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FIFO workers Riders
Latest by fatbat 6 days ago

Thanks again Keith….you’re a legend of a bloke.  There are still some really positive things and social connections that com ...

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VIC ride
Latest by brucefxdl 20 days ago

just home from the Alpine rally,no snow tyres needed, but some nobbies would have been handy at times.

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Edenhope run
Latest by mickle 4 months

Still here mate although not too often these days as work is getting in the way big time, yeah COVID fucked our Edenhope runthe la ...

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Veterans Poker run Tas.
Latest by FBUser214 4 months

Top day out. Good to catch up again FC.

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Vietnam Veterans MC - Gippsland Chapter's Annual Bike & Tattoo Show
Latest by VVMC_Muddy 5 months

Vietnam Veterans MC - Gippsland Chapter's Annual Bike & Tattoo Show12th February 2022 From 11am Bands Featuring Thunderstruc ...

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A visitor from the city
Latest by Baloffski 6 months

That's a good tale steelo, hope mr.spook is doing well and you guys enjoyed the road. Loved riding south in summer, hoping to ride ...

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WA Ando's Xmas memorial ride
Latest by FBUser214 6 months

I wondered about the $1.40 There was a pic posted of the lineup roadside showing the $0.40 sign. But mostly $1.40 ? Glad you fel ...

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Ross motorcycle show.
Latest by Baloffski 7 months

Thanks fc . Least ya getting out amongst it. A dot, had an auntie dot once, English manufacturer?

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Latest by binnsy 9 months

Wow, decent ride steelo and great pics.  Just had 3 weeks leave and spent the whole lot in lockdown so couldn't go anywh ...

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11th Annnual Frosty Fingerz Run, WA, 12-13 June 2021
Latest by keith 1 year ago

The fog was a challenge indeed, but even worse for me was Ipod malfunction at the same time ? Only ABC classic or Triple J on the ...

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Latest by rkr 1 year ago

https://events.humanitix.com/nsw-act-black-dog-ride-to-the-red-centre-2021 Anyone heading to Alice?

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Helping Hand Rock - all day music event
Latest by Baloffski 1 year ago

Have no donation , but there to support.Twas there in the 70's not as a combatant, they were better men than me. Although unfortun ...

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Vietnam Veterans Charity Music Event - 13 March 2021
Latest by Baloffski 1 year ago

Thanks   mate/ See you there.

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Adelaide ride
Latest by Spook 1 year ago

You're welcome, Stropp. Even though I was not riding due to a procedure on my right eye I enjoyed the lunch and the company.....ev ...

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Vietnam Veterans Bike & Tattoo Show - 13 February 2021
Latest by steelo 1 year ago

I just made this up.

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QLD State HOG Rally 2021 2nd to 5th April 2021
Latest by Iggy_Pop 1 year ago

The Qld State HOG Rally is being held in Rockhampton over Easter in conjunction with RockyNats a car show. This will be big, alrea ...

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Mid North Coast - suggested roads
Latest by roadrunner14 1 year ago

If you have to go on the motorway past Bulladelah try the Wootten Way just north of the town, just a little detour off the highway ...

Topic by: weedoman
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Veterans MC Australia Day Ride
Latest by Krackers60 1 year ago

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Annual Xmas run, WA Harley Riders. DEC 12th 2020
Latest by keith 1 year ago

Safe trails boys , will be at work.

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B37 Fundraiser Ride for Gazza.
Latest by bloodog 1 year ago

Stormy weather run B37 Fundraiser Ride for Gazza.  Sunday 15th October.  (November?) Leaving from Goolwa.   Meet at ...

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