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American Idiots
Latest by B0nes 8 days ago

The only thing we will hear about this is the sound of crickets

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Topic by: beaglebasher
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12 inch bars for CVO Street Glide
Latest by STEAMER 9 days ago

Did you ask why they wont fit.  I would have thought they would   i thought they have standard fit risers, ( size w ...

Topic by: 2021cvo
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Latest by paulybronco 9 days ago

Ha Ha could be.

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Topic by: paulybronco
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Krash Kinkade
Progressive suspension help
Latest by Krash Kinkade 10 days ago

Leachy , over the years I've stuffed around on the front fork spring rate & damping.but after I went to an expert to work out ...

Topic by: FBUser251
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Anyone want to make a quid....
Latest by paulybronco 10 days ago

So the mighty Nissan GTR will no longer be brought into Australia after 31 October 2021. This car will rapidly become a collector ...

Topic by: paulybronco
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Engine Oil Level
Latest by robnicko 10 days ago

same thing applies to my dirtbike Leachy, its a honda xr400 and it will show next to nothing on the dipstick cold but needs to be ...

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Topic by: leachy
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Latest by Soapbox2627 10 days ago

I stayed upright on the train, bent the 6 inch risers with my weight, missed my appointment for a tattoo, actually, the wife rang ...

Topic by: Soapbox2627
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Ride pics
Latest by Soapbox2627 10 days ago

money is not all, don't know your or his business but how is your life, if you are good, then he has a problem $600 a week, in an ...

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Topic by: Grease Monkey
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Clutch problems 2005 softail
Latest by Gemmakhan 11 days ago

Adjusted the new clutch cable as per specs yet bike jumps into gear and creeps. Tried removing all cable slack but still doing it. ...

Topic by: Gemmakhan
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AFL finals
Latest by bloodog 11 days ago

sarcastic And still sad 

Topic by: Far Canal
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Latest by Jersey 12 days ago

OK  Thanks for that Grease Monkey.  Whenever I get one I will be doing it myself.  Will heed your advice and do ple ...

Topic by: Jersey
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cruise control dropping out
Latest by paulybronco 12 days ago

Or perhaps a Hd at 100mph for lengthy periods of time may

Topic by: robdawg
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Far Canal
Get it tuned!
Latest by Far Canal 12 days ago

Really?. Oh shit, feel like I am losing the plot for once in my life. Hm, maybe twice.

Topic by: Grease Monkey
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Grease Monkey
2019 Slim
Latest by Grease Monkey 13 days ago

Think one uses a gasket and one a seal so I'm thinking you would need the manifold bas well but not certain, parts book might help ...

Topic by: Mesmer
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I wont forget you mate
Latest by Spook 13 days ago

Agreed! You cannot know what other guys are going through!

Topic by: paulybronco
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Increased Fuel Usage after new Header pipes
Latest by Jersey 14 days ago

Hi Krash I did not put new 02 sensors in.  I just wire brushed the old ones a bit and reinstalled in the new pipes makin ...

Topic by: Jersey
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Grease Monkey
SE Super Tuner Pro Tuning setup table
Latest by Grease Monkey 16 days ago

Upping the cubic inches in the calibration is something tuners can do if your VE is getting close to maxing out, tops out at 127.5 ...

Topic by: bodgie1307
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Far Canal
Breakout 114 risers
Latest by Far Canal 17 days ago

No Steelo, I did not know that. I knew he had a sexy girlfriend (1st pic) and a brother called Theo, who supported him financially ...

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Topic by: System
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WTB - Right Side Control Switch for Softail Slim 16 Model
Latest by Chuckfoo 17 days ago

Hey All,  Im chasing the Right Side Control Switch for Softail Slim 16 Model. Happy to pay postage or local pickup in the Su ...

Topic by: Chuckfoo
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Rogue Rider Industries LED turn Signals for my 2020 Lowrider S (FXLRS)
Latest by Mr.Mow 17 days ago

Just hit them up directly, I’ve done work for them, they’re really good guys, they’ll sort you out.It could be a US specific thing ...

Topic by: GGUser283
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