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Far Canal
Free Harley stuff to give away.
Latest by Far Canal 18 days ago

Good on you Mick for giving it away. I read in a book once by a favorite author who was watching someone giving away hand made stu ...

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Topic by: Ultramick
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Screamin eagle stage iii 122 ci vs stage iv 131 ci kit long term review.
Latest by pauly 19 days ago

Hi GGuser565 Lots of options. Maybe you already have slip ons and air filter? If so, all you’ll want is probably something like t ...

Topic by: GGUser565
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2023 Street Glide Suspension
Latest by pauly 19 days ago

Hi Squiddy,I just put RWD rear shocks and Bitubo front cartridges on a 23 Ultra Limited. She is VERY happy. Bike rides as it shoul ...

Topic by: Squidy
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Harley Ultra Limited Rear Tyre - Serious Cracking
Latest by hmsdude 19 days ago

Finally got a new rear tyre fitted just now. Cracking ran right around the tyre on the old one. HD Frasers confirmed anything olde ...

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Topic by: hmsdude
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other type of fun
Latest by Soapbox2627 20 days ago

had a heap excess stone fruit wood so put on a whole boned chook, 5 thighs and 2Kg of legs, great time, scotch and 7 kings on Netf ...

Topic by: Soapbox2627
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Iron 883 For sale NSW
Latest by TC883 21 days ago

Iron 883 sportster. 2010 model. Low k’s 28,200.Screaming Eagle stage 1 tune Screaming Eagle slip ons in black Black buckshot heat ...

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Topic by: TC883
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no straps
Latest by B0nes 22 days ago

Looks like a good idea. Just noticed the warning on the page. Off topic but does everything in California cause cancer. Will have ...

Topic by: Soapbox2627
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2004 sportster roadster died
Latest by tussuck 24 days ago

Good idea... its all baggers here...lol

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Topic by: TeeMay
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Vic number plates for sale
Latest by paulybronco 24 days ago

Well i missed out on that plate it finally sold for $12.4 million after all the buyers premiums etc. The treasured Q1  queens ...

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Topic by: paulybronco
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Roadking panniers
Latest by TJU 25 days ago

Gidday 65pan ... have you had a look at AdvanBlack ... they have a huge amount of stuff for Baggers with a fairly big range of col ...

Topic by: 65pan
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2024 models
Latest by Neale 25 days ago

Nothing there for me I’m afraid.

Topic by: STEAMER
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For sale Burleigh bars, fork tubes & Springs, primary cover & Dyna seat
Latest by DonBurtron 25 days ago

Unsure mate as I got it with a fatboy as a spare that didn't fit..It's got the screws on both sides of the seat if that helps.. I ...

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Topic by: DonBurtron
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What did you guys do on your bikes today?
Latest by blueystar 26 days ago

New cables come today and installed  bike on the road again

Topic by: System
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Wheel rim
Latest by beaglebasher 27 days ago

Carlton Draught ?  Really ?   Pfffttt !  

Topic by: System
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87 evo engine only wiring
Latest by WideglidingNZ 1 month

You may need a workshop manual, maybe here's a link not sure if it's any good - https://www.scribd.com/doc/77516326/Harley-Davidso ...

Topic by: Billowens
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2015 streetbob dyna faultcode P1632
Latest by TeeMay 1 month

Howdy allI have the mysterious p1632 on my streetbob which is causing the bike to lose power whilst riding. The bike seems to drop ...

Topic by: TeeMay
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Error Code issue
Latest by beaglebasher 1 month

Sorry mate , cant help you .  There is usually a couple of nerds that will explain the codes.You might have to wait a couple ...

Topic by: GGUser580
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Uncle Ho
YSS rear suspension
Latest by Uncle Ho 1 month

Mine was a Dyna, not Softail

Topic by: chrisfxst08
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2x bikes with side carts.
Latest by Havik87 1 month

Too easy bud I'll Sus some more photos out for ya once finished work bud

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Topic by: Havik87
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Your other "non-Harley" Bike?
Latest by paulybronco 1 month

Ha Ha must be my "inclusive" work place training.

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Topic by: System
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