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Fatbob Indicator Panel lights not working

  • Dynasaw
    1 year ago
    I have a 2012 Fatbob 103. The left indicator panel light and the high beam indicator panel light stopped working a few months back and I have been looking for a cheaper solution than paying close to $A500 for a new led panel and harness that HD offer. This seems to be a common problem. Through a post on a HD UK website I found that a 2011 Softail led panel can be used, and is physically the same size as the Fatbob indicator panel, part number  69029-11 ($A94.45). The UK site also recommended the other part of the connector 72414-07BK (A$9.81), I bought this, came in HD packaging and sadly labelled "Made in China".                                        I cut the connector off the new panel light harness (make sure you cut the harness off as close to the connector as possible) and cut the harness on the old led panel about 80mm from the panel, this gives you enough wire to work the connection. I then used a Deutsch 6 pin connector ($A14) to connect the bike harness to the new led indicator panel. I looked at wiring diagrams for the 2012 Fatbob and 2011 Softail but found the actual wiring colour codes don't all match, below is the connection sequence worked out by trial and error. 
    Wiring from new Softail LED indicator panel to Fatbob harness:                                                                                                       
    Blue to Blue/white
    Pink to Blue/orange
    Purple to Blue/pink
    White to White
    Orange to Red
    Orange/white to Orange/white
    I suspect the left indicator and high beam indicator short out as when the bike is wet and on the side stand water gravitates to the left side and seeps through the plastic panel on the dash. When I had the  panel out I used silicon to seal the underside of the plastic panel that the indicator lights shine through on the dash, you'll need to hold this in place when pushing up the indicator panel into the 4 prongs that hang down from the plastic panel. 
    Hope this helps, it works and all the indicator panel lights work. 
  • WideglidingNZ
    1 year ago
    Well done that's a great deal compared with oem
  • 408
    1 year ago
    Not just a great deal. A very clever work around. Well done.
  • Grease Monkey
    Grease Monkey
    1 year ago
    Good stuff, thanks for sharing that, could well help someone else out 👍
  • Baloffski
    1 year ago
    Hey Dynasaw, bloody good job, not only direction of saving dollars, but the why and how to rectify. Good shit.
    Had to replace the taillight assembly for my 2012 RG as Left-hand rear blinker shorted (integrated taillight/brake light/blinker) and Harley was about 4 times the price I paid for a Chinese copy of the assembly, and as yourself I adapted the unit to hook in and still going strong years later. It's a bugga buying Chinese, but. Thanks for your detailed method, sure will help a number of people.

  • Dynasaw
    10 months
    Just a sequel to the indicator panel post I put up in July '23. A friend of a friend is an electrical guru. He checked the indicator panel I took out (and replaced) and identified that the soldering on the circuit board had been 'eroded' by water on the left indicator light and the high beam indicator light. He replaced the solder and put a varnish over it to stop any further water ingress, all is now working. So the secret is to seal the indicator panel where it pushes into the dash and if you want a complete approach bet some electrical /instrumentation varnish and put it over the existing circuit soldering (at least on the left side where water pools with the bike on the side stand.