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2018-on Fork set-up for FLHX.
Latest by Nutty 6 days ago

Yep, mine's just made of timber. Took 30 mins. I'll get a pic...

Topic by: Nutty
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Show us your bike - Touring
Latest by fatbat 23 days ago

Hey Soapie. I don’t realise your Mrs got a harley trike and offloaded the spyder. Nice upgrade and she looks happy although looks ...

Bikes.jpg 75D0A73C-459E-46F0-9A44-E4D4AE3BD64A.jpeg Lap of Oz August 2015.jpg
Topic by: kingchops
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CVO Street Glide riders back rest
Latest by GGUser132 1 month

Trading my Street Glide Special for a CVO and need a riders backrest. I am aware they have different docking points and will be us ...

Topic by: GGUser132
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Turning a Road Glide into an Ultra, kinda.
Latest by Baloffski 1 month

Ya know, in all honesty, I believe I made a mistake in buying my Road Glide in 2012 , On the stand at Harley Heaven , for a period ...

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Topic by: System
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Road King hard bags
Latest by steelo 2 months

Hard bags look the business imho. Especially on an rk. Show us pics. 

Topic by: puz
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Legend AXEO Suspension
Latest by speed3se 2 months

G'day all,  just had the legends suspension AXEO fronts installed and have noticed when l have the front brake applied and pu ...

Topic by: speed3se
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Krash Kinkade
Who said tourers are slow
Latest by Krash Kinkade 2 months

good stuff!

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Topic by: B0nes
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2015 Street Glide Build
Latest by Nath103 2 months

Its from my building track car days. You can have 400+hp but if you dont have the drive line to back it up & stopping ability, ...

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s&s 625 cam
Latest by paulybronco 3 months

LOL you lunatic....thats older than you and i put together! And no i dont have blonde hair

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Latest Addition
Latest by Birtyyy 3 months

Can't be any more direct than standing face to face with him in his office. I don't want to publicly bad mouth him or his shop, if ...

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Topic by: TJU
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Krash Kinkade
cant get on or off my bike
Latest by Krash Kinkade 4 months

Yeh that’s true, it was a suggestion. Anyone heavy enough to over balance, stepping on right side foot peg to step over a bike wit ...

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Topic by: raybear
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Polyurethane Handlebar Riser Bushings - 56298-03A
Latest by tussuck 5 months

In the meantime google that kit part number as the description should have the bolt lengths and/or harley part number in there.&nb ...

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Topic by: Hog1
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Touring model fuel caps
Latest by RossW 5 months

This really boggles the mind. Every other motorcycle manufacturer has solved the issue years ago by attaching the cap to the bike. ...

Topic by: Carizo
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Cigarette Lighter Sockets on Tourers
Latest by paulybronco 7 months

I have a 2012 Street Glide and the lighter is only on accessories and runs my aftermarket GPS.

Topic by: Highly Sprung
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Glenn W
Lost a pannier lid.
Latest by Glenn W 7 months

Lost a pannier lid on a 1990 electra glide (right side). It is the model that has the battery on the side and it has no hinges. Do ...

Topic by: Glenn W
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I think my 7” wind splitter is faulty
Latest by steelo 7 months

Well done wc. Good pics.  I’d better look at my screen. There’s a slight gap with the ws screen. 

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Topic by: Enifius
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Can someone identify these bars
Latest by TJU 7 months

Glenn W … you beat me to it , Streets of Fire is correct name of movie , Michael Pare was main actor … actor on middle bike is act ...

bike with bars.jpg handlebars_1.jpg handle bars.png
Topic by: Glenn W
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Glenn W
Road king nacelle fiberglass
Latest by Glenn W 9 months

Does any one know if anyone in Australia sells Road king Nacelles. I'm after a standard one. Don't need stretched or raked.Cheers

Topic by: Glenn W
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Member wants a Tourer
Latest by mickle 11 months

Pretty sure Harley sell the clear protective sticker for them, over here in Melb there is a mobile guy that I have used to do my t ...

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Topic by: Tim S.G.
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Gave the missus an extra inch
Latest by beaglebasher 11 months

If youve just joined up on the forum you might want to give a bit of an introduction. It sounds like you know what youre talk ...

Topic by: DocGreen
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