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Freedom performance amendments

  • David_E_676
    1 year ago
    Hello fellow riders ! 
    I have a problem with my ‘15 Dyna Streetbob. I have fitted a set of freedom performance amendments, FP3 and screaming eagle stage 1 intake. My problem is big loud backfires when a closed throttle after some reasonable revs (around 3000rpm and higher) I have changed the exhaust gaskets . I have tried a few of the tunes available on the FP3  and done auto tunes as well. Some tunes are better than others (obviously), but I am wondering if anyone has had the same problem. I assume that the only way to fix it would be dyno tune, . Any advise would be greatly appreciated..tia
  • Grease Monkey
    Grease Monkey
    1 year ago
    G'day, have seen those pipes on other bikes with no backfire issues when tuned so it's not the pipes fault, have you checked for intake leaks? With it idling spray carby cleaner or the like around the manifold at the heads, if the idle changes you have a leak and that can cause it, I'm not a fan of your fp3 but it should be able to cope with your set up.