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breakout crashbars
Latest by steelo 36 minutes ago

Topic by: springbok
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Short pipes for Road King
Latest by bloodog 1 hour ago

fuck yer liking this... riding a road king around straight out yeeharr I'm going to message speedy 

Topic by: Dan Crocodile
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Penrite Oil Sale at Supercheap
Latest by leachy 7 hours ago

Just thought I let you all know, if you already didn't Supercheap are selling V-Twin Fully Synthetic PAO-Ester 20W-50W for $69.00 ...

Topic by: leachy
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First Service
Latest by Adam76 8 hours ago

Thanks, I have the FSM. ๐Ÿ‘

Topic by: Cycle
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Clear coating lower fork sliders ?
Latest by Adam76 8 hours ago

Nice. They came up alright. Did you do the cerakote yourself Crowster? Or a paint shop? I don't think it's cheap from what I can ...

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Topic by: Adam76
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Legend Cartridges
Latest by leachy 11 hours ago

Yeah these are on the softest setting as I read the issues on the USA forums before I installed them. I too was thinking they woul ...

Topic by: leachy
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Great day
Latest by bloodog 13 hours ago

Port Augusta open, played there most of my life, gone back for golf week last 25 years, awesome views of the rangers. Good luck&nb ...

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Topic by: paulybronco
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11th Annnual Frosty Fingerz Run, WA, 12-13 June 2021
Latest by keith 21 hours ago

The fog was a challenge indeed, but even worse for me was Ipod malfunction at the same time ? Only ABC classic or Triple J on the ...

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Topic by: carbon fibre
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Iron fuel tanks
Latest by Umpa07 22 hours ago

It's EFI, awesome thanks for the different bits of info there. It's had a bit of work done and the guy I have just bought it from ...

Topic by: Umpa07
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WTB: Black 11/16 Front MC
Latest by John.R 22 hours ago

After an 11/16 (dual disc) front master cylinder in black if anyone has something in good condition. Cheers.

Topic by: John.R
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Latest by steelo 23 hours ago

I didn't know myself. I "asked" and someone told me BD..

Topic by: Far Canal
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WTB - Black Harley OEM 5.75 headlight
Latest by noctm yesterday

G'day mates.Chasing an OEM 5.75 headlight in black.  Can be any OEM Harley 5.75 bottom mount headlight as long as the bucket ...

Topic by: noctm
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Harleys in the Finke desert race?
Latest by paulybronco yesterday

Well said bd...thoughts with all concerned.

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Topic by: GGUser157
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Latest by Soapbox2627 2 days ago

cracker, compare the game today, "89 there was no such thing as holding the man or holding the ball

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Topic by: bloodog
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other type of fun
Latest by Soapbox2627 2 days ago

Have any of you gold coast lads been to this wagyu-ya on chevron island its a Japanese wagyu restaurant, I'm heading up to the GC ...

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Topic by: Soapbox2627
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Wireless Bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds
Latest by fatbat 2 days ago

Thanks steelo. Theyโ€™re the Apple pro buds being reviewed. They mention at the end the Samsung live buds which my Samsung pro buds ...

Topic by: fatbat
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Looks different now
Latest by roadrunner14 2 days ago

Awesome job ๐Ÿ‘

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Topic by: Pagey
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Front tyre bounce/vibration
Latest by robnicko 3 days ago

see if you can try another front rim from another bike, if problem persists id be looking at steering head bearings and also front ...

Topic by: Mitchleeey
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NRL 2021
Latest by paulybronco 4 days ago


Topic by: paulybronco
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Jack Miller Motor GP Win.
Latest by Vic 4 days ago

Moto 3 normally best racing of the weekend.

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Topic by: keith
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