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Latest by Philonrsi 18 hours ago

Genuine HD XL gloves very good condition. $30.00 SOLD.

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Latest by Philonrsi 18 hours ago

Genuine HD size Large leather jacket excellent condition.$350.00 

20211206_113808~2.jpg 20211206_110559~2.jpg
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Latest by Philonrsi 20 hours ago

Garmin Zumo 590 m/cycle mount. Good condition. $45.00 

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Latest by Philonrsi 4 days ago

Clymer workshop manual1999 to 2005.  $25.00 

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Selling 2005 Road King parts.
Latest by Philonrsi 5 days ago

Genuine HD Chrome pillion footpeg mounts.Pair of rubber muffler mounts (new)  2 saddlebag mounting pins.  $50.00 the lot ...

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Latest by Retroman 6 days ago

PM sent

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Wanted , Softail 103 "long block" 2013 or younger
Latest by Retroman 12 days ago

We looked at a rebuild on the original 110. Not an economic possibility if under the pump time wise. That "new" 96er taken out of ...

8C6FF368-5ADB-4725-8BF3-E595935DFBD8.png Dens CVO Springer with the new 96_1.jpg Capture M8.PNG
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Rocker C
Latest by gary76 15 days ago

Heartland in Texas sells them , but over $300. Postage is very high

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Back home in WA
Latest by Fey 19 days ago

Interstate travel to visit family is a confusing mess that's for sure! Surely a more uniform approach by all the state's could mak ...

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WTD 21 inch front wheel
Latest by STEAMER 19 days ago

Yes  ABS does matter, as diff bearing. Sensor.

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New and unused Supertuner Pro for sale
Latest by fatbat 22 days ago

Blacky, what’s your bike and what mods? New forum doesn’t allow one to look up another user’s posts and neither does it identify a ...

Supertuner Pro dongles_1.jpg
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Riders Backrest for CVO Streetglide and Roadglide for sale.
Latest by 2021cvo 1 month

I am selling my new riders backrest designed for CVO Road and Street Glides for $400 plus $20 postage neg.  Purchased a few m ...

20211103_142032.jpg 20211103_141724.jpg 20211103_141702.jpg
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Give away to someone in need Sonic Exhausts spring clean
Latest by Baloffski 1 month

Have a pair of Sonic Exhausts for my 2006 fatboy which I had on for 50kms. good con. will fit a lotta softies that period- check - ...

Sonic Exhausts_1.jpg SONIC EX06 Fatboy.jpg
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the best sunglasses for glare
Latest by FBUser214 2 months

the steering lock on the older bikes is ideal for hanging your glasses as long as you remove them before you staighten the wheel ...

steering lock.jpg
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For Sale: Johnny Reb Boots (short) $50
Latest by beaglebasher 2 months

How many miles have they done mate ?

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For sale: Helmet locking bag by Pacsafe $50
Latest by andyc 2 months

Hi beaglebasher I'll do one tomorrow and add to the pics. AndyC

Pacsafe hanging.jpg Pacsafe inside.jpg Pacsafe Lock 1.jpg
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For Sale: Scavenger Oil Change System $50
Latest by andyc 2 months

Suit Harley-Davidson 2006-2010 Dyna. Fabulous system, normal oil change leaves a lot of crap oil this removes it all. Selling as I ...

Scavenger documents.jpg Scavenger yolk instructions.jpg Scavenger CD.jpg
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For Sale: Fix My HOG DVD Set $20
Latest by andyc 2 months

Softail and Dyna Edition 3 Box set of Fix My HOG Box 1 - Softail Edition Box 2 - Softail and Dyna Edition (Part 2) Box 3 - Soft ...

Softail-Dyna All Front Covers.jpg Softail-Dyna All Back Covers.jpg Softail-Dyna Part 2 Back Cover.jpg
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WTB: Touring Oil Line cover
Latest by John.R 2 months

Chasing one of these covers if anyone has one available to sell 👍

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Wtb Shovelhead Tank
Latest by Wideglider 2 months

Hey Benno,Well done man! A great project there that you can be proud of. My WG Evo still powering on, she's a keeper.

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