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Your other "non-Harley" Bike?
Latest by paulybronco 11 hours ago

Are we not supposed to talk them down like in the movies before we shoot?

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Softail slim 200 rear
Latest by paulybronco yesterday

Ha Ha very quick.

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Sagging saddle bags
Latest by T4 8 days ago

My solution, which has lasted for thousands of kms. 2mm plate, all home brewed. This on my Triumph, but the ones on the Harley are ...

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Topic by: Tasslehoff
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Latest by Stupot 10 days ago

I had been pillion on various shovels and irons as a youngster but the first time i was let loose was on an 85 softail (kicker) ta ...

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And this weeks helmet is....
Latest by fatbat 16 days ago

This was why I thought Janis Joplin was a left hander. And I presumed it was correct when someone else earlier referenced a left h ...

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Doing a bit of painting.... how hard can it
Latest by bloodog 18 days ago

If you can piss, you can paint 

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EPA noise limits in Victoria for a Ultraglide classic 2006
Latest by paulybronco 24 days ago

Why do you guys still live in that place....they tell me that Foxtel show your backward tall skinny boy sport on some back channel ...

Topic by: Trev
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Low Rider S Test Ride
Latest by BlackBantam 24 days ago

I recently bought a 2020 Low Rider 107, it had one key and two fobs. Don`t know if that came like that from factory, as it was sec ...

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FuelMoto Jackpot 2:1 for M8
Latest by crowster69 29 days ago

I really like the look and sound of this pipe.Ive got a twincam but would get one of these if had an m8.Alpha performance in qld h ...

Topic by: hdOZMAN93
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V Twin adjustable wheel tube spacers
Latest by AlmacktanGGUser310 1 month

John.RI ordered one. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers

Topic by: AlmacktanGGUser310
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Interesting article
Latest by fatbat 1 month

“ it uses silicon nitride ceramic apex seals”….. I wonder how these will work given seals were the Achilles heal of rotary engine ...

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Knock in bottom end on cold start
Latest by Floyd 1 month

Follow up on this bottom end knock....I put the bike into the shop...... investigation ..... got the bike back, problem all fixed. ...

Topic by: Floyd
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Great independent mechanic needed - Melbourne
Latest by BBYHD 1 month

wow that is precisely who I need.  Cheers. Rosnar did mention when it came time to repair my wheel he had a spoke wheel guru ...

Topic by: Krackers60
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Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet
Latest by steelo 1 month

Sorry thunpy. Haven’t heard from rr for a year. I hope he’s still out there 

Topic by: brash
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Introduce myself
Latest by STEAMER 2 months

Deff not, prob more HD's than other makes. Also has a Dyno

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Quad lock on SGS
Latest by binnsy 2 months

Bugger, good point, looks like I wasted my cash :-) 

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New Helmet
Latest by B0nes 2 months

How the hell does this work. On the J&P Cycles website. And talk about butt ugly

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import Harley
Latest by keith 2 months

Thanks @gary76, PM returned.

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Topic by: gary76
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Bike cleaning
Latest by Smokey61 2 months

For whitewalls, a little Handy Andy in a bucket of hot water and a scrubbing brush.

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Far Canal
Breakout 114 risers
Latest by Far Canal 2 months

No Steelo, I did not know that. I knew he had a sexy girlfriend (1st pic) and a brother called Theo, who supported him financially ...

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