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WA Ando's Xmas memorial ride
Latest by keith 10 hours ago

Left a message with the pub today,hope I can get a room ? got down that way over the week end, see you Sat mate.

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Ross motorcycle show.
Latest by Baloffski 10 days ago

Thanks fc . Least ya getting out amongst it. A dot, had an auntie dot once, English manufacturer?

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Edenhope run
Latest by steelo 23 days ago

Stewy. The blokes who used to organise it left the site some years ago. I’m hoping they come back up when they get their act toget ...

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FIFI workers Riders
Latest by johno1 28 days ago

Agreed Wazza. Great weekend on roads unknown to me in excellent south west country side. Certainly makes it easier when someone kn ...

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Latest by binnsy 2 months

Wow, decent ride steelo and great pics.  Just had 3 weeks leave and spent the whole lot in lockdown so couldn't go anywh ...

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11th Annnual Frosty Fingerz Run, WA, 12-13 June 2021
Latest by keith 5 months

The fog was a challenge indeed, but even worse for me was Ipod malfunction at the same time ? Only ABC classic or Triple J on the ...

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Latest by rkr 6 months Anyone heading to Alice?

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Helping Hand Rock - all day music event
Latest by Baloffski 9 months

Have no donation , but there to support.Twas there in the 70's not as a combatant, they were better men than me. Although unfortun ...

AHH - helping hand rock v23 Final.jpg
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Vietnam Veterans Charity Music Event - 13 March 2021
Latest by Baloffski 9 months

Thanks   mate/ See you there.

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Adelaide ride
Latest by Spook 9 months

You're welcome, Stropp. Even though I was not riding due to a procedure on my right eye I enjoyed the lunch and the company.....ev ...

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Vietnam Veterans Bike & Tattoo Show - 13 February 2021
Latest by steelo 9 months

I just made this up.

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QLD State HOG Rally 2021 2nd to 5th April 2021
Latest by Iggy_Pop 10 months

The Qld State HOG Rally is being held in Rockhampton over Easter in conjunction with RockyNats a car show. This will be big, alrea ...

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Mid North Coast - suggested roads
Latest by roadrunner14 10 months

If you have to go on the motorway past Bulladelah try the Wootten Way just north of the town, just a little detour off the highway ...

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Veterans MC Australia Day Ride
Latest by Krackers60 11 months

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Annual Xmas run, WA Harley Riders. DEC 12th 2020
Latest by keith 1 year ago

Safe trails boys , will be at work.

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B37 Fundraiser Ride for Gazza.
Latest by bloodog 1 year ago

Stormy weather run B37 Fundraiser Ride for Gazza.  Sunday 15th October.  (November?) Leaving from Goolwa.   Meet at ...

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margs river
Latest by keith 1 year ago

Get well soon Wello.Leaving from Shell Thomas Rd 8.00 am Friday 13th scenic route with a few refreshment stops along the trail.

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The next event in Vic...
Latest by Krackers60 1 year ago

This has been officially postponed to early 2021. Bad luck boys. Details are on the Vietnam Veterans website. 

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Seat Re-Trim
Latest by DarKasH69 1 year ago

Yep. Second this recommend... Beyond Trim do amazing work. Andrew, at the helm, is a craftsman Beyond most. You won’t go wrong.&nb ...

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Bike Friendly Accomodation - VIC
Latest by Baloffski 1 year ago

Packing bedroll and sundry items , Gat, tins ,  alcohol and fuel, and soal. Ride off soon. Is a plan. 

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