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Sportglide Suspension
Latest by lankbrown 4 days ago

Doc Green- checked out JRI just waiting then to get back to me   Nitron still looks like they give me the best options and a ...

Topic by: lankbrown
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Burleigh Bars
Latest by WideglidingNZ 8 days ago

This is the 1st harley dealer that i have heard of not fitting aftermarket bars, they usually charge you a couple of grand+ and ma ...

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Topic by: GGUser101
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Softail deluxe sidecar
Latest by steelo 13 days ago

Very funny bb

Topic by: Postie
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Latest by RD1957 1 month

Yeah,got one couple of hours away.Has a waiting time of around 3 weeks i think.Might have to give them a yell.

Topic by: RD1957
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Latest by Airhead 1 month

Nice bike.

Topic by: bikenut57
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What's the best way to get this off?
Latest by dicko 2 months

Maybe hot water, and soap.!!

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Topic by: Adam76
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MY21 Lowrider S
Latest by WideglidingNZ 2 months

hopefully you still have the breakout to cruise on then 

Topic by: Moulis
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old softail vs new softail
Latest by Choco 3 months

I owned a 93 Evo Heritage Softail which I loved. Now own a 2008 Twin Cam Heritage Softail which I love. I have have ridden a coupl ...

Topic by: micathia
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Krash Kinkade
New Bike
Latest by Krash Kinkade 4 months

Thank's, I'll tell my friend ( probably need's adjustment ) my friends looks the same but not two tone, it's same blue colour all ...

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Topic by: System
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Shotgun Air Suspension
Latest by Harvey 4 months

Better to buy from shotgun shock, If you buy from someone who has 1 weather it's used or brand new it automatically looses its lif ...

Topic by: CM56
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Backrest lock
Latest by Cycle 6 months

Yep those will fit. Thanks heaps guys.👍

Topic by: Cycle
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1996 Softail
Latest by Bangkokbob 6 months

Back when I was riding in Thailand

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Topic by: Nath103
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crossbone owners
Latest by Retroman 6 months

I have had a 2008 CVO Springer 110 cube , FXSTSSE2 , since 2011. I have had to rebuild the front end ( Indian driver can ...

Topic by: micathia
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180 mm rear tyre
Latest by Birtyyy 7 months

Shouldn't be an issue, just depends on what width the rim is.

Topic by: panz
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custom speedo faceplate
Latest by Ratbob 7 months

There’s a few on eBay.

Topic by: calli
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help me identify the air intake and pipe please?
Latest by nox273 7 months

Pipes look like Dean Speed Custom pipes.

Topic by: micathia
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Far Canal
Show us your bike - Softail
Latest by Far Canal 9 months

Same on my shovel wideglide, it handles like a charm. My 2008 FXST came out with 21/90 front and 17/200 rear and it handled like a ...

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Topic by: kingchops
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floor board moutn bent?
Latest by Soapbox2627 9 months

take the board of and see if the mount "springs" out of alignment

Topic by: micathia
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Relocating brake line
Latest by P8ence 9 months

No mate. No ABS. 2010 mod. Thanks

Topic by: P8ence
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Tool Rolls / Tools to carry
Latest by Kato 9 months

YouI has it as part of the Policy ……...i'll have to check with Shannons to see if they have a similiarr thing going Thanks for the ...

Topic by: Kato
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