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Personal Import compliance
Latest by Retroman 4 days ago

Not 100% sure sorry , just an educated guess. I do a bit of work for the Perth importer/compliancer , but I have not seen an M8 en ...

Topic by: jrwfo
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Show us your bike - Softail
Latest by Baloffski 4 days ago

Not much ya see ere. Just my old run of the mill.Nice 5 hour ride a coupla days ago, that’s good medicine.Typical I put her in the ...

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Topic by: kingchops
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Cannot find passenger mounting kit in aus for low rider s anywhere
Latest by fatbat 7 days ago

I’ve never had dramas buying from harley heaven online. Cheaper than my local dealer too and seem to have more inventory. They pos ...

Topic by: Vinny
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Badlander seat
Latest by steelo 23 days ago

I have a deuce. Practically nothing is interchangeable. Tank is longer. 

Topic by: Fatboy32
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Far Canal
Harley deluxe fender bib
Latest by Far Canal 25 days ago

That is good news Postie. Gives ya the shits when you buy the proper bit and it is not up to the job. Well done to your dealer!, r ...

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Topic by: Postie
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Rogue Rider Industries LED turn Signals for my 2020 Lowrider S (FXLRS)
Latest by BLKFLME 1 month

I’m interested to hear how you went with this GG. FWIW I did look into the halo indicators from Custom Dynamics about a year ago ...

Topic by: GGUser283
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Engine Light Fatboy 2007
Latest by Soapbox2627 1 month

Check Engine light, means exactly that! get the code, (youtube) then look it up, or go to the dealer only time I have had it ...

Topic by: Kato
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Street Bob Seat
Latest by STEAMER 1 month

If your StreetBob has the softail rear end, No shocks showing, Then yes it should. As earlier would not as diff frame

Topic by: StreetBob21
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breakout final drive pulley swap
Latest by bodgie1307 2 months

Has anyone done the 30/70 tooth belt pulley swap on a softail breakout ? ive done it and used a dakota digital Speedo calibration ...

Topic by: bodgie1307
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Harley davidson
Latest by B0nes 2 months

I have also lost my key fob and need a mobile mechanic to supply and reprogram a new fob. Bike is currently parked in a garage on ...

Topic by: GGUser293
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LED turn signal housings for 2020 Softail
Latest by steelo 2 months

Haven’t had cause to use this one in a while t!

Topic by: GGUser283
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Grease Monkey
Cam chain tesioner on 1450 twin cam
Latest by Grease Monkey 3 months

The 4" crank Krash, my 06 Dyna went to 6800 a lot, it was a stock crank and engine stopped making any more power by then, wasn't d ...

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Topic by: Kato
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Latest by Baloffski 3 months

Mate, had thundermax, which I installed, on my 2006 1450 .. I loved it. It gave ME Parameters to play, it gave ME control on mappi ...

Topic by: GGUser279
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Drive train light on
Latest by gidgi 3 months

check your codes ,mine came on for no reason it was O2 sensor

Topic by: FBUser142
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Krash Kinkade
parking trolley for an '18 FXBB
Latest by Krash Kinkade 3 months

Bit Late, Steamers Trolly a beauty!!just thought I would say, I've used a number of way's to move Harleys into tight spots, one wa ...

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Topic by: offbeatmammal
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Battery Type
Latest by WideglidingNZ 3 months

I would imagine it would be a AGM = Acid gel mat battery as i couldn't see HD slashing out on the Lithium one $$$

Topic by: StreetBob21
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Breakout front wheel on Fatboy
Latest by P8ence 3 months

I just dnt like the solids, never have. Well if this dnt work ill consider fat spokes. Its tax time. 

Topic by: P8ence
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Am Now The Owner of a FLFBS Fat (w00T!)
Latest by paulybronco 4 months

Are we struggling that much for content we have to recycle now....

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Topic by: Rogues
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Fat Bob 114 return to stock exhaust from V&H big radius 2-2
Latest by dicko 4 months

If you are only changing the pipes to standard with slipons it will be fine. might even be better over all.

Topic by: vishcrazy
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Grease Monkey
Se heavy breather covers
Latest by Grease Monkey 4 months

I near replied thinking you ment the rain sock but seen the pic just in time, not seen any back to back test results with that cov ...

Topic by: bodgie1307
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