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WANTED: Fork Fangs
Latest by Nado 13 days ago

Good to hear

Topic by: Nado
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Genuine HD access Road Glide 2012
Latest by T4 14 days ago

PM sent

E0CE37C2-7EE4-48C9-AC06-BEAC1ED0A4B7.jpeg 5DA8AFAE-4C08-49F2-958F-5B117C3F0309.jpeg 05AD945C-A842-4AAD-8930-DE09F015F723.jpeg
Topic by: GGUser610
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Iron 883 For sale NSW
Latest by TC883 1 month

Hi Guys, really wanting to move this one now. Price dropped significantly given the market is so crap at the moment. Sick to death ...

IMG_1106.jpeg IMG_1107.jpeg IMG_1108.jpeg
Topic by: TC883
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Taco WANTED to buy part number 67042-99
Latest by tussuck 1 month

IN4007 or larger (IN4008 or 9) will do the trick.  Its just a pop down to JAYCAR.Have done this in the past to ge ...

Topic by: daddyracer56
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Hey Crew Exhaust Pipes New
Latest by GGUser610 1 month

Have brand New Ex pipes from 2012 Road Glide Never spat out. Best offers. . Photos to follow.Thanks Blokes. Ski. 

E8B5A621-C7B7-4EC0-9AA2-4AA8D66D31AF.jpeg F0703DC0-BBD8-4742-939D-143992CC6B9B.jpeg
Topic by: GGUser610
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2012 fxdc dyna 2 up seat WANTED
Latest by BLKOPS 1 month

Yeah bit to much :/ I haven’t been on fb yet I don’t have it. But I will try look there when I can get someone with fb to search i ...

Topic by: BLKOPS
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WTB: Hydraulic clutch release cover 07 springer
Latest by Retroman 2 months

Hay-zoos !I'll be hoping my setup holds up.... Thanks for the info'

IMG_20240413_153404.jpg IMG_20240302_150835.jpg IMG_20240302_150849.jpg
Topic by: Vic
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2012 Custom Softail for sale
Latest by Retroman 2 months

Yes , for $21K. AND it sold to the guy who first built it in 2011. Funny old world and all that. Yes it was strong money I su ...

Steves bike 1.jpg Steves bike 2.jpg Steves bike 3.jpg
Topic by: Retroman
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M8 Touring model parts
Latest by Carizo 2 months

UPDATED PRICES For sale various parts, all in really good condition, to suit touring model – were on a 2018 Street Glide 107 FLHX ...

20230425_161838_2.jpg 20230425_165307_01_2.jpg 20230427_112441_1.jpg
Topic by: Carizo
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Swap black dyna forward controls for "further forward" mids?
Latest by nhb006 3 months

Anyone out there with a 2016 up Dyna Lowrider S that wants to go to forwards I'd be happy to swap my forward controls for their lo ...

Topic by: nhb006
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Tidy up.
Latest by Hoodeng 4 months

I have for sale Knight Prowler WM8-999 cam for M8. New in box $490. Wiseco K1726 TC88 stock bore 3.750" 10.5:1 forged piston ...

Topic by: Hoodeng
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2010 Road King FLHR for Sale - Melbourne $14500
Latest by Kenif 4 months

Good pick up.Too many ads on different forums. Rego runs out in about 2 weeks! A quick look at bikesales this is the chaepest av ...

20220809_140413.jpg 20220809_140421.jpg 20220809_140544.jpg
Topic by: Kenif
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Roadking panniers
Latest by TJU 4 months

Gidday 65pan ... have you had a look at AdvanBlack ... they have a huge amount of stuff for Baggers with a fairly big range of col ...

Topic by: 65pan
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For sale Burleigh bars, fork tubes & Springs, primary cover & Dyna seat
Latest by DonBurtron 4 months

Unsure mate as I got it with a fatboy as a spare that didn't fit..It's got the screws on both sides of the seat if that helps.. I ...

20240127_183847.jpg 20240128_183115.jpg 20240128_183123.jpg
Topic by: DonBurtron
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2x bikes with side carts.
Latest by Havik87 5 months

Too easy bud I'll Sus some more photos out for ya once finished work bud

83B0EDD9-2E31-4BB1-B3A4-29077507F070.jpeg IMG20240120121230.jpg IMG20240120121224.jpg
Topic by: Havik87
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Road Glide Black 2011 Twinkie
Latest by Baloffski 5 months

Thanks Will. Spent a lotta today at the Library, downloading shit. Then a lotta time at Telstra, as forgot had like over 100000 po ...

Screenshot_20240115-102708_Facebook.jpg Spartan Inside.JPG Trailer1_1.JPG
Topic by: Baloffski
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Custom number plate
Latest by conmore 6 months

Hi there I had a 2012 CVO Street Glide FLHXSE3 which I sold in August to a buyer in NSW. He didn’t want the number plate (Victori ...

IMG_0360.jpeg IMG_1607.jpeg
Topic by: conmore
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110 Heads and 58mm Throttle Body
Latest by simmac18 6 months

Price Updated

Topic by: simmac18
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Day bag
Latest by STEAMER 6 months

There are a few cheaper ones, but look same but no bar & shield. Check MCAS in Auburn nsw

Topic by: Wayneo57
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WTB - Sporty EFI tank (not too worried about condition)
Latest by tussuck 6 months

It has potential!...  not sure if I have enough bondo to shape it though.  

Topic by: tussuck
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