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89 FXR Clutch overhaul
Latest by snagger 13 years ago

first of all get yourself a workshop manual look for a CLYMER workshop manual ,i completely built my old 85FXR with one of these b ...

Topic by: petesim
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Reaper motorcycle detailing
Latest by Reaper 13 years ago

Reaper motorcycle detailing services the Melbourne metro area,we like to spend between 4 and 8 hours on your Harley to get it ...

Topic by: Reaper
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which one
Latest by Paul.C 13 years ago

Well done mate,   3.5kms  it's just broken in and all the mod's too boot... thumbs up

Topic by: bathmagic
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New from Brisbane
Latest by Paul.C 13 years ago

Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy your new ride     No such thing as jap crap " they " make fuckin ...

Topic by: System
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Southern Hills to Toodyay - 2nd of Dec - WA
Latest by alchemist 13 years ago

Sorry guys I have to call the run off, found out today that work wants to fly me out to adelaide for the weekend as of friday. ...

Topic by: alchemist
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Carrying a spare lid ?
Latest by Mega! 13 years ago

I agree, they're pretty cool................if you've got a half dome helmet I might have to invest in a new helmet so I can go s ...

Topic by: Paul.C
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Another Two Bikers Down in W.A
Latest by Magilla 13 years ago

OK, time to put this to bed. There are good drivers, and there are bad. Age is no excuse. Life goes on............

Topic by: Mega!
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Springer handlebars
Latest by shadowhand 13 years ago

I need to get some new bars for the Springer. Does anyone known where you can get good handlebars for Springers? Anybody know an ...

Topic by: shadowhand
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Scared myself today
Latest by Rocket 13 years ago

I have both, the best of both worlds. But I don't like the head down arse up set ups of the sportbikes, but I like the brakes an ...

Topic by: boofhead
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Awareness... do your bit
Latest by BillyWhizz 13 years ago

I dont ask often for anything to be done, but give just a few seconds to read this THATS AS MUCH YOU COULD GIVE ON THE ROADS TO ...

Topic by: BillyWhizz
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Half a cup of Metho
Latest by Scorp 13 years ago

Would that work the same as "Fuel Set" which I have here in the cupboard.Left over from when I had the GSXF 750 and a little crap ...

Topic by: boofhead
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Top Bloke
Service Manual
Latest by Top Bloke 13 years ago

G'day all you sporty lovers. I came across a link that those amongst you with an XLH may be interested in..... ...

Topic by: Top Bloke
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shiny bits in the 07 tranny?
Latest by rooshooter 13 years ago

thanks fatboy will check it out today by the way what oil da ya run in your tranny and does anybody know what the story would b ...

Topic by: rooshooter
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removing stock hand grips?
Latest by rooshooter 13 years ago

yep started an opening with an old hacksaw blade thats filed down to get in between the grip + bar then the wd40 trick worked for ...

Topic by: Daggs
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25th November (if you are not on the overnighter)
Latest by Scorp 13 years ago

Not I ,I am afraid,  I is werkin, juss like the last few weekends ,weeks,nights  arrrrhhh I need sleep

Topic by: BillyWhizz
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WA Riders overnight run
Latest by Scorp 13 years ago

Enjoy  the weekend  peoples. Stay  well  and Stay Safe

Topic by: System
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Greetings from Brizvegas
Latest by Paul.C 13 years ago

Welcome Grotty

Topic by: System
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Flagpole Holders
Latest by Gremlin 13 years ago

Thanks for the advice Bli Bli Bandit, I'll have a look at what they've got.   Gremlin

Topic by: Gremlin
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stage 1 ness big sucker cover diameter?
Latest by Daggs 13 years ago

f**kin' excellent stix, cheers for that

Topic by: Daggs
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Mr Cattleprod..What the........
Latest by cattleprod 13 years ago

Magilla, so that was you with the camera!! LoL

Topic by: Magilla
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