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Far Canal
Million dollar bogun is back at it.
Latest by Far Canal 19 days ago

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Pan America
Latest by wadewilson 19 days ago

I think I mentioned in another post somewhere that I could change the clutch in my R80GS on the side of the road. I found these ph ...

Replacing Clutch Morrocco.jpg
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New Helmet which one
Latest by paulybronco 19 days ago

Very talented Mr T

FFCA4F39-6AA9-48AA-A8F7-1A029B7B79A3.jpeg 47C6ACF4-9AA3-4877-A920-442591981D9E.jpeg E7227461-D4FF-4A18-9E1F-4BD96BD86612.jpeg
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Back home in WA
Latest by Fey 19 days ago

Interstate travel to visit family is a confusing mess that's for sure! Surely a more uniform approach by all the state's could mak ...

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Playing with some tweaked handlebars
Latest by tussuck 19 days ago

Gee... they have bloody good prices!

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WTD 21 inch front wheel
Latest by STEAMER 20 days ago

Yes  ABS does matter, as diff bearing. Sensor.

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Saddle bags
Latest by BlackBantam 20 days ago

It's what you get up to in those 2 kilometres, it does here in Qld any way.

saddlebag thread.jpg 19-06-2018 4-17-23 PM.jpg
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Latest by tussuck 20 days ago

See this is why I LOVE the Thundermax on the Sporty.  No locks and the current installed map is 100% downloadable so never an ...

Supertuner.png PXL_20200920_063048311~2.jpg
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Super low triple tree swap
Latest by OlChesnut 21 days ago

You can easily remove the risers.  There's one bolt holding each riser to the top triple tree.  Much easier than messing ...

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New and unused Supertuner Pro for sale
Latest by fatbat 22 days ago

Blacky, what’s your bike and what mods? New forum doesn’t allow one to look up another user’s posts and neither does it identify a ...

Supertuner Pro dongles_1.jpg
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Badlander seat
Latest by steelo 23 days ago

I have a deuce. Practically nothing is interchangeable. Tank is longer. 

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Edenhope run
Latest by steelo 23 days ago

Stewy. The blokes who used to organise it left the site some years ago. I’m hoping they come back up when they get their act toget ...

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EPA noise limits in Victoria for a Ultraglide classic 2006
Latest by paulybronco 24 days ago

Why do you guys still live in that place....they tell me that Foxtel show your backward tall skinny boy sport on some back channel ...

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Low Rider S Test Ride
Latest by BlackBantam 24 days ago

I recently bought a 2020 Low Rider 107, it had one key and two fobs. Don`t know if that came like that from factory, as it was sec ...

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G'day all.
Latest by BlackBantam 24 days ago

I`m back again. Here is a photo of my bike, from a ride not so long ago.Forgot to say, that I added a little sissy bar bag.

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Lock your bike up?
Latest by steelo 24 days ago

Covert instruments dot com

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ABC does it again...
Latest by paulybronco 25 days ago

Ha Ha or sanity...

a02e1868430725.Y3JvcCw4MjcsNjQ3LDE0OSww_1.jpg pinkjames.jpg
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Far Canal
Harley deluxe fender bib
Latest by Far Canal 25 days ago

That is good news Postie. Gives ya the shits when you buy the proper bit and it is not up to the job. Well done to your dealer!, r ...

20211110_183805.jpg 20211110_183811.jpg
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Too loud for some
Latest by paulybronco 26 days ago

Hey lets not skirt around the issue here...if its a v-rod its likely going to be Habib from Lebanon whos going to buy it and take ...

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Victoria's biggest joke
Latest by paulybronco 28 days ago

Ha Ha ...daylight saving...what daylight saving?

8-11-2021 8-46-39 PM.jpg Screenshot_20211108-144126_Chrome.jpg
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