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6th June USA tells Truth on UFOs
Latest by keith 16 days ago place to visit, with some cold hard facts to ponder on.

Topic by: bloodog
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Extended Brake pedal Street Glide Special
Latest by Robbo_Townsville 17 days ago

I had the same issue with my Ultra brake being too close. I went with a product from the States called Soft Brake.

2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
Topic by: binnsy
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Krash Kinkade
Tri Glide
Latest by Krash Kinkade 18 days ago

I think if I owned one, I would push it back ( we do that with our MC anyway )

Topic by: dicko
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Pubs n Bikes
Latest by petebob 19 days ago

Been putting around Central Qld for 10 days now.  Home on sunday. Wish it didnt have to end!

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Topic by: Surly
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2014 FLHTK Ultra Limited Build
Latest by paulybronco 19 days ago

Understand but before you start putting truck loads into i may offer you a potentially cheaper alternative that will achieve the s ...

Topic by: FBUser219
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Mid Controls for 2000 Sporty??
Latest by Bootz1971 19 days ago

Hey Guys & Gals,  I have a 2000 xlh883c and I am on the hunt for some mid controls or reduced reach kit if anyone ha ...

Topic by: Bootz1971
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New member
Latest by beaglebasher 20 days ago

Your experience on the trike brought back some memories.  A bloke I was working with was going to a rally and he had a side c ...

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SSB Powersport Battery HVT-1
Latest by bodgie1307 21 days ago

Anyone used this one

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Various 2016 Sportster Parts
Latest by Pagey 21 days ago

No problem - if there is anything you want I can look at posting

5A01F295-B6C1-462F-8800-98BE67F911A5.jpeg 62153784-2F41-4C5F-A909-8DE7966BE044.jpeg 29E5C38D-F438-492B-963F-2B0FF9FB93BF.jpeg
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Million dollar bogun is back at it.
Latest by steelo 22 days ago

Looks like he was the last to know.

Topic by: Far Canal
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stevo fxsb
Dyna project
Latest by stevo fxsb 22 days ago

Hi All, sold the Sporty and picked up a Super Glide! Was going to do a complete flip, but kinda growing on me as is! Maybe just a ...

Sporty APRIL 2020_1.jpg Dyna and Breakout.jpg dyna forrest hill.jpg
Topic by: stevo fxsb
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Mid frame heat deflectors
Latest by paulybronco 23 days ago

Never heard of that before but sounding like a tune problem....un burnt fuel in a red hot pipe when rear cycl kicks in.

defelctor3.jpg defelctor1.jpg defelctor2.jpg
Topic by: binnsy
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WTB Sportster Mid Controls
Latest by Pagey 23 days ago

Not sure if either of you need the mid controls still but I have a set I just took of my 2016 in great condition 

Topic by: chrisj1978
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Prawn cooker !
Latest by fatbat 23 days ago

Stirring things up 

Topic by: binnsy
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For Sale - 2012 Sportster Front Wheel and Tyre
Latest by Pagey 23 days ago

Front wheel and tyre from a 2012 Sportster - $300 (or offer) located in Melbourne

84D4AEBA-FBEE-4406-A096-4590091D4DAC.jpeg 053C7E07-F699-4B67-B20E-9D44DAEFE4BE.jpeg ED09F187-96AC-41A6-A524-1D41A7CCCB6D.jpeg
Topic by: Pagey
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For Sale - 2016 Sportster Rear Wheel and tyre
Latest by Pagey 23 days ago

Rear wheel and tyre from my 2016 Sportster - $500 (or offer) located in Melbourne

C3A05E21-2225-49BC-B3B6-16005A35ED30.jpeg 9DB8C83A-F1D5-461C-839B-104D5CD4B71E.jpeg
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For Sale - Sportster Mid Controls
Latest by Pagey 23 days ago

Mid controls from my 2016 Sportster - $250 (or offer) located in Melbourne

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melbourne mechanic
Latest by beaglebasher 24 days ago

Sounds like you have been on a bit of a project mate. There is a few aficionados here who would love to see a few  photo ...

Topic by: SPINSY
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Latest by bloodog 24 days ago

Just got a new TV and 12 months Apple TV came with the deal, first thing I looked at was LONG WAY UP Into the 4th episode and ...

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Latest by steelo 25 days ago

Today in SA Advertiser In New York, a man hijacked a bus using a rifle and told the driver to drive. What he didn't count on was a ...

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