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torquelinegarage.com.au location?
Latest by GGUser592 3 days ago

They did close up 6 months ago, but I emailed them about my issue with a purchased product last week and warranty was honoured eve ...

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Topic by: Spero
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adventure bikes vs Harley
Latest by obisteve 4 days ago

https://youtu.be/fGCVxZLGd5U?si=k9frqETs1m8mqMph PB, just found this, shows a ride up Bella Ck Rd west of Imbil, that I've sugges ...

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Topic by: kevinc
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Generic Welcome.
Latest by Humbug 6 days ago

Welcome,hope you enjoy youself here.

Topic by: mick44
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King of the Baggers
Latest by paulybronco 10 days ago

Update.....Troy Herfoss will ride the factory Indian bagger this season. Keep an eye on this guy, three times Aussie superbike cha ...

Police bike racing.jpg
Topic by: Jay-Dee
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2024 models
Latest by Neale 25 days ago

Nothing there for me I’m afraid.

Topic by: STEAMER
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Wheel rim
Latest by beaglebasher 27 days ago

Carlton Draught ?  Really ?   Pfffttt !  

Topic by: System
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Your other "non-Harley" Bike?
Latest by paulybronco 1 month

Ha Ha must be my "inclusive" work place training.

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Topic by: System
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Frasers Concord (Sydney) - Closed
Latest by imoo6170 1 month

Rec'd this avo (16/01/2024) from HOG Australia. Have been previously told that Team Moto (or Morgan & Wacker) are taking over ...

Topic by: imoo6170
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Jack Miller Motor GP Win.
Latest by paulybronco 1 month

He was potentially a world champ contender if he could have stayed clean, drugs got him and it really hit rock bottom when he ripp ...

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Topic by: keith
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not a good day
Latest by Bigbob 1 month

Hey Blue  Last person standing with the Tazzer is some funny shit to try and picture - but I like the idea.LOL When I was ...

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Topic by: blueystar
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The Music Lounge now open!
Latest by markwoumla 1 month

Was just surfing the net for songs etc.... Thought I'd listen to this oldie....I liked the old tune,,,, But ,,, the babe in the vi ...

Topic by: kingchops
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Toby Price Dakar Rally Winner
Latest by johno1 1 month

Dakar 2024 back on SBS starting tomorrow. 5.00pm to 6.00pm

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Topic by: keith
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Anyone with Fuelpak 3 get better results with dyno ?
Latest by tussuck 1 month

Yeah he was a good chpa.  My thundermax is still going strong 6 years later!  2nd best investment i made in the Sporty.

Topic by: Daz666
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Milperra massacre mini series
Latest by bloodog 2 months

Good pick up Pauly

Topic by: motor_head
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P1608H - Continuous Power
Latest by Humbug 2 months

My advice would be get the new battery but do not put in the bike, just save it for next dry as it looks like the wet is about to ...

Topic by: BulletheadDarwin
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WTF Chinese made Harley
Latest by paulybronco 3 months

Pan Am out and about today....all fixed

Topic by: allde
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Good 2 into 1
Latest by 408 4 months

Not looking for an argument but you appeared to be promoting a remote tune as being equivalent to a pro dyno tune. Anyone who ha ...

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Topic by: Grease Monkey
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Grease Monkey
Cam Upgrade 2022 127 streetglide
Latest by Grease Monkey 4 months

100%, thank you.

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Topic by: Streetdayz
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Saddle Bags for Breakout
Latest by ThomasBlair 5 months

Does anyone have the Viking Bags Sportster Handle bars (https://www.vikingbags.com/harley-davidson-sportster-883-iron-xl883n-motor ...

side view tourer.JPG Touring Ass End_1.JPG Touring Breakout_1.JPG
Topic by: stevo fxsb
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Grease Monkey
New CVO's
Latest by Grease Monkey 5 months

Thanks for that vid Speedzter, I will watch that tonight on the big screen, should entertain the missus no end lol

Talon 131.jpg IMG_1159.png
Topic by: Grease Monkey
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