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FIFO workers Riders
Latest by keith 5 months

All the best to you Mark from Trevor also.

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Perth to Melbourne trip
Latest by keith 10 months

Sounds like an item to tick off you're bucket list.Have done it a few times on bikes from WA and return, I'd make the first leg to ...

Topic by: bukkers
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Grease Monkey
13th Annual Frosty Fingerz Run, 10th-11th June 2023, WA
Latest by Grease Monkey 11 months

Ticking along mate, about ready to apply for Queensland citizenship, 21 years now, time flys.

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Topic by: carbon fibre
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Social MC Brisbane
Latest by Snake565 11 months

Hi all, just wondering if there’s any active SMC’s in Brisbane to join, kind of new to the area and chasing some like minded folk! ...

Topic by: Snake565
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CANCELLED: Custom Bikes & Cars Show - April 30
Latest by tussuck 1 year ago

Bugger, nice day for it too.  maybe too cold for some.

Topic by: HOG63
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Still Loving Chopper Show 2023
Latest by SRV72 1 year ago

Thanks mate. The Blue Mountains was the highlight of the trip. If I wasn't addicted to the ocean Id move to Katoomba in heart beat ...

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Topic by: SRV72
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Bike camping trip with our sons
Latest by Scoot 1 year ago

Great video. Thanks for posting. 

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Phillip Island
Latest by John.R 1 year ago

I was stoked to be back this year after 3 years off. Will be booking accommodation for next year soon I reckon haha. We normally ...

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Historic rego clubs
Latest by fatbat 1 year ago

Have you got a stock fxr exhaust? Or else what did you use…

Topic by: Dimerider10
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Sydney Veterans and Security Contractors run Saturday 6th August
Latest by Nath103 1 year ago

See attached  Cheers  Nath

Topic by: Nath103
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VIC ride
Latest by LWS 1 year ago

Any VIC rides coming up? 

Topic by: LWS
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Edenhope run
Latest by mickle 2 years ago

Still here mate although not too often these days as work is getting in the way big time, yeah COVID fucked our Edenhope runthe la ...

Topic by: Stewy
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Veterans Poker run Tas.
Latest by FBUser214 2 years ago

Top day out. Good to catch up again FC.

Topic by: Far Canal
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A visitor from the city
Latest by Baloffski 2 years ago

That's a good tale steelo, hope mr.spook is doing well and you guys enjoyed the road. Loved riding south in summer, hoping to ride ...

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Topic by: Spook
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WA Ando's Xmas memorial ride
Latest by FBUser214 2 years ago

I wondered about the $1.40 There was a pic posted of the lineup roadside showing the $0.40 sign. But mostly $1.40 ? Glad you fel ...

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Topic by: carbon fibre
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Ross motorcycle show.
Latest by Baloffski 2 years ago

Thanks fc . Least ya getting out amongst it. A dot, had an auntie dot once, English manufacturer?

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Topic by: Far Canal
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Latest by binnsy 2 years ago

Wow, decent ride steelo and great pics.  Just had 3 weeks leave and spent the whole lot in lockdown so couldn't go anywh ...

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11th Annnual Frosty Fingerz Run, WA, 12-13 June 2021
Latest by keith 2 years ago

The fog was a challenge indeed, but even worse for me was Ipod malfunction at the same time ? Only ABC classic or Triple J on the ...

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Topic by: carbon fibre
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Latest by rkr 3 years ago

https://events.humanitix.com/nsw-act-black-dog-ride-to-the-red-centre-2021 Anyone heading to Alice?

Topic by: Baloffski
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Helping Hand Rock - all day music event
Latest by Baloffski 3 years ago

Have no donation , but there to support.Twas there in the 70's not as a combatant, they were better men than me. Although unfortun ...

Topic by: VVMC_Muddy
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