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R Jays Heavy Vest
Latest by Spook 18 hours ago

Sorry. Size L.

Topic by: Spook
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WTB rear one piece caliper
Latest by John.R 2 days ago

Yep im with you, it wont matter what one you get than if you're removing that whole part of the caliper. 

A9ACED38-E11E-484A-99D9-E43632830D8E.png C5AFD784-1E62-4E1D-94E2-233CB2FAB26F.jpeg DFB84CD7-40FB-4E85-BBB0-A498E13097BA.jpeg
Topic by: DIYOllie
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Rear Wheel
Latest by JR888 4 days ago

Thanks Krash, the axle diameter is 25mm while the inside length (head to thread) is 320mm, overall length is 360mm.

Wheel_2.jpg Tire_2.jpg
Topic by: JR888
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WTB Speedo for 2001 FXDX or FXDWG dash
Latest by Techmech64 20 days ago

Thank you for the link, I checked them out and Dakota doesn't have a Speedo that fits the FXDX twin gauge bracket, I'd have to go ...

Topic by: Techmech64
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$650 2Inch 16APES bars , Located in liverpool nsw can ship AUS WIDE FREE CHROME AND BLACK AVAILABLE
Latest by MickCyclesAustralia 1 month

$650 2Inch 16APES bars COMES WITH RISERS wont fit M8 Models  , Located in liverpool nsw can ship AUS WIDE FREE ALSO CHROME AN ...

My bars.jpg Bars 1.jpg Break out with my bars.jpg
Topic by: MickCyclesAustralia
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New and unused Supertuner Pro for sale
Latest by Retroman 1 month

One sold so one to go peeps, remember these are made of "unobtanium" I have even had e request from the US to be paid by paypal bu ...

Supertuner Pro dongles_1.jpg
Topic by: Retroman
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WTB .Horn or horn cover
Latest by paulybronco 1 month

WOW imagine the scolding you would get from the "We are never going to buy Chinese crap again" crew

Screenshot_2021-01-06-18-30-37_1.png Screenshot_20210106-094242_Chrome.jpg
Topic by: stilllooking72
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WTB- Stock Evo Softail Exhaust System
Latest by Benno 1 month

No worries mate, let me know.

Topic by: taztiger4
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Pilot Seat Quick Release Backrest
Latest by fat55 1 month

Pm sent

IMG_0634.JPG IMG_0640.JPG IMG_0638.JPG
Topic by: Rogues
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Wanted: Sporty Rear Fender (the one with the cutout in it)
Latest by tussuck 1 month

Hi,Not too worried bout condition as I can bog it up.  Not sure if the solid fender versions are the same mounting holes etc ...

Topic by: tussuck
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NEW Super Tuner Pro
Latest by Retroman 1 month

Hope this addition is politically correct , apologies if not so ! I have just started another for sale thread for 2 new and unused ...

Supertuner Pro dongles.jpg 345D30A3-724B-4C93-8F07-EDC99F9317DE.jpeg 45D6A874-B562-4AF5-BA0F-FA8C1CC00412.jpeg
Topic by: Ratbob
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Latest by dicko 1 month

10.7" Chopped Trunk & Latch Fit For Harley Tour Pak Pack Street Road Glide 14-20, I want one for earlier frame. roadking etc.

Topic by: dicko
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Road King Trike
Latest by JR888 2 months

Rego just renewed, now full 12 months QLD rego till end December 2021.

Brakes_off.jpg Brakes_on.jpg Close_left.jpg
Topic by: JR888
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Latest by JR888 2 months

Thanks for that, not that i'm all that worried. We could end up using it again ourselves yet.

20161221_145443.jpg 20161221_152616.jpg 20170127_112205.jpg
Topic by: JR888
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Elite Sprinter Camper
Latest by Soapbox2627 2 months


IMG_2705.jpg IMG_2706.jpg IMG_2707.jpg
Topic by: Soapbox2627
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Street Glide Windshields
Latest by Kengo 3 months

Group of 3 screens to suit Street Glide etc, 2014 upwards. 1 x Harley Davidson Windsplitter 7" Dark Smoke. Part No. 57400205. ...

IMG_1339.jpg IMG_0695.JPG IMG_1338.JPG
Topic by: Kengo
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WTB wide glide front end or something similar nice and thick
Latest by 3 months

As stated above 

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Slowen down
2015 off road camper trailer
Latest by Slowen down 3 months

sure willPVC truck tarp material used.

Longford.jpg Harley GMC.jpg
Topic by: Slowen down
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2014 1200 XL Custom Sportster
Latest by Scouser1 3 months

Don't have this bike anymore. Parts for sale. New Leather Throw Over Bags $ 350.00 Second Hand Mustache Engine Guard. $150.00 Sec ...

IMG_4837_2.JPG IMG_4822_2.JPG IMG_4839_2.JPG
Topic by: Scouser1
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Thunder max and Fat cat for sale
Latest by dicko 4 months

Its still forsale? cheap $100.00

Topic by: dicko
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