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LED turn signal housings for 2020 Softail
Latest by steelo 3 days ago

Haven’t had cause to use this one in a while t!

Topic by: GGUser283
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Rogue Rider Industries LED turn Signals for my 2020 Lowrider S (FXLRS)
Latest by Mr.Mow 17 days ago

Just hit them up directly, I’ve done work for them, they’re really good guys, they’ll sort you out.It could be a US specific thing ...

Topic by: GGUser283
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Grease Monkey
Cam chain tesioner on 1450 twin cam
Latest by Grease Monkey 19 days ago

The 4" crank Krash, my 06 Dyna went to 6800 a lot, it was a stock crank and engine stopped making any more power by then, wasn't d ...

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Topic by: Kato
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Latest by Baloffski 22 days ago

Mate, had thundermax, which I installed, on my 2006 1450 .. I loved it. It gave ME Parameters to play, it gave ME control on mappi ...

Topic by: GGUser279
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Drive train light on
Latest by gidgi 1 month

check your codes ,mine came on for no reason it was O2 sensor

Topic by: FBUser142
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Krash Kinkade
parking trolley for an '18 FXBB
Latest by Krash Kinkade 1 month

Bit Late, Steamers Trolly a beauty!!just thought I would say, I've used a number of way's to move Harleys into tight spots, one wa ...

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Topic by: offbeatmammal
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Battery Type
Latest by WideglidingNZ 1 month

I would imagine it would be a AGM = Acid gel mat battery as i couldn't see HD slashing out on the Lithium one $$$

Topic by: StreetBob21
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Breakout front wheel on Fatboy
Latest by P8ence 1 month

I just dnt like the solids, never have. Well if this dnt work ill consider fat spokes. Its tax time. 

Topic by: P8ence
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Am Now The Owner of a FLFBS Fat (w00T!)
Latest by paulybronco 1 month

Are we struggling that much for content we have to recycle now....

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Topic by: Rogues
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Fat Bob 114 return to stock exhaust from V&H big radius 2-2
Latest by dicko 1 month

If you are only changing the pipes to standard with slipons it will be fine. might even be better over all.

Topic by: vishcrazy
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Grease Monkey
Se heavy breather covers
Latest by Grease Monkey 1 month

I near replied thinking you ment the rain sock but seen the pic just in time, not seen any back to back test results with that cov ...

Topic by: bodgie1307
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Saddlebags for M8 Softtail
Latest by lankbrown 1 month

Hey Guy just thought I would pass on that the detachable H-D hard saddlebags that were designed for the Delux will fit on the Spor ...

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Topic by: lankbrown
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Fuel filter fsxb breakout
Latest by bodgie1307 2 months

The bikes only done 27k the service schedule says replace 160k but when I replaced my car filter at 30k it was filthy. 

IMG20210721081302.jpg IMG20210721081256.jpg
Topic by: bodgie1307
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Far Canal
HD Softail Fly by wire throttle heated grips!
Latest by Far Canal 2 months

Well then, I guess the best you can do is to contact a few different folk who can do it and go for the best quote you can get. The ...

Topic by: GGUser221
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Heritage softail classic problem
Latest by Jay-Dee 2 months

I agree, the member replied to my post about deleting posts earlier today, edited it and then when I looked again this evening it ...

Topic by: System
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2014 FXST won't idle when hot
Latest by petebob 2 months

If you still have trouble, try changing out the VSS. Had problems with my wifes Slim for ages with very similar symptoms to yours. ...

Topic by: 009jim
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Sportglide Suspension
Latest by lankbrown 3 months

Doc Green- checked out JRI just waiting then to get back to me   Nitron still looks like they give me the best options and a ...

Topic by: lankbrown
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Burleigh Bars
Latest by WideglidingNZ 3 months

This is the 1st harley dealer that i have heard of not fitting aftermarket bars, they usually charge you a couple of grand+ and ma ...

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Topic by: GGUser101
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Softail deluxe sidecar
Latest by steelo 3 months

Very funny bb

Topic by: Postie
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Latest by RD1957 5 months

Yeah,got one couple of hours away.Has a waiting time of around 3 weeks i think.Might have to give them a yell.

Topic by: RD1957
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