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Bike Upgrades just for the hell of it!
Latest by wombat457 2 hours ago

Thanks fatbat and yeah, I think it is a huge improvement over the old stuff.  As for the baffles, I don't know for sure, the ...

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Topic by: wombat457
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Show us your bike - Softail
Latest by wombat457 2 days ago

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Topic by: kingchops
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S&S Slipons for 2021 Fatboy
Latest by obisteve 23 days ago

S&S slip-ons are good mufflers. Not as loud as some,  pretty resistant to rusting out, way better flow than stock, you wi ...

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Topic by: Arun
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M8 solo seat
Latest by GGUser260 1 month

try Corbin seats

Topic by: Goldfields47
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Bolt in cams for 09 FXST
Latest by Baloffski 2 months

Dazza, have 204' in heavy tourer (always carry too much shit-just incase) and still pulls like a 15 year old school boy. Though is ...

Topic by: Dazza
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Solo seat
Latest by WideglidingNZ 2 months

have a look on the revzilla site, i don't buy from this site but it will give you most of the seat options available- https://www. ...

Topic by: Lew72
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2014 FXST seems to need clutch cable adjustments every ~3000 km.
Latest by FBUser214 3 months

Adjust using GM's clutch adjustment and see how you go. If you still have problems , I would be looking at replacing the cable f ...

Topic by: 009jim
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Shotgun Air Suspension
Latest by 96DLX 3 months

I installed the Shot Gun set up on my 07 Deluxe purchased straight through Shotgun online dealt with a lady called Sara she was re ...

Topic by: CM56
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Oil change query TC 1450
Latest by Kato 3 months

Thanks for your advice . Much appreciated 

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Topic by: Kato
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110 barrels onto 96
Latest by Cogie11 5 months

Cheers buddy 

Topic by: Cogie11
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Brake pedal in relation to foot peg.
Latest by conmore 5 months

Hi there I’ve checked and there doesn’t seem to be an extender for a Street Bob unfortunately. I appreciate the pedal has to ...

Topic by: conmore
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Wont start while in gear
Latest by mickle 5 months

Yep left hand switch pack will be fucked they tend to get water and corrode inside sometimes a bit of spray may work, this is an i ...

Topic by: patgreyling@hotmail.com
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Slim S - runs hot
Latest by paulybronco 5 months

Its not really addressing the underlying problem though is it...

Topic by: patgreyling@hotmail.com
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Memphis shades Gauntlet Fairing FXST 2021
Latest by evo94 5 months

tnx for posting....useful info for many im sure...

Topic by: oldnblind
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gas tank strategy
Latest by steelo 5 months

Still waiting on some pics and a bike review ww. 

Topic by: 009jim
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21 street bob running rough
Latest by Lushy 5 months

What tuner and exhaust did you have? The 2021 bikes are trickier to tune and that cam makes them real tricky to get right under 28 ...

Topic by: GGUser348
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WTB, Solo seat to suit 2010 Heritage
Latest by MrMont 6 months

WTB, Solo seat to suit 2010 Heritage, who has something to sell?

Topic by: MrMont
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Personal Import compliance
Latest by Stupot 6 months

I'm doing an ICV trike here in Qld and the requirement is they have to be "E" marked or a factory standard indicator off a product ...

Topic by: jrwfo
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Cannot find passenger mounting kit in aus for low rider s anywhere
Latest by fatbat 7 months

I’ve never had dramas buying from harley heaven online. Cheaper than my local dealer too and seem to have more inventory. They pos ...

Topic by: Vinny
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Badlander seat
Latest by steelo 7 months

I have a deuce. Practically nothing is interchangeable. Tank is longer. 

Topic by: Fatboy32
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