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Grease Monkey
Will it make much difference?
Latest by Grease Monkey 8 days ago

They way I see it we already have those protections no matter what the dealers, car or bike, try to shove down your throat, as lon ...

Topic by: evo94
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Videos for no reason
Latest by paulybronco 8 days ago

I must admit to having a tear when i watched that live....i watched the race live at some crazy hr when he crashed and have follow ...

Topic by: System
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Grease Monkey
Victoria thinking of leaving the Commonwealth
Latest by Grease Monkey 9 days ago

Haha, yeah

Topic by: paulybronco
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Show us your bike - Dyna
Latest by AlexSteele 9 days ago

My 117ci LRS. A few recent additions are the Memphis Shades fairing, MoonsMC LED light under the headlight and Legend front and re ...

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Topic by: kingchops
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Latest by Antic 9 days ago

My 2022 FLRT has arrived at the Dealership, pick it up next Wednesday Just needs buffing up a little

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Grease Monkey
Screamin Eagle Pro Tuner in Australia
Latest by Grease Monkey 15 days ago

Lead em to water brother, as you know

fxr footpegs.jpg Supertuner_1.png
Topic by: PandA69
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Far Canal
Good way to deal with bad Harley dealership
Latest by Far Canal 17 days ago

They don't make tyre pressure valves like they used to Beags and it gives me the shits.

Topic by: OlChesnut
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Grease Monkey
Mower Build
Latest by Grease Monkey 19 days ago

Lmao, use a garden fork, less effort :)

20210206_200256.jpg VzmCQn9.jpeg
Topic by: steelo
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72 progress and questions
Latest by tussuck 19 days ago

Its a bit of a PIA with the speedo location.  I mounted it there with the small OEM 12 litre tank and could see it fine.  ...

Capture.JPG IMG_5564.jpg IMG_5563.jpg
Topic by: LWS
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VIC ride
Latest by brucefxdl 20 days ago

just home from the Alpine rally,no snow tyres needed, but some nobbies would have been handy at times.

Topic by: LWS
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2014 72
Latest by LWS 22 days ago

Few mods:  short shots, tail tidy, tank lift, headlight, bars, wire tuck  Cheers

IMG_6124_1.JPG GOPR0617.JPEG tempImage6OBYDD.jpg
Topic by: 72HDM
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S&S Slipons for 2021 Fatboy
Latest by obisteve 23 days ago

S&S slip-ons are good mufflers. Not as loud as some,  pretty resistant to rusting out, way better flow than stock, you wi ...

Fat Boy 001.jpg IMG_4784.jpg BFE07766-AA63-4A1E-8F86-4602E334A8A7.jpeg
Topic by: Arun
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Lithium Battery for Touring
Latest by Baloffski 24 days ago

Let's not get too warm and fuzzy guys...

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Topic by: GGUser260
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124 S&S
Latest by fatbat 26 days ago

Need some more details. Is your 124 engine put together as a build and if so, what parts and compression? Or was it an assembled c ...

Topic by: Blkassssss
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Still working on the Sporty!
Latest by tussuck 27 days ago

Using rubber bobbins here as well.  Plus the OEM lower bracket with an extension out the rear and then a third welded onto th ...

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Topic by: tussuck
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Twin Cam FXR, V2.
Latest by John.R 28 days ago

20220604_214601.jpg 20220604_214448.jpg
Topic by: John.R
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Front Fat Bob wheel
Latest by obisteve 28 days ago

It's pretty simple to convert them to run on the back if any one is keen. 90s ones anyway. Got one on back of Sportster.

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Far Canal
Ride pics
Latest by Far Canal 28 days ago

Looks like you painted your tank grey in the last pic.

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Topic by: Grease Monkey
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Million dollar bogun is back at it.
Latest by tussuck 28 days ago

Not sure about that tbh... he has fucked more bikes than hot dinners.  And does he appeal to the modern yuppy - most likely n ...

Topic by: Far Canal
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Wanted to buy - 1994 Heritage Softail Speedo (part 67030-91A)
Latest by steveR 1 month

Thanks Benno

Topic by: steveR
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