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1996 Softail
Latest by Bangkokbob 16 hours ago

Back when I was riding in Thailand

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Topic by: Nath103
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crossbone owners
Latest by Retroman yesterday

I have had a 2008 CVO Springer 110 cube , FXSTSSE2 , since 2011. I have had to rebuild the front end ( Indian driver can ...

Topic by: micathia
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rick k
180 mm rear tyre
Latest by rick k 21 days ago

Panz do you mean tyre wearing out or fuel consumption due to the 200 tyre ? I’ve also got the 200 and I’m getting 18 kpl around to ...

Topic by: panz
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custom speedo faceplate
Latest by Ratbob 22 days ago

There’s a few on eBay.

Topic by: calli
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help me identify the air intake and pipe please?
Latest by nox273 24 days ago

Pipes look like Dean Speed Custom pipes.

Topic by: micathia
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Grease Monkey
New Bike
Latest by Grease Monkey 2 months

Did a couple of hundred k's today, really happy with how its running, maybe I'll stop messing with it for awhile, the 263 cams lon ...

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Far Canal
Show us your bike - Softail
Latest by Far Canal 2 months

Same on my shovel wideglide, it handles like a charm.My 2008 FXST came out with 21/90 front and 17/200 rear and it handled like a ...

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Need some info on Changing bars on my 18 breakout
Latest by Choc 2 months

I'll have a Magnum clutch cable and brake line to suit 16" apes off my Deluxe if your interested to purchase soonIm just waiting f ...

Topic by: Brno62
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floor board moutn bent?
Latest by Soapbox2627 2 months

take the board of and see if the mount "springs" out of alignment

Topic by: micathia
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Relocating brake line
Latest by P8ence 3 months

No mate. No ABS. 2010 mod. Thanks

Topic by: P8ence
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Tool Rolls / Tools to carry
Latest by Kato 3 months

YouI has it as part of the Policy ……...i'll have to check with Shannons to see if they have a similiarr thing going Thanks for the ...

Topic by: Kato
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bike re-registration in VIC
Latest by speedzter 3 months

My mistake, thought it was a softail springer !

Topic by: micathia
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So.... Do I need a new seat, or do I need to Harden the Fkk up?? :o
Latest by steelo 3 months

Sorry. Thought you had the POV pack like mine. 

Topic by: Rogues
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Handlebars for Low Rider FXLR
Latest by Ratbob 3 months

Sheesh mate, can’t believe it. Do it yourself, even if you have to buy a bleeder kit for $50 you’ll be saving $650 for a coup ...

Topic by: arsalanrox
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Softail Street bob vs Softail Slim
Latest by Birtyyy 3 months

Yes. All current softails have 12.6" rear shock except for the Fat Bob and Heritage which have a slightly taller 13.1" F ...

Topic by: micathia
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Am Now The Owner of a FLFBS Fat (w00T!)
Latest by Rogues 3 months

Topic by: Rogues
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Krash Kinkade
old softail vs new softail
Latest by Krash Kinkade 3 months

Hey Ratbob I'm no expert, just learnt from riding Harleys a long time. but low oil pressure not a bad thing in a Harley, about the ...

Topic by: micathia
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'84 FXST stock shocks.
Latest by philthy 3 months

Are my '84 FXST stock shocks worth rebuilding? I just like to use original parts. Cost irrelevant

Topic by: philthy
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Wide Tire Kit
Latest by philthy 3 months

My stock 240 rocker tyres handle good. Near 100,000k's and no problemo. Mates at tyre shop said 250,yeah, but load rating isnt rig ...

Topic by: Silas
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Cam chain tesioner on 1450 twin cam
Latest by Kato 3 months

So ………………..with all that work done ……………….did you notice a difference in performance ???

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Topic by: Kato
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