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What did you guys do on your bikes today?
Latest by blueystar 26 days ago

New cables come today and installed  bike on the road again

Topic by: System
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Uncle Ho
YSS rear suspension
Latest by Uncle Ho 1 month

Mine was a Dyna, not Softail

Topic by: chrisfxst08
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Quadlock Wireless Cabling for 2013 FLSTF
Latest by Daffy 1 month

I threaded a wire under the tank and attached or to the wiring and just pulled it through. I have the wireless one with the anti v ...

Topic by: FatboyViking
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Fatboy 2023 120 Anniversary edition upgrade - Screamin eagle Stage 2 v/s Stage 3
Latest by WideglidingNZ 2 months

131 or 132 better still, Personally I'd just get a good aftermarket cam (HD SE cams are a little tame IMO) like a Cyclerama 480- 4 ...

Topic by: GGUser565
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Breakout ECM
Latest by Breako 3 months

2016 Breakout - wanted TBS - comes as part of manifold but can separate - please contact my email- willkcollins@hotmail.comCheers ...

Topic by: Breako
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Saddlemen seat
Latest by GGUser559 3 months

Hi guys, does anyone in Sydney have a comfortable seat for a short rider that they would swap for my Saddlemen step up LS?I've got ...

Topic by: GGUser559
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Grease Monkey
New Bike
Latest by Grease Monkey 3 months

Put the new fully charged battery in, on start up it doesn't drop below 10 volts, no hesitation, calling it sorted.

Noco GB40.jpg IMG_2839.jpg IMG_2844.jpg
Topic by: System
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Show us your bike - Softail
Latest by WideglidingNZ 4 months

yeah not the greatest vid sorry mate

PXL_20230923_043856716.jpg PXL_20230923_043825326.jpg 20211130_191516.jpg
Topic by: kingchops
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2003 Fatboy front fender issue
Latest by hepkat63 5 months

ha!  you're welcome.... didn't make a lot of sense to me either. 

Screenshot_20230927-212558.png Screenshot_20230927-212513.png
Topic by: hepkat63
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P1608h error code
Latest by WideglidingNZ 5 months

I leave mine hooked up to the tender most of the time, I have the little HD 0.8amp one and my previous LRS's battery was still goi ...

Topic by: BinChillin
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21” front wheel m8 fatboy
Latest by P8ence 5 months

Curious, gonna be or thinking of dropping a 21” front wheel on my 2021 fatty. I know with the twincams you can get fender risers. ...

Topic by: P8ence
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Grease Monkey
Softail rear shock bolts
Latest by Grease Monkey 5 months

Perzactly, once you get the wool through, tie something stronger to it an pull that through, then attach wires an bobs your mother ...

image001 (1).png 16946867656547661763872104171603_1.jpg 16953484070257854243372806149259.jpg
Topic by: bodgie1307
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sas softail air ride
Latest by bodgie1307 5 months

When in lowered state is the ride still firm. What I mean is does it feel spongy when shocks are not at there max Height.

20230712_145617_1.jpg images_1.jpeg
Topic by: bodgie1307
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Screaming eagle
Latest by Dannyfatbob114 6 months

Cheers ill check it out conversion to aus dollar is roughly double most of the time.

Screenshot_20230729_223505_Samsung Internet.jpg
Topic by: Dannyfatbob114
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Swingarm conversion 08 nightrain?
Latest by 08nightrain 6 months

Thanks bro I’ll have a sus

Topic by: 08nightrain
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Genuine HD swing arm bag
Latest by Rextheute2022 6 months

I have one , it’s a good size .But I bought it from theebayyy ‘ preloved’ came in a box brand new .Missing the paint protection st ...

251D2BAB-C960-4D00-AE18-D39469FEE42C.jpeg 2A598D68-ACB5-4E85-9D20-3A1CA366DA7E.jpeg
Topic by: conmore
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2011 rear wheel
Latest by Sed8td 7 months

Cheers, but I need a chrome one to match the front 😭

Screenshot_20230713_220959_Facebook.jpg 16888582270824985988827252544780.jpg
Topic by: Sed8td
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Grease Monkey
Breakout FXSB forks needed.
Latest by Grease Monkey 7 months

Punch number 23 and both 25's into Google, eBay etc, something might pop up.

Topic by: sturra
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Looking for a 2005/6 CVO Screamin' Eagle Fatboy 103"
Latest by John.R 7 months

Extra screenshot with contact details 

Topic by: Retroman
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Thinking of a CVO Deuce
Latest by Retroman 8 months

Thanks mate , from $8500 USD to $11K USD for a real low miler.  Some of those (not all by far!) I had come across myself. ...

Topic by: Retroman
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