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Insurance repair
Latest by Retroman yesterday

Sorry mate just saw that this thread is Re an "Insurance job". You SHOULD get new parts but they will take MONTHS to come from the ...

Topic by: micathia
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Grease Monkey
Here she is ,my Super glide custom
Latest by Grease Monkey 2 days ago

Looks great mate, I really like how the big light transforms the dynas, running lights as well, nice colour, bags if you need them ...

AEF3B8E5-6268-4ECD-A479-1A735E0A0FCC.jpeg 20201127_141350.jpg 20201127_141419.jpg
Topic by: gidgi
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Custom Dynamics Probeam LED front indicators
Latest by Drac 3 days ago

Has yours got the cowling around the forks behind the headlight?Some have a extra wire behind that you can use

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Far Canal
Your other "non-Harley" Bike?
Latest by Far Canal 4 days ago

Mrs Far Canal has a 1200 Bobber. It is a very nice bike. Fast, nimble, low to ground stops well, needs minimum maintenance. I reme ...

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Topic by: System
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HealTech Quickshifter Easy now available for more Harleys
Latest by WideglidingNZ 12 days ago

Hi mate do you have a NZ contact that sells this shifter?

IMG_0528.JPG IMG_0886.JPG IMG_0887.JPG
Topic by: Onequickpuck
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Shark Vision R Helmet Baseplate/visor change
Latest by steelo 13 days ago

Nice PHD. I mean who cuts up a perfectly good bowling ball though?

Topic by: Chris
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Why do you buy a tourer
Latest by dicko 17 days ago

very well stacked .!

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Topic by: dicko
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Tell me what this is
Latest by Chester 21 days ago

Looks like a later model FXR.  I've seen them advertised for around 9-12K.

Topic by: GGUser72
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Which Harley?
Latest by GGUser68 22 days ago

The Sport Glide is very interesting and does seem to be the right bike. Very few second hand bikes available (on Bikesales) and a ...

Topic by: GGUser68
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Livewire Recall
Latest by Ratbob 23 days ago

Yeah mate we live n learn.Unusual for a Honda though, you were patient to remove the debris. 

Topic by: FatRob
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The Long Way Up - on Electric Harleys. Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman
Latest by Chester 23 days ago

I've been watching Long Way Up on Apple TV, pretty good show.  Scenery in South America is amazing.  I've been pretty im ...

Topic by: sinny
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TC Softail Oil , what do you use ?
Latest by Phatty 27 days ago

No need to do any of that mate ( dismantle the oil tank , replace o rings ) or invent new tools.Piss easy to do, As in life each ...

IMG_0028.PNG Oil tank return - After.jpg Oil tank return - Before.jpg
Topic by: rick k
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King of the Baggers
Latest by Jay-Dee 29 days ago

Scroll to the bottom for a highlights video, you may have to bounce it back to the start. ...

Topic by: Jay-Dee
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rick k
Paint peeling off brake reservoir
Latest by rick k 29 days ago

If some brake fluid gets on the exhaust , I seriously doubt it’ll have any effect , this paint is baked on hard as . I might try a ...

AEAA8C88-1802-4CAD-8357-167F7BBB75AB.png image.jpg DSCF8219.JPG
Topic by: rick k
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Krash Kinkade
Regulator/battery drain
Latest by Krash Kinkade 1 month

Plug in a battery tender, when not using , I've been doing that for a long time.before that, I was riding a kick start only.

Topic by: Gemmakhan
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another WA dyna rider
Latest by Leezy22 1 month

Also can recommend Tony at Southern vtwin in bunno

fxdx grape.jpg
Topic by: crowster69
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2020 Lowrider S
Latest by WideglidingNZ 1 month

The Cruisetecs are awesome in the wet also, they are the best cruiser tyre i have used, they have done approx. 5000k's and are abo ...

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Topic by: WideglidingNZ
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Sell my bike without factory pipes?
Latest by Lozz 1 month

Yep FC , live in rural Vic where people are more realistic

Topic by: micathia
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The original Harley-Porsche. The Nova V4.
Latest by John.R 1 month

I've got a couple of those fairings in the shed. Never did like the RT luggage though, much prefer the Police bags over them.

Topic by: Smokey61
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New Bike Rust
Latest by Kato 1 month

What the Fork ….i read the entire 8 pages and had beers whilst doing it THEN you signed off ?????Would love to know the outcome he ...

big mac rust remover.jpg IMG_4970_1.JPG IMG_4971.JPG
Topic by: SCUZZ
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