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FIFO workers Riders
Latest by keith 2 months

All the best to you Mark from Trevor also.

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Perth to Melbourne trip
Latest by keith 7 months

Sounds like an item to tick off you're bucket list.Have done it a few times on bikes from WA and return, I'd make the first leg to ...

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Grease Monkey
13th Annual Frosty Fingerz Run, 10th-11th June 2023, WA
Latest by Grease Monkey 8 months

Ticking along mate, about ready to apply for Queensland citizenship, 21 years now, time flys.

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Topic by: carbon fibre
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Social MC Brisbane
Latest by Snake565 8 months

Hi all, just wondering if there’s any active SMC’s in Brisbane to join, kind of new to the area and chasing some like minded folk! ...

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CANCELLED: Custom Bikes & Cars Show - April 30
Latest by tussuck 10 months

Bugger, nice day for it too.  maybe too cold for some.

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Still Loving Chopper Show 2023
Latest by SRV72 11 months

Thanks mate. The Blue Mountains was the highlight of the trip. If I wasn't addicted to the ocean Id move to Katoomba in heart beat ...

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Bike camping trip with our sons
Latest by Scoot 11 months

Great video. Thanks for posting. 

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Phillip Island
Latest by John.R 1 year ago

I was stoked to be back this year after 3 years off. Will be booking accommodation for next year soon I reckon haha. We normally ...

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Historic rego clubs
Latest by fatbat 1 year ago

Have you got a stock fxr exhaust? Or else what did you use…

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Sydney Veterans and Security Contractors run Saturday 6th August
Latest by Nath103 1 year ago

See attached  Cheers  Nath

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VIC ride
Latest by LWS 1 year ago

Any VIC rides coming up? 

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Edenhope run
Latest by mickle 2 years ago

Still here mate although not too often these days as work is getting in the way big time, yeah COVID fucked our Edenhope runthe la ...

Topic by: Stewy
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Veterans Poker run Tas.
Latest by FBUser214 2 years ago

Top day out. Good to catch up again FC.

Topic by: Far Canal
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A visitor from the city
Latest by Baloffski 2 years ago

That's a good tale steelo, hope mr.spook is doing well and you guys enjoyed the road. Loved riding south in summer, hoping to ride ...

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WA Ando's Xmas memorial ride
Latest by FBUser214 2 years ago

I wondered about the $1.40 There was a pic posted of the lineup roadside showing the $0.40 sign. But mostly $1.40 ? Glad you fel ...

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Topic by: carbon fibre
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Ross motorcycle show.
Latest by Baloffski 2 years ago

Thanks fc . Least ya getting out amongst it. A dot, had an auntie dot once, English manufacturer?

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Topic by: Far Canal
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Latest by binnsy 2 years ago

Wow, decent ride steelo and great pics.  Just had 3 weeks leave and spent the whole lot in lockdown so couldn't go anywh ...

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11th Annnual Frosty Fingerz Run, WA, 12-13 June 2021
Latest by keith 2 years ago

The fog was a challenge indeed, but even worse for me was Ipod malfunction at the same time ? Only ABC classic or Triple J on the ...

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Topic by: carbon fibre
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Latest by rkr 2 years ago

https://events.humanitix.com/nsw-act-black-dog-ride-to-the-red-centre-2021 Anyone heading to Alice?

Topic by: Baloffski
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Helping Hand Rock - all day music event
Latest by Baloffski 2 years ago

Have no donation , but there to support.Twas there in the 70's not as a combatant, they were better men than me. Although unfortun ...

Topic by: VVMC_Muddy
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