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Videos for no reason
Latest by obisteve 6 hours ago

Jumper, shorts and thongs, that sound right for Namba in winter. Locals never seem to put it together that maybe wearing some jean ...

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John Force
Latest by paulybronco 9 hours ago

John Force drag racing legend had a mega crash yesterday at 488kph or 303mph. Remarkably he was conscious and able to get out the ...

Topic by: paulybronco
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other type of fun
Latest by Humbug 11 hours ago

They call it caring for country up here. Have been on a couple of trips. Driving round throwing lit matchs out the troopy windows, ...

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Topic by: Soapbox2627
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Jack Miller Motor GP Win.
Latest by paulybronco 22 hours ago

Lets hope he gets a gig somewhere. Dark rumour that he just may end up in the USA in their AMA series. I wouldn't put my $5 bet on ...

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Topic by: keith
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Lifters in a 09 Sporty
Latest by obisteve 22 hours ago

Sounds like a lifter to me, you might be able to pick which one with a stethoscope or a big screwdriver placed on the tappet guide ...

Topic by: tussuck
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"Remanufactured" HD Screamin Eagle EFI Super Tuner
Latest by Retroman yesterday

All 5 tuning laptops last updated in 2018 with the last Supertuner Pro release. Windows level the "latest" in 2018. Hope that h ...

Topic by: imoo6170
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Rocker rattle?
Latest by GGUser616 yesterday

It’s excessive end-float in the rockers. They tap on the alloy head casting. If you don’t get it early, the rocker end dents the a ...

Topic by: RocketRodB
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Hammock seat
Latest by Daffy yesterday

Went for a 100k ride yesterday. Not that far I know. Enough to convince me. Ordering one today. That loaner seat programme is grea ...

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Topic by: Daffy
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Tsm issues
Latest by obisteve 3 days ago

And only ridden on Sunday...., it might have gone past a church.

Topic by: GGUser613
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Mag Wheels
Latest by chewy3 3 days ago

I have a 1993 FLSTC looking for advice on what mag wheels will fit,not interested in fatboy solids, doesn't matter what design I n ...

Topic by: chewy3
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Nrl 2024
Latest by paulybronco 7 days ago

He has the talent but lacks the consistency and the application. The really good players just perform consistently week in and wee ...

Topic by: paulybronco
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Your other "non-Harley" Bike?
Latest by obisteve 8 days ago

Needed to use the Vic bagger for 2 up backup transport so spent an hour or so in the shed the other night, hadn't ridden it for 5 ...

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GPS Trackers
Latest by paulybronco 10 days ago

Sell them to TJU...

Topic by: TJU
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WANTED: Fork Fangs
Latest by Nado 13 days ago

Good to hear

Topic by: Nado
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Genuine HD access Road Glide 2012
Latest by T4 14 days ago

PM sent

E0CE37C2-7EE4-48C9-AC06-BEAC1ED0A4B7.jpeg 5DA8AFAE-4C08-49F2-958F-5B117C3F0309.jpeg 05AD945C-A842-4AAD-8930-DE09F015F723.jpeg
Topic by: GGUser610
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What did you guys do on your bikes today?
Latest by WideglidingNZ 14 days ago

I've just ordered this air-cleaner and have the bike booked in for it's 3rd service with a dyno tune for the new air-cleaner(in a ...

2018 STREET GLIDE CV0 POWER AND AFR.png IMG_1739.jpg IMG_1741.jpg
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Latest by bloodog 18 days ago

hello boxa 

Topic by: boxa
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Dual burn LED mod
Latest by Hilly 19 days ago

Update on this Stedi light, can no longer recommend them for a Harley, the vibration has shaken the park light loose in the the ho ...

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Topic by: Grease Monkey
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Latest by brucefxdl 19 days ago

good to hear Bluey,enjoy the days ahead.

Topic by: blueystar
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The Music Lounge now open!
Latest by obisteve 21 days ago

Julie Miller, 2 Soldiers

Topic by: kingchops
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