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Thanks for the rides Adelaide fellas
Latest by wadewilson 2 days ago

Stropp, good to catch up with you. See you when you pass through again. 

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Latest by bloodog 4 days ago

Come on Pauly stop fucking around and put up some pics wright a post anything "HALLOW PAULY"   ?  Stop it bro, say ...

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other type of fun
Latest by Soapbox2627 14 days ago

Knocked off night shift, got home and suggested to the missus we go fishing for a couple hours, back in at 11:30 5 Whiting 2 Leath ...

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New car is cheaper than a second hand one WTF?
Latest by B0nes 18 days ago

Remember my old man telling me a similar thing happening in the early 60's in NZ. Waiting list for a new car was 12 months unless ...

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Far Canal
Royal Enfield, don't be shy.
Latest by Far Canal 22 days ago

Well KK, it might be a "Slug" but that is ok, they are not marketing it as the next "Paris-Dakar must have". If one wanted to just ...

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Gidday Lads, Just Joined Up
Latest by UltraPete 1 month

Should be good for about 350hp,fun little engine, especially with the 4 speed behind it. It's not bad, I'm rapt to have it after d ...

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final time moving home
Latest by twistie 1 month

He was a real fucken wild nutcase & so was his crew.       https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Christodo ...

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Check engine light mystery.
Latest by dicko 1 month

I got aluminium foil and glued it into my road king side cover over the ecu and it never happened again??? I dunno where the ecu i ...

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Marine Gel coat touch up
Latest by binnsy 1 month

Saw a boat repair guy on you tube use this stuff.  Worked a treat, might give it a try.  https://www.whitworths.com ...

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Analogue / digital Grrrrrrrr
Latest by Fey 2 months

Thanks Fellas. Yes even after all these years I have the manuals and have used them but no go....Waiting on a " Video" capture uni ...

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Far Canal
Is it war?????
Latest by Far Canal 2 months

Good one

Topic by: dicko
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Lawyer x
Latest by paulybronco 2 months

Absolutely. The jury has to be mutually  acceptable to both sides.

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Krash Kinkade
Nanny state version 2.0
Latest by Krash Kinkade 2 months

can imagine look on cop passing in app directions face as dicko rides past & cop looks in his rearview.

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Who is telling lies about Chinese investments in Australia
Latest by FBUser87 2 months

PB , What the fuck is that. ANY Barsteads doing this shit in our lovely Australia, and Tasmania, has , must pay the price .&n ...

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Electric Harley
Latest by gidgi 2 months


electric harley.jpg
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Latest by gidgi 2 months

Fuck oath ,trouble is our carefree life style / attitude hasn`t kept up with the Ruthlessness of dealing economically with other w ...

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What a bunch of %$#$#$$
Latest by bloodog 2 months

Pay a young lad from the pub $20 per hr to be your runner 

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Is that all.
Latest by FBUser87 2 months

Listen to ABC radio when driving and shit. Heard a review by Nicole Trevastick ABC Victoria, can maybe sus for more accurate accou ...

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Krash Kinkade
Air Conditioning- Splits vs Multi-Splits vs Ducted and Panasonic vs Daikin vs Mitsubishi
Latest by Krash Kinkade 2 months

Out there Broken Hill , Wilcania , Cobar, so on it's a dry heat! get shelter and its not too bad, but humid heat another thing!!

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Lucky Lucky boy....
Latest by dicko 2 months

It looks like nobody was going to stop???

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