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Happy to report after a two and a half hour ride home was uneventful Just a few things The 114 is all the power I will ever need, ...

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FXLRST - when in Australia?
Latest by GGUser408 4 days ago

Stainless exhaust systems are lighter, more durable and more expensive. In the US, Burns have been making stainless exhausts f ...

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Topic by: stripedtomato
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Jack Miller Motor GP Win.
Latest by paulybronco 7 days ago

He did do very well again. Those Aprillias are a handy piece of gear.

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Topic by: keith
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Latest by Antic 10 days ago

My 2022 FLRT has arrived at the Dealership, pick it up next Wednesday Just needs buffing up a little

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Grease Monkey
Screamin Eagle Pro Tuner in Australia
Latest by Grease Monkey 15 days ago

Lead em to water brother, as you know

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72 progress and questions
Latest by tussuck 19 days ago

Its a bit of a PIA with the speedo location.  I mounted it there with the small OEM 12 litre tank and could see it fine.  ...

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Topic by: LWS
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124 S&S
Latest by fatbat 26 days ago

Need some more details. Is your 124 engine put together as a build and if so, what parts and compression? Or was it an assembled c ...

Topic by: Blkassssss
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Wanted to buy - 1994 Heritage Softail Speedo (part 67030-91A)
Latest by steveR 1 month

Thanks Benno

Topic by: steveR
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Heated gloves
Latest by roadrunner14 1 month

I second Zarkie mentioned above, I purchased their heated glove liners last season and they are great. A lot warmer than heated gr ...

Topic by: Goldfields47
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Bike lift special
Latest by roadrunner14 1 month

Without measuring it, I would say the bottom of the tires would be 20-25cm off the ground due to the suspension sag as the weight ...

Topic by: binnsy
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import Harley
Latest by Retroman 1 month

I would reckon it's a common event. Bikes go east/West all the time ! Should be someone in Sydney I would have thought ?

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Topic by: gary76
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stevo fxsb
Your other "non-Harley" Bike?
Latest by stevo fxsb 2 months

Only Harleys atm :-)

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Topic by: System
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An epic trip south to remember for all the wrong reasons
Latest by paulybronco 2 months

Have been following your excellent advice but subbed out the Bundy for gentleman jack. Was out past your old place somewhere near ...

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This M8 using oil thing.....
Latest by WideglidingNZ 2 months

I've never used a drop in my 2020 lowrider S apparently the oil pump issue was rectified around mid 2019 so i would of thought a 2 ...

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Topic by: PaulT
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HealTech Quickshifter Easy now available for more Harleys
Latest by tussuck 2 months

Awesome...nice power curve too.... A 1250 with a Quickshifter will absolutely fly and leave all those wanna-be big blocks in the d ...

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Topic by: Onequickpuck
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Far Canal
How many Kms have you done??
Latest by Far Canal 2 months

La Palma island?

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Topic by: the_mongrel
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Finally getting bits done on the Sporty Project (Seat)
Latest by tussuck 2 months

Not very... The pillion bit is pretty much aesthetic as its as hard as fuck and I have no rear passenger footpegs.  It was ne ...

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Topic by: tussuck
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Air Ride Suspension Issue
Latest by H4rinder5ingh 2 months

Hi all, I have a 2021 Harley Breakout 114, I am having a issue with Air Ride Suspension. I washed my bike last week and after that ...

Topic by: H4rinder5ingh
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Another toy from Dynojet.
Latest by tussuck 3 months

I have never used their gear, but that looks like a winner to me.  Good price and good function.

Topic by: binnsy
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Non expert Revo A review.
Latest by steelo 3 months

This one has been solved. Stay tuned

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