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Harley Ultra Limited Rear Tyre - Serious Cracking
Latest by hmsdude 19 days ago

Finally got a new rear tyre fitted just now. Cracking ran right around the tyre on the old one. HD Frasers confirmed anything olde ...

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Topic by: hmsdude
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Grease Monkey
Se 255 cams in a bagger
Latest by Grease Monkey 1 month

If I couldn't do a better job than an FP3 I would never touch another bike, it's not just about peak numbers, it's the big bit of ...

fuelpak tune.jpg
Topic by: Daz666
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FLHT 2009 Fork oil change
Latest by sag57 3 months

Job done took the batwing off gained access to the top of the forks that way but when you do the job you will need a 1 3/8 th ring ...

Topic by: sag57
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Cover that crappy brace on your tourer !!
Latest by Daz666 3 months

A while back I wanted to cover that crappy brace between the down tubes on the front of the frame of my Road King.Couldnt find any ...

Topic by: Daz666
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Grease Monkey
Oil cooler fans
Latest by Grease Monkey 3 months

For sure the twin cams run hot, all I'm saying is with a better state of tune that can be alleviated to a large degree.Carby bikes ...

Topic by: Daz666
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Custom stuff and some not so custom stuff I have done to my 2016 Road King
Latest by Daz666 4 months

Hi there, newby to this forum so just wanted to share what I have done and maybe you can benefit without spending a crap load of m ...

Topic by: Daz666
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Fuel filter change on a Road King
Latest by Daz666 4 months

Anyone interested in knowing how to change the fuel filter on your road king, well today I changed mine on my 2016 model.After wat ...

Topic by: Daz666
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Rocker rattle?
Latest by speedzter 4 months

It's difficult, but can you explain the sound ? Does it show up only on throttle roll on, or is it there on steady throttle ? If y ...

Topic by: RocketRodB
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ABS flashing
Latest by speedzter 5 months

Maybe this https://www.harleyheaven.com.au/roan-18-895-arlen-ness-abs-brg-21-wheel.html

Topic by: P8ence
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2014 roadking
Latest by WideglidingNZ 5 months

I got my cam kit through Fuelmoto they were excellent to deal with, I communicated via Instagram and they were very quick to reply ...

Topic by: brucecul
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Sticky throttle grip.
Latest by Neale 7 months

Answering your question, I have fly-by-wire on my 08 Electra glide, had it since new and it has 129,000 kms on it and never had th ...

Topic by: Baloffski
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Grease Monkey
2022 cvo RG limited cvo fender install
Latest by Grease Monkey 7 months

With HD if it's not a straight bolt on or something they have a kit for they say it doesn't fit, get your measurements and check t ...

Topic by: Starman
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Sticky throttle grip.
Latest by Baloffski 7 months

Fuck fuck fuck.

Topic by: Baloffski
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Sticky throttle grip.
Latest by Baloffski 7 months

Topic by: Baloffski
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WANTED SG 2022 King Tour Pack (Top Box)
Latest by BruceSG2022 8 months

Looking for a King Tour Top box.  Prefer Vivid Black with black handle and hinges but will consider other colors.   ...

Topic by: BruceSG2022
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2015 road glide, Please Advice required. suspension upgrade f / r
Latest by coyoty 8 months

ended up with 11" std spring rate Progressive 414s shocks,  1" under std height fork spring kit.     with std ...

OPH June 22.jpg
Topic by: coyoty
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Latest by obisteve 10 months

Not really committed, but good options in 16" seem limited.No problem on late model stuff with 17" wheels. I was running a replica ...

Topic by: milo1
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Sena SRL2 pairing with BoomBox GTS on a 2022 Ultra Limited
Latest by Chookster 11 months

Hey JM, My testing on 2023 Ultra limited with WHIM installed by dealer and my phone not paired to the boombox Wired headset plugg ...

Topic by: jm
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Swichback vibration issues
Latest by PappaSmurf 11 months

I know this is late but I’ve also bought a Switchback and had the same buffeting problem.I fixed it by extending the lower mount f ...

Topic by: boxa
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Goodbye to my roadking
Latest by keith 1 year ago

Not good news, but could have been a worse outcome. Enjoy the caravanning adventures!

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Topic by: STROPP
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