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Sportglide Suspension
Latest by lankbrown 4 days ago

Doc Green- checked out JRI just waiting then to get back to me   Nitron still looks like they give me the best options and a ...

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Another oil thread
Latest by Wideglider 5 days ago

I deal with repairs & maintenance all sorts of plant machinery everyday, some magnificent & reliable examples, but unfortu ...

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Topic by: beaglebasher
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Heritage Classic
Latest by Daffy 5 days ago

That’s a 114. I’m getting a 107. Love my chrome!  Cheers 

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Old Fatty
Knucklehead on ebay
Latest by Old Fatty 6 days ago

EL is 61 inch or 1000 cc. FL is the big twin. The close up photo of the engine number shows 38EL. 

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Far Canal
State of origin 2021
Latest by Far Canal 6 days ago

It did not help you guys at all Pauly but you would have to admit the crowd was overwhelmingly maroon. Cockroaches just too good o ...

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Far Canal
Videos for no reason
Latest by Far Canal 8 days ago

There are moments when you realise there are folk out there that have taken way harder drugs than yourself. Then they make custom ...

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Burleigh Bars
Latest by WideglidingNZ 8 days ago

This is the 1st harley dealer that i have heard of not fitting aftermarket bars, they usually charge you a couple of grand+ and ma ...

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Latest by paulybronco 8 days ago

Fabulous we finally agree on something...and it didn't even cost $100k..LOL

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Garmin Zumo 550 Map upgrades
Latest by STEAMER 9 days ago

I have the Garmin 590LM,   it says lifetime free maps, So they must abide by what they advertise and sell as.   ...

Topic by: steelo
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Dark smoke or tint
Latest by steelo 9 days ago

I wish you well with it Binnsy...

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Far Canal
WTB Yankee indicators
Latest by Far Canal 10 days ago

After at least 2 of these type of indicators that were on Evo and Shovel bikes. They are stamped with Yankee 1030. Not wanting aft ...

Yankee.JPG Yankee2.JPG
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Snap ring / circlip pliers ?
Latest by robnicko 10 days ago

agree on the Kinchrome ones, bought them when I had to remove the circlips for the footpegs and one of the pins broke on the plier ...

toolstek.jpg Screenshot_20210605-111239_Chrome.jpg DSC02874.JPG
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Show us your bike - Touring
Latest by binnsy 10 days ago

True so far PB !!!

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Gel cushion or air any ideas
Latest by Baloffski 11 days ago


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S&S sidewinder 110 kit
Latest by STROPP 11 days ago

Suits a twin cam, direct fit no case boring required, I also have a set of screaming eagle 255 cams to suit $1950 posted, brand ne ...

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Mustang solo seat & fender bib
Latest by fat55 11 days ago

Mustang solo seat & fender bibSuit 2018+ fatboy $200 pick up Dubbo  + postage if required 

3257C9F5-8AC0-4849-8F6E-27BDF689036F.jpeg 8D15DDF9-53D3-499D-A039-8D7EB0CBEFD6.jpeg 3DC104B4-6B60-42CE-8657-463E6F276EFB.jpeg
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New Member
Latest by bloodog 11 days ago

welcome Johnno nice bike, had that 2 into one on me rocker, I removed the packing and cut the baffle in half, great sound&nbs ...

Johhnos Bike.jpg
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Softail deluxe sidecar
Latest by steelo 13 days ago

Very funny bb

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American Idiots
Latest by paulybronco 14 days ago

What about all the Chinatowns in every major city....LOL.

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Fatboy stuff
Latest by binnsy 15 days ago

Thanks Keith. Some on here, some on Gumtree and some on good old FB. Bit of a joint operation! 😄 I find FB amazing for selli ...

Swing arm bag.jpg Back rest 2.jpg Heavy breather.jpg
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