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Best Sydney dealer
Latest by GGUser167 33 minutes ago

Hi Soft, Yeah lots of cool bikes to look at now. And yes I was told the same thing about putting an order in. They said the popul ...

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Any love for the Pan America?
Latest by roadrunner14 16 hours ago

I appreciate you putting it up mate. Was worth a look. I wasn’t having a go at all, just think everyday riders will decide in the ...

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2021 Indian Chief Dark Horse
Latest by Chester 3 days ago

The only brand I'm loyal to is the one that makes the better product for me.  Brand loyalty usually means that you'll accept ...

7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
Topic by: Chester
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Vrscd Larger tank Install
Latest by drod 4 days ago Fitted one of these tanks last year. Slightly smaller than the Unlimited Engineering ta ...

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Slamrail suspension
Latest by FBUser161 12 days ago

Hi guys just asking the question about slamtail suspension if anyone gas had any problems with the rams letting go

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Riding Brisbane to Sydney
Latest by UltraPete 24 days ago

Yup leather boots are fine if you keep up the dubbin/beeswax/scotchguard

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Fob key.
Latest by Chester 25 days ago

I'd check that when you put in the new battery it was inserted with correct polarity (+/-).  You may have accidentally put it ...

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Far Canal
Airbag Jeans for motorcyclists - interesting topic......I thought!
Latest by Far Canal 1 month

Yeah mate. But what if you end up in water?, like the guy on the movie Stone. Your boots and pants will float like a giant pair of ...

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What have u bought today
Latest by steelo 1 month

Haha. Always the Joker RR. What a card. I like it and quite keen on that brushed finish on the engine cover.

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Nice ?
Latest by Jay-Dee 1 month

Different wheels and a double sided swingarm and that would look shit hot.

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Your other "non-Harley" Bike?
Latest by paulybronco 2 months

Thats pretty shit...!

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Insurance repair
Latest by Mr.Mow 2 months

Ok I’ll say this on painting these, I worked in a shop for a bit and they’d get constant requests to do just this, it’s a pain in ...

Topic by: micathia
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Latest by gidgi 2 months

agreed The Harley live wire not for me either, but interesting to see south American landscapes & the povo communities I rode ...

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Ceramic Coatings
Latest by steelo 2 months

Google only got a couple reviews Check this one from a jeep bloke

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Grease Monkey
Adaptive cruise control
Latest by Grease Monkey 2 months

Glad to hear it lol

car radar.jpg
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250cc HD
Latest by Ratbob 2 months

Hi binnsy, I recall the 350s like Bruce’s but I’d not seen a 250 before. It’s a nice looking thing. Thanks for posting it.

250 HD.jpg
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HealTech Quickshifter Easy now available for more Harleys
Latest by Onequickpuck 2 months

Hey Woody! You know I can sell direct to you from here :)   Show us the goods mate! Cheers Mike

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Grease Monkey
Here she is ,my Super glide custom
Latest by Grease Monkey 3 months

Looks great mate, I really like how the big light transforms the dynas, running lights as well, nice colour, bags if you need them ...

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Custom Dynamics Probeam LED front indicators
Latest by Drac 3 months

Has yours got the cowling around the forks behind the headlight?Some have a extra wire behind that you can use

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Shark Vision R Helmet Baseplate/visor change
Latest by steelo 3 months

Nice PHD. I mean who cuts up a perfectly good bowling ball though?

Topic by: Chris
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