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absolutety brilliant, My first ever bike was a 1956 Triumph tiger which I restored ,had it for 35 yrs then in my early 20`s went a ...

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Cannot find passenger mounting kit in aus for low rider s anywhere
Latest by fatbat 7 days ago

I’ve never had dramas buying from harley heaven online. Cheaper than my local dealer too and seem to have more inventory. They pos ...

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2017 Forty Eight | Vance & Hines Short Shot Staggered
Latest by FBUser214 7 days ago

or a bmw

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Sagging saddle bags
Latest by T4 8 days ago

My solution, which has lasted for thousands of kms. 2mm plate, all home brewed. This on my Triumph, but the ones on the Harley are ...

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Wla wiring
Latest by Smokey61 9 days ago

Should be a bakelite pad, I believe.

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Evo S&S specialist
Latest by paulybronco 9 days ago

Cool be keen to hear your update when hes done.

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M8 131 injectors
Latest by FBUser214 10 days ago

Participating 'in the spirit of the forum' requires an ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are those who offer adv ...

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I had been pillion on various shovels and irons as a youngster but the first time i was let loose was on an 85 softail (kicker) ta ...

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Ross motorcycle show.
Latest by Baloffski 10 days ago

Thanks fc . Least ya getting out amongst it. A dot, had an auntie dot once, English manufacturer?

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Twin Cam FXR, V2.
Latest by Baloffski 10 days ago

Another one jr.good on ya mate. Number 2 is really coming together really well by sounds of it.Clearance ahh , hammer. Number 3 ca ...

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Wanted , Softail 103 "long block" 2013 or younger
Latest by Retroman 12 days ago

We looked at a rebuild on the original 110. Not an economic possibility if under the pump time wise. That "new" 96er taken out of ...

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Tyre valve size?
Latest by Tags 14 days ago

Thx Doc, yeh I found out that they were 11.3 mm and have bought some from mx store & are on the way, cheers. 

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Just bought me first Ultraglide
Latest by paulybronco 14 days ago

Seems like i have won the prize....Neale is that worn out he forgot to answer!

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New donk arrived.
Latest by GGUser322 15 days ago

Looks good John, what motor is that? What are your plans with it?Looks like you have a lot of new shiny bits  👍.....   ...

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Buttoned key fob programming issue
Latest by Rdj_sc 15 days ago

That's what I'm getting at. The pairing process is working for the original fob but not the new one. Everytime I go through the pr ...

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Rocker C
Latest by gary76 15 days ago

Heartland in Texas sells them , but over $300. Postage is very high

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And this weeks helmet is....
Latest by fatbat 16 days ago

This was why I thought Janis Joplin was a left hander. And I presumed it was correct when someone else earlier referenced a left h ...

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Far Canal
Forty Eight seat
Latest by Far Canal 17 days ago ...

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Another one bites the dust
Latest by paulybronco 17 days ago

Dont feel bad for them, they still have their v-rods

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Doing a bit of painting.... how hard can it
Latest by bloodog 18 days ago

If you can piss, you can paint 

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