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2015 streetbob dyna faultcode P1632
Latest by TeeMay 1 month

Howdy allI have the mysterious p1632 on my streetbob which is causing the bike to lose power whilst riding. The bike seems to drop ...

Topic by: TeeMay
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Sissy bar & luggage rack
Latest by Wayneo57 3 months

Hi guys  looking for a sissy bar and luggage  rack for my switchback 2012 any help would be appreciated    ...

Topic by: Wayneo57
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Fatbob Indicator Panel lights not working
Latest by Dynasaw 6 months

Just a sequel to the indicator panel post I put up in July '23. A friend of a friend is an electrical guru. He checked the indicat ...

Topic by: Dynasaw
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Latest by Superglidecustom 7 months

Morning riders,  looking for set of chrome spoked rims for my 07 FXDC, 2nd hand be ok if in good nick, cheers

Topic by: Superglidecustom
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Grease Monkey
Freedom performance amendments
Latest by Grease Monkey 7 months

G'day, have seen those pipes on other bikes with no backfire issues when tuned so it's not the pipes fault, have you checked for i ...

Topic by: David_E_676
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Grease Monkey
Front Fender Riser Bracket
Latest by Grease Monkey 8 months

The softails are easy to do it to but the Dyna mounts are vertical so it's kinda awkward.

Topic by: Dalboy-Darwin
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Auto choke
Latest by robots 9 months

Does it come right down to what rpm set at car 

Topic by: carcano
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2005 FXDWGI back rim/tyre
Latest by speedzter 1 year ago

I changed the 16" X 3.5 rear on my 2000 FXDX to a 17" X 4.5 .It was a matter of modifying the spacer width. Also you may need to c ...

Topic by: majorboot
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Harley description HELP
Latest by Streetbob10 1 year ago

Yeah mate I agree nice looking bike with good extras that’s a bonus, price is pretty good too for the year model km’s and extras i ...

Topic by: Mulligrubbs
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Latest by speedzter 1 year ago

Hey Sparra, My brother has a set of SE slipons in as new condition. Looking around $250 + post . If your keen , I will get some pi ...

Topic by: Sparra
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Rosnar Motorcycles
Latest by Krackers60 1 year ago

It was a sad day when Matt closed his doors for the last time. He had been my mechanic since 2013. Absolutely brilliant and defini ...

Topic by: TUpson
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Fairing for my fat bob
Latest by Jayman6 1 year ago

I’d love to do a review of your 2011 Fatbob mate. When should i come pick  it up? Can’t help with the fairing though sorry!

Topic by: Fatbobphil
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Show us your bike - Dyna
Latest by AlexSteele 1 year ago

My 117ci LRS. A few recent additions are the Memphis Shades fairing, MoonsMC LED light under the headlight and Legend front and re ...

374CEFC5-8F44-475B-B53B-9B103668DA5B.jpeg 4CA8E216-6E58-473B-99E6-8ABA303FF9BA.jpeg
Topic by: kingchops
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Battery and starting issues
Latest by robnicko 1 year ago

i had exactly the same issue with my battery two weeks ago despite being on a trickle charger 12.8v with zero load , 4.5v when tr ...

Topic by: Hori
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Wide Glide LED Tail Light Upgrade
Latest by taff60 1 year ago

scroll through Harley Parts on Amazon.  3in1 LED Smoked units

Topic by: TwoBob
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Oddly misfiring 99 dyna
Latest by ratly 1 year ago

Same problem on my 1994 fat boy  , cutting in and out, gradually getting worse, new ignition module fixed  the problem,

Topic by: Superglidecustom
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Switchback exhaust
Latest by Rog 2 years ago

Hi Guys, Looking for a full 2 into 2 exhaust to suit a 2012 Switchback. Been told most Dyna exhausts are interchangeable.

Topic by: Rog
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Stock mufflers 2008 FXDL
Latest by TingTong 2 years ago

Been taking to others who've done it up here, and TMR up here seems to just fail all HD with aftermarket pipes. So yeah I'm lookin ...

Topic by: TingTong
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Wideglide Pic's
Latest by Luke0004 2 years ago

Where did you get those rims I’ve been looking all over for some

FXDWG_Net_Photos.jpg FXDWG_Net_Photo_1.jpg 20140324_114910.jpg
Topic by: Sparra
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Latest by RicB 2 years ago

Yeah, had a look but as I said the parts guy from Harley Heaven said to get a seat that sits lower and not farther back. Kinda thi ...

Topic by: RicB
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