200726_160656.jpg 20200726_160738.jpg 20200726_160713.jpg
Topic by: chriso
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Front fork protrusion on Wide Glide
Latest by Benno 1 year ago

Sweet, I am seeing 13mm approx in the center of the cap.

F74A149D-938B-4D2C-AB9C-7D21C1CA73DA.jpeg Capture_1.JPG IMG_20200808_191438.jpg
Topic by: micathia
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rear wheel alignment and belt alignment
Latest by DarKasH69 1 year ago

Depending on how many Km ya bikes done, check swing arm bearing also. With rear off the ground see if you can rock the swingarm ba ...

Topic by: micathia
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Steve L
Handlebar vibration
Latest by Steve L 1 year ago

Thanks mate

service buletin 2012.2_1.jpg service buletin 2012_1.jpg service buletin.3_1.jpg
Topic by: Steve L
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Latest by brucefxdl 1 year ago

be good to see the finished job,certainly is bright,good for the car dorks.

Topic by: Neale
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What fuel?
Latest by Baloffski 1 year ago

bb , we all know the best fuel was cocoa... I digress, again.Any way,  fuel that gets your bike humming is the go, trial and ...

Topic by: Galloway
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Slowen down
Front wheel
Latest by Slowen down 1 year ago

Shall do.Thanks Steve.

20200301_110911.jpg 20200304_162932.jpg 20200112_110800.jpg
Topic by: Steve L
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