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other type of fun
Latest by Soapbox2627 20 days ago

had a heap excess stone fruit wood so put on a whole boned chook, 5 thighs and 2Kg of legs, great time, scotch and 7 kings on Netf ...

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Vic number plates for sale
Latest by paulybronco 24 days ago

Well i missed out on that plate it finally sold for $12.4 million after all the buyers premiums etc. The treasured Q1  queens ...

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the big C
Latest by softfat 2 months

Best wishes Bluey, hope all goes well fella. Soft...

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Grease Monkey
Its been awhile...
Latest by Grease Monkey 3 months

You're only human 😁

Topic by: Jetta
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Grease Monkey
Latest by Grease Monkey 4 months

It's great aye 😁👍

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Having a little rest
Latest by obisteve 4 months

Good on you for getting this far Bloodog. Every one you don't have is doing you good, and now it sounds like you're feeling that.

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Grease Monkey
Latest by Grease Monkey 4 months

I'm still buzzing from that game, holy cow what a ripper!I hope the NRL GF this arvo is as entertaining!

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Latest by flstc08 5 months

G'day bloodog,  yea, still here, lurking.

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Happy Father's Day
Latest by paulybronco 5 months

Cheers Hilly same to you bud.

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Solar panels
Latest by keith 7 months

Bit of a different take on things in the West, Gov has a surplus and have passed on to with a $400 credit to all homes, over 6 mon ...

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Latest by obisteve 8 months

It's probably the week's vodka budget for the corps. 

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Trump fanatics
Latest by B0nes 8 months

The plot thickens https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-06-10/what-we-learned-from-the-indictment-against-trump/102460994

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Recommending this book
Latest by obisteve 10 months

It's good, got given it for Christmas. Glad I don't have that many broken bones though.

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I got scammed on line
Latest by B0nes 11 months

The toll scam seems to be common in Brisbane, Step daughter got caught out by following the link. I've received many emails about ...

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Mardi Gras
Latest by paulybronco 1 year ago

Ha Ha tall skinny wimps in tight shorts doesnt sound like NRL....its the AFL thats all inclusive according to Dan.

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Warren Mundine labels Voice to Parliament 'waste of millions'
Latest by OlChesnut 1 year ago

A good example of the "career activist".

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We can only hope
Latest by B0nes 1 year ago

So BMW's brass are saying this won't last. Don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that this is half the problem with drivers ...

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Latest by obisteve 1 year ago

Wonder if Dan would lean on the EPA so they could publicly burn the piece of shit in the city mall?

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$1078.00 fined for no seat belt
Latest by bloodog 1 year ago

I asked the hand brake to speak with her Sydney source, about where the info was from, as I need verisimilitude. The result i ...

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Grease Monkey
Christmas gift from bloodog
Latest by Grease Monkey 1 year ago

Played with it and adjusted to taste, it'll do Bloo ;)

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