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the best sunglasses for glare
Latest by GGUser260 11 hours ago

Maui Jim polarized.

Topic by: Brno62
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Grease Monkey
Wanted , Softail 103 "long block" 2013 or younger
Latest by Grease Monkey 2 days ago

96" can be a 110" real easy while it's on the bench :)

Capture M8.PNG Softail Rocker C 2010 engine.jpg 9C95346E-3BF1-4540-B887-BF6E0D059CE9.png
Topic by: Retroman
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WTB - Right Side Control Switch for Softail Slim 16 Model
Latest by Chuckfoo 17 days ago

Hey All,  Im chasing the Right Side Control Switch for Softail Slim 16 Model. Happy to pay postage or local pickup in the Su ...

Topic by: Chuckfoo
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WTB - Black Harley OEM 5.75 headlight
Latest by noctm 29 days ago

Bump. Still chasing one.Preferably a wide glide one, but any black bottom mount 5.75 headlight assembly will do. 

Topic by: noctm
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Harley Heaven voucher
Latest by P8ence 1 month


Topic by: JDT276
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M8 Rinehart Slipons
Latest by Daffy 1 month

Hi all. Sold them on Gumtree. Cheers 

Topic by: Daffy
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Harley Touring Centre Stand
Latest by steelo 1 month

Yes Binnsy. Bike lift.

centre stand.JPG mickle support.jpg 2014.jpg
Topic by: steelo
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Wanted: Late model M8 Road King standard (not the Special) / Found
Latest by steelo 1 month

Nice silver M8 one at Gold Coast Harley $24K, 54K kms.

Topic by: DXJ
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Krash Kinkade
Daddyracer56 is looking for a Sportster 1991 to 2003 any condition
Latest by Krash Kinkade 2 months

I think we have both been around long enough, to know what we want.

Topic by: daddyracer56
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WTB for 2015 Fatboy Lo
Latest by Mic83p 2 months

Looking for the following for my 2015 103 Fatboy Lo - V&H mounting bracket to suit Big Shots Staggered (part # 330-P) - Heavy ...

Topic by: Mic83p
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front spoke 19 inch wheel WANTED
Latest by daddyracer56 2 months

looking for a 19 inch narrow glide wheel ,spoke front single disc is cool or what ever you may have 1980 up should do  3/4 " ...

Topic by: daddyracer56
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wanted to buy Sporty 1991 to 2003 any condition
Latest by steelo 2 months

Now you’ve done it rr. Neither have I.  Good on you fb for looking at the brand.  Been many discussions about the ...

Topic by: System
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Wtb 13 spoke dyna wheel set
Latest by martis_d 2 months

Wtb 13 spoke wheels Dyna. NQ or fnq much preferred

Topic by: martis_d
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Uncle Chougs
Knucklehead on ebay
Latest by Uncle Chougs 2 months

The Knucklehead is a very beautiful model but $155,000.00 ?? just for shits and giggles let’s find out if this is worth what t ...

Topic by: Far Canal
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MY 11 softail deluxe
Latest by fatbat 3 months

Great work, exciting times 

Topic by: Daffy
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Ultra Parts Clear Out
Latest by RobbieStreetGlide 3 months

Hi Chaser, a little bit late and random... but do you still have the heal tow shifter in black for sale?

Air Shocks.jpg Ultra 2013 Bag Covers.jpg Ultra 2014 Mufflers.jpg
Topic by: Chaser
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2013 Dyna front wheel - interested on buying
Latest by GGUser240 3 months

HI all, 'Anyone has a standard 19x2.5 front wheel for sale. Cheers Sidney

Topic by: GGUser240
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Dan Crocodile
Short pipes for Road King
Latest by Dan Crocodile 3 months

Ha ha, shit no, the headers are still on!! I’ll try your suggestion Dicko, thanks all

Topic by: Dan Crocodile
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WTB: Black 11/16 Front MC
Latest by John.R 3 months

After an 11/16 (dual disc) front master cylinder in black if anyone has something in good condition. Cheers.

Topic by: John.R
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Mustang solo seat & fender bib
Latest by fat55 3 months

Mustang solo seat & fender bibSuit 2018+ fatboy $150 pick up Dubbo  + postage if required 

3257C9F5-8AC0-4849-8F6E-27BDF689036F.jpeg DF84738C-A76F-4111-8A7B-2D4D1B5E8790.jpeg 3DC104B4-6B60-42CE-8657-463E6F276EFB.jpeg
Topic by: fat55
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