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other type of fun
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my first pellet smoker (gas), now 19 BBQ's, first cook of 4kg of wings, two flavors. 11C today, went for a ride out to Pt Lowely f ...

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Grease Monkey
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Tough liver that one, RIP.

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Grease Monkey
Can someone in Brissy put a gag in that fat tub of lard Palmer!
Latest by Grease Monkey 1 month

It would be a shame if the chopper carrying the national treasure was to plummet into the ground!

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Vic number plates for sale
Latest by paulybronco 1 month

I have mentioned things have gone up a bit..... https://www.news.com.au/technology/motoring/motoring-news/record-2-million-price- ...

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Solar panels
Latest by Humbug 1 month

True that. all most pointless spending the money to put the stuff on the roof.

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dry Feb,Mar & Apr.
Latest by flstc08 1 month

G'day,100 days. Celebrated by having a couple of Gentleman Jacks.

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Far Canal
RIP Chris Bailey
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Far Canal
Weird shit you see on a ride
Latest by Far Canal 2 months

I am sorry to say that that is a fabulous work of modern art, made by the crazy Sculptor Robin Banks. He is Banksy's lesser known ...

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The start of no deals...
Latest by Daffy 3 months

Oops Wacker

Topic by: paulybronco
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Putin tipping contest
Latest by B0nes 3 months

You maybe right in regards to losing the disputed territory to retain their sovereignty, but I would bet the farm that one of Puti ...

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Latest by tussuck 4 months

So the NFL is starting up early!  awesome.

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Devastating - Victorian Freeway Police Fatalities
Latest by GGUser260 4 months

I don't give a fuck about what you hope.

Topic by: Wideglider
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Latest by B0nes 5 months

Not a fan of these Suzuki's but would like to take this for a drive, just for shits and giggles

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Hello again
Latest by mickle 5 months

Oops 50,000kms of fun lol.

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Pitch Invaders
Latest by Soapbox2627 6 months

unfortunately. unsportsmanlike like conduct, = yellow card lucky the referee never went violent conduct = red card, you still cant ...

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ABC does it again...
Latest by paulybronco 6 months

Again untested "evidence" Smith has had no military or civil procedures against him to date regarding these allegations. It is in ...

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The land of the free
Latest by paulybronco 6 months

Not to forget the role that politics and gun lobby groups place on presiding governments as well as hopeful candidates. The NRA ha ...

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New Helmet which one
Latest by paulybronco 7 months

Very talented Mr T

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Far Canal
Be careful of your home insurance if you work from home.
Latest by Far Canal 8 months

Not sure if they were the "exact" words GGU but if you run a business from home or anywhere on the same insured address then they ...

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Anyone want to make a quid....
Latest by beaglebasher 8 months

I saw six of them parked in a row  on the wharf at Port Kembla  harbour about 3 months ago.  Every one was white.No ...

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