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FXDB tank lift kit
Latest by DJP_120ci 14 days ago

Pretty simple little set up. You can see how much it lifts the tank by the couple pictures I have put up. $50 with postage in ...

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Topic by: Alan92
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Fatbob foot peg position
Latest by Baloffski 28 days ago

Gary, firstly, sorry 'bout your brother , falling frim the twig, secondly love the motorcycle left to yo. I bought a new Fat ...

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Topic by: Gary
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Latest by FBUser42 2 months

My 2007 dyna has done this 3 times. Even the dealer said he has only seen this issue a few times...electrical interferance. Eg.&nb ...

Topic by: FBUser103
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Bobtail Rear Fender On 06 Street Bob
Latest by Half 3 months

i have done the opposite swap, the fxdwg rear gurd is wider in the rear where the guard mounts, so i had to use spacers for my fxd ...

2011-12-25 17.12.09.jpg 20131005_135654.jpg
Topic by: RaggedHaggis
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Krash Kinkade
Replacement battery for 2013 Dyna FatBob
Latest by Krash Kinkade 3 months

SSB , good!!I had a problem with one, but they start my motor so easy, I got another one & no problems, they are good! ( I can ...

Topic by: garman63
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Show us your bike - Dyna
Latest by Leezy22 3 months

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Topic by: kingchops
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Trade up or not?
Latest by mattt 4 months

When I was getting ready for our 2018 16,000km Lap Around The Block (you can read about it here: ...

Topic by: inkaporka
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100th anniversary Superglide
Latest by STROPP 4 months

Bike is done and registered 

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Topic by: STROPP
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Tyre pressures Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 2013 FatBob
Latest by garman63 4 months

Thanks again for all the input blokes! Tyres well and truly scrubbed in, will experiment a little with different pressure.

Topic by: garman63
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fatbob pics
Latest by Leezy22 5 months

20200726_160656.jpg 20200726_160713.jpg 20200726_160738.jpg
Topic by: chriso
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Front fork protrusion on Wide Glide
Latest by Benno 6 months

Sweet, I am seeing 13mm approx in the center of the cap.

F74A149D-938B-4D2C-AB9C-7D21C1CA73DA.jpeg Capture_1.JPG IMG_20200808_191438.jpg
Topic by: micathia
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rear wheel alignment and belt alignment
Latest by DarKasH69 6 months

Depending on how many Km ya bikes done, check swing arm bearing also. With rear off the ground see if you can rock the swingarm ba ...

Topic by: micathia
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Steve L
Handlebar vibration
Latest by Steve L 6 months

Thanks mate

service buletin 2012.2_1.jpg service buletin 2012_1.jpg service buletin.3_1.jpg
Topic by: Steve L
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Latest by brucefxdl 7 months

be good to see the finished job,certainly is bright,good for the car dorks.

Topic by: Neale
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What fuel?
Latest by Baloffski 8 months

bb , we all know the best fuel was cocoa... I digress, again.Any way,  fuel that gets your bike humming is the go, trial and ...

Topic by: Galloway
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Slowen down
Front wheel
Latest by Slowen down 8 months

Shall do.Thanks Steve.

20200301_110911.jpg 20200304_162932.jpg 20200112_110800.jpg
Topic by: Steve L
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Steve L
Anyone with Fournales Shocks Here?
Latest by Steve L 8 months

Thanks mate yeah I reckon it might be. I've seen that there are kits available to raise shocks but it makes them rise around 40mm ...

20200531_101022.jpg IMG_0054.JPG
Topic by: vladt
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Dyno done
Latest by robots 8 months


20200527_194315.jpg 20200603_163305.jpg
Topic by: Steve L
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Slowen down
FXDC stock pipes
Latest by Slowen down 9 months

Yeah will have to check, seem to be hard to find 2nd hand.Might make one up as I will only need for rego and or EPA checks.

Topic by: Slowen down
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Far Canal
Wrapper style front fender for Wide Glide
Latest by Far Canal 9 months

BB still trying, the missus got this pic of 2 fighting overhead yesterday but it is not really up to scratch and I don't like post ...

Topic by: micathia
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