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Short pipes for Road King
Latest by bloodog 2 hours ago

fuck yer liking this... riding a road king around straight out yeeharr I'm going to message speedy 

Topic by: Dan Crocodile
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WTB: Black 11/16 Front MC
Latest by John.R 23 hours ago

After an 11/16 (dual disc) front master cylinder in black if anyone has something in good condition. Cheers.

Topic by: John.R
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WTB - Black Harley OEM 5.75 headlight
Latest by noctm yesterday

G'day mates.Chasing an OEM 5.75 headlight in black.  Can be any OEM Harley 5.75 bottom mount headlight as long as the bucket ...

Topic by: noctm
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Old Fatty
Knucklehead on ebay
Latest by Old Fatty 6 days ago

EL is 61 inch or 1000 cc. FL is the big twin. The close up photo of the engine number shows 38EL. 

Topic by: Far Canal
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Mustang solo seat & fender bib
Latest by fat55 11 days ago

Mustang solo seat & fender bibSuit 2018+ fatboy $200 pick up Dubbo  + postage if required 

3257C9F5-8AC0-4849-8F6E-27BDF689036F.jpeg DF84738C-A76F-4111-8A7B-2D4D1B5E8790.jpeg 3DC104B4-6B60-42CE-8657-463E6F276EFB.jpeg
Topic by: fat55
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Fatboy stuff
Latest by binnsy 15 days ago

Thanks Keith. Some on here, some on Gumtree and some on good old FB. Bit of a joint operation! 😄 I find FB amazing for selli ...

Swing arm bag.jpg Back rest 2.jpg Heavy breather.jpg
Topic by: binnsy
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Various 2016 Sportster Parts
Latest by Pagey 21 days ago

No problem - if there is anything you want I can look at posting

5A01F295-B6C1-462F-8800-98BE67F911A5.jpeg 62153784-2F41-4C5F-A909-8DE7966BE044.jpeg 29E5C38D-F438-492B-963F-2B0FF9FB93BF.jpeg
Topic by: Pagey
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WTB Sportster Mid Controls
Latest by Pagey 23 days ago

Not sure if either of you need the mid controls still but I have a set I just took of my 2016 in great condition 

Topic by: chrisj1978
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For Sale - Sportster Mid Controls
Latest by Pagey 23 days ago

Mid controls from my 2016 Sportster - $250 (or offer) located in Melbourne

Topic by: Pagey
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Lost - Caloundra Road a few weeks ago
Latest by inkaporka 1 month

I did, beagles, but couldn't see it - I was actually worried it had bounced off the road & damaged someones cage, or hurt some ...

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 2.51.06 pm.png
Topic by: inkaporka
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Chasing stock length 49mm FXDWG Fork Tubes
Latest by mitch199 1 month

G'day mate, Awesome, where are you located. Also what bike did they come off, and how many bones do you need to part with them.. ...

Topic by: mitch199
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New and unused Supertuner Pro for sale
Latest by Retroman 1 month

Bumpster !

Supertuner Pro dongles_1.jpg
Topic by: Retroman
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NEW Super Tuner Pro
Latest by Retroman 1 month

Bumpster !

Supertuner Pro dongles.jpg 345D30A3-724B-4C93-8F07-EDC99F9317DE.jpeg 45D6A874-B562-4AF5-BA0F-FA8C1CC00412.jpeg
Topic by: Ratbob
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Latest by binnsy 1 month

Thanks steelo.  Yes I ride with vent open. Learnt that with the windsplitter on the fatty.  Thought it was the same as y ...

20210504_161459.jpg 20210504_161438.jpg P1020901.JPG
Topic by: binnsy
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WTB sportster forward controls
Latest by Pagey 1 month

To fir 2016 sportster. Happy to swap my mid controls 

Topic by: Pagey
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WTB 17x4.5 dyna rear wheel
Latest by Pagey 1 month

For Sportster 180 rear conversion

Topic by: Pagey
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Wanted fender struts 150 rear 08 softail.
Latest by tylerronan 1 month

Chasing a set of rear fender struts to suit an 08 softail with a 150 rear. Anyone done a fat tyre conversion and got some parts la ...

Topic by: tylerronan
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2005 dyna stock pipes
Latest by steve60 2 months

Stock pipes for sale $60

Topic by: steve60
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Screamin Eagle turbo tapers
Latest by steve60 2 months

Hi, have these off my 2006 heritage $100

Topic by: steve60
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21inch DNA Mammoth Front wheel
Latest by Kengo 3 months

Front wheel suits touring models 2014 up with ABS. 1inch axle. DNA Specialty Super Spoke 11.8 inch chrome brake rotors with c ...

IMG_1094.JPG IMG_1096.JPG IMG_1097.JPG
Topic by: Kengo
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