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import Harley
Latest by keith 2 hours ago

Shippers are Schumacher Cargo Logistics LA.West Coast Auto Compliance. RAWS.

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Topic by: gary76
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Quad lock on SGS
Latest by binnsy yesterday

That's the plan steelo. Haven't got one as yet but will run it up behind the fairing so it's nice and neat. I thought the usb that ...

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Topic by: binnsy
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Far Canal
Breakout 114 risers
Latest by Far Canal 17 days ago

No Steelo, I did not know that. I knew he had a sexy girlfriend (1st pic) and a brother called Theo, who supported him financially ...

Vincents brother Theo..jpg Vincents kitchen bitch.jpg
Topic by: System
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GTS emulator
Latest by binnsy 19 days ago

Popped up on a facebook feed the other day.  A guy in Melbourne selling what he called a Harley GTS emulator.  (Quo ...

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Topic by: binnsy
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Cheap Livewire for sale
Latest by paulybronco 23 days ago

If granddad had pedals he would be a flash, he aint ever getting pedals and live wires aren't ever going to be 10- ...

Topic by: B0nes
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Dark smoke or tint
Latest by binnsy 1 month

So finally got out for a squirt on the scooter today, and a chance to test out the Klockwerks  6.5 inch screen on the SGS.&nb ...

klockwerks.jpg klockwerks1.jpg
Topic by: binnsy
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Anyone using one of these jackets?
Latest by binnsy 1 month

Went to Peter Stevens today and tried one of these jackets I was wanting information on. ...

Topic by: binnsy
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Any love for the Pan America?
Latest by Hound_Dog 1 month

In short IMHO opinion no. I spent 5 years riding RTW on a Triumph Tiger 1200. 135HP 122NM. Fully loaded and 2up. Rode in some very ...

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Topic by: GGUser157
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Bridgestone Battlecruise H50
Latest by drod 1 month

25,000 on the last set. The front was knackered, the rear had heaps more tread but had squared off, I ordered a new set after ...

Topic by: Grease Monkey
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Safe riding tips
Latest by T4 1 month

Thread reviver, cos I stumbled across this clip on youtube called Invisibility Training for Motorcyclists. It is pretty hokey in p ...

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Livewire review.
Latest by brucefxdl 1 month

which border steelo ? GHD is here in of shopping with the bride yesterday.

Topic by: Jay-Dee
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Your other "non-Harley" Bike?
Latest by paulybronco 2 months

I am enjoying the the electronics and suspension. My Street Glide is still the long distance choice.

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Jack Miller Motor GP Win.
Latest by paulybronco 2 months

And pooped his pants in the race...then black flagged

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Topic by: keith
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2014 FLHTK Ultra Limited Build
Latest by paulybronco 4 months

Understand but before you start putting truck loads into i may offer you a potentially cheaper alternative that will achieve the s ...

Topic by: FBUser219
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melbourne mechanic
Latest by beaglebasher 4 months

Sounds like you have been on a bit of a project mate. There is a few aficionados here who would love to see a few  photo ...

Topic by: SPINSY
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Latest by bloodog 4 months

Just got a new TV and 12 months Apple TV came with the deal, first thing I looked at was LONG WAY UP Into the 4th episode and ...

Topic by: gidgi
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Three new Harley Models
Latest by roadrunner14 4 months

Topic by: paulybronco
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Speed limiter
Latest by Ratbob 4 months

Outdoor/camping stores usually carry a range of waterproofing compounds designed to be sprayed or rubbed into the stitching on ten ...

Topic by: speed3se
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Retro limited edition Electra Glide
Latest by Ratbob 4 months

I think you’re right, they have forgotten, that’s why they’re reverting to old designs.

Topic by: Jay-Dee
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How many Kms have you done??
Latest by obisteve 5 months

Hell yeah!

Sporty.PNG Breakout Speedo Mar 2021.jpg 2020 twins.jpg
Topic by: the_mongrel
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