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Show us your bike - Touring
Latest by paulybronco 9 hours ago


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Topic by: kingchops
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Latest by binnsy 2 days ago

Thanks mate. Yes I do like the sound of them. Might be the way I'll go. They engineered a rear set specifically for tourers.  ...

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Just bought me first Ultraglide
Latest by paulybronco 14 days ago

Seems like i have won the prize....Neale is that worn out he forgot to answer!

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Topic by: blacky
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Short pipes for Road King
Latest by paulybronco 1 month

If you’re going to do back to back big klm days loud pipes are horrible. I run quiet baffles on my v&h pipes just for that rea ...

Topic by: Dan Crocodile
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Progressive suspension help
Latest by leachy 1 month

If I was dont it again I would seriously look at Gold Valves and springs. I believe there is a guy on here from Cairns which has ...

Topic by: FBUser251
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The Hayden again
Latest by FBUser214 2 months

Give Hayden a miss for any twin cam. I installed a Hayden tensioner in my Fatbob and it was the best thing since sliced bread unti ...

Topic by: sag57
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12 inch bars for CVO Street Glide
Latest by STEAMER 2 months

Did you ask why they wont fit.  I would have thought they would   i thought they have standard fit risers, ( size w ...

Topic by: 2021cvo
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Krash Kinkade
Tri Glide
Latest by Krash Kinkade 6 months

I think if I owned one, I would push it back ( we do that with our MC anyway )

Topic by: dicko
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Misguided Boombox GTS
Latest by wobble 6 months

Thanks Doc, I have the manual and have read it, several times, I think my grey hair and lack of tech ability cause poor understand ...

Topic by: wobble
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JRi Shock Stockist
Latest by RSA2020 7 months

Hi all. Happy to announce Gasoline Alley HD are now stockist of the JRi Shocks for HD bikes.For those who haven't had the experien ...

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Topic by: RSA2020
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The questions have started.
Latest by Soapbox2627 8 months

I got a 12 inch HD screen that sits just below the eye line, I find this height perfect the only down side is the screen is not ...

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Topic by: binnsy
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I think my 7” wind splitter is faulty
Latest by UltraPete 8 months

That's actually what I did, but when you pay $100 plus shipping from US, wait 6 weeks all for for 6 bucks worth of polycarb, you e ...

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Topic by: Enifius
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2018-on Fork set-up for FLHX.
Latest by Nutty 9 months

Yep, mine's just made of timber. Took 30 mins. I'll get a pic...

Topic by: Nutty
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CVO Street Glide riders back rest
Latest by 2021cvo 10 months

Trading my Street Glide Special for a CVO and need a riders backrest. I am aware they have different docking points and will be us ...

Topic by: 2021cvo
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Turning a Road Glide into an Ultra, kinda.
Latest by Baloffski 10 months

Ya know, in all honesty, I believe I made a mistake in buying my Road Glide in 2012 , On the stand at Harley Heaven , for a period ...

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Topic by: System
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Road King hard bags
Latest by steelo 11 months

Hard bags look the business imho. Especially on an rk. Show us pics. 

Topic by: puz
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Legend AXEO Suspension
Latest by speed3se 11 months

G'day all,  just had the legends suspension AXEO fronts installed and have noticed when l have the front brake applied and pu ...

Topic by: speed3se
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Krash Kinkade
Who said tourers are slow
Latest by Krash Kinkade 1 year ago

good stuff!

Topic by: B0nes
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2015 Street Glide Build
Latest by Nath103 1 year ago

Its from my building track car days. You can have 400+hp but if you dont have the drive line to back it up & stopping ability, ...

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s&s 625 cam
Latest by paulybronco 1 year ago

LOL you lunatic....thats older than you and i put together! And no i dont have blonde hair

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