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2015 streetbob dyna faultcode P1632

  • TeeMay
    5 months
    Howdy all
    I have the mysterious p1632 on my streetbob which is causing the bike to lose power whilst riding. The bike seems to drop power around 60km and the speedo needle flicks up off the clock and back down then the bike quickly regains power . I have seen some others say it's a speedo code but this is the original speedo never had anything changed there as well as still having the standard bars etc. I have also seen some people saying it could be the VSS , As well as a TPS. I've cleaned the IAC which did make a smoother idle and the power loss only happened once after that so I have a new TPS coming this week for $77 ( thought I'd try that before pulling the starter motor to get to the VVS.

    Thanks guys
  • luke86
    4 months
    hi mate just wondering if you had fixed the issue i have just signed up here and have my own harley workshop if you havent check the earth strap at the back of the gearbox is pretty common on dynas to cause this type of issue