Rosnar Motorcycles

  • TUpson
    1 year ago
    Hi guys, 

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Matt Rosnar from Rosnar motorcycles. He used to be on Oban Rd in Ringwood. Amazing mechanic and a great guy. Just wondering if anyone knows what he is up to now? I would really like to try and get in touch with him. 

  • obisteve
    1 year ago
    Fuck me, I can't help you with Matt, but I used to live there 55 years ago!
  • Krackers60
    1 year ago
    It was a sad day when Matt closed his doors for the last time. He had been my mechanic since 2013. Absolutely brilliant and definitely a very nice bloke as well. I wish you well in your search to locate him. I too would be interested to know how he's travelling.