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Battery and starting issues

  • Hori
    2 years ago
    Hey guy im new here i have a 2011 dyna wide glide the battery charge when tested with a multimeter reads 12.85 volts but still won't crank the bike up cranks once or twice then click click click any of you guys had this problem i haven't checked the earth or positive terminals to starter yet
  • John.R
    2 years ago
    Voltage drop. 

    Im guessing that 12.85v is measured under zero load.

    Measure it while cranking and you'll see why it doesn't have the juice.

    Replace battery. 
  • taff60
    2 years ago
    Check battery terminals, but it is probably a dead cell. Get it load tested. Batteries dont last that long.
  • robnicko
    2 years ago
    i had exactly the same issue with my battery two weeks ago despite being on a trickle charger
    12.8v with zero load , 4.5v when trying to crank & click click click
    had it load tested and 110cca.....

    bought a Deka ETX20L and all good. load tested at shop and despite needing a charge (12.3v) cause it was sitting idle on the shelf tested @380cca 
    charged for a couple of hours before putting in bike and fired up instantly and 14.3v when measured running - i never recall it cranking over so strongly before

    old battery is going to be used with a small solar panel for garden lighting now!