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Bike Upgrades just for the hell of it!
Latest by wombat457 3 hours ago

Thanks fatbat and yeah, I think it is a huge improvement over the old stuff.  As for the baffles, I don't know for sure, the ...

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Topic by: wombat457
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other type of fun
Latest by Soapbox2627 15 hours ago

my first pellet smoker (gas), now 19 BBQ's, first cook of 4kg of wings, two flavors. 11C today, went for a ride out to Pt Lowely f ...

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Grease Monkey
Lithium batteries
Latest by Grease Monkey yesterday

Thanks Ohio, good info as always. Edit, $669-$979 in Oz.

Topic by: RicB
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Spook Space Mark 2
Latest by Spook yesterday

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NRL 2022
Latest by evo94 yesterday

awesome Cows / Broncs game.....i think only one 6 again? - no bins = very entertaining, fair contest - doh!

Topic by: paulybronco
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Grease Monkey
Latest by Grease Monkey yesterday

Tough liver that one, RIP.

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Topic by: B0nes
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Moustache bar
Latest by GGUser429 yesterday

Anyone fitted a moustache crash bar to a 07 fatboy with performance machine forward controls as they don’t have provisions like th ...

Topic by: GGUser429
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Next paint job gets lined up
Latest by tussuck yesterday

Bored atm so thinking of stripping down the OEM Sporty tank and tins and doing another custom paint job...

Topic by: tussuck
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Qld second in the World
Latest by paulybronco 2 days ago

Have you ever considered self restraint and perhaps not entering into an "Exchange"?

Topic by: paulybronco
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Hog Light
Latest by STEAMER 2 days ago

Gee Stu, you only just got the bile.  Hope all is ok. That light a 7 inch

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Topic by: Stupot
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Show us your bike - Softail
Latest by wombat457 2 days ago

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Topic by: kingchops
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Latest by Antic 3 days ago

Happy to report after a two and a half hour ride home was uneventful Just a few things The 114 is all the power I will ever need, ...

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Missile Strike
Latest by flstc08 3 days ago

g'day, "the ‘Ninja’ missile is so nicknamed because it foregoes the use of an explosive warhead. Instead, the R9X carries 4 ...

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Topic by: GGUser408
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New Chinese 1200cc engine
Latest by Antic 4 days ago

They copied off HD, probably full of plastic componants

Topic by: T4
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FXLRST - when in Australia?
Latest by GGUser408 4 days ago

Stainless exhaust systems are lighter, more durable and more expensive. In the US, Burns have been making stainless exhausts f ...

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Topic by: stripedtomato
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FIFO workers Riders
Latest by fatbat 6 days ago

Thanks again Keith….you’re a legend of a bloke.  There are still some really positive things and social connections that com ...

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Topic by: System
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Airport Security
Latest by paulybronco 6 days ago

But she can drive @ .05...

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Topic by: GGUser408
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Harley Spare Parts Website
Latest by tussuck 6 days ago

I do a quick check on eBAY if I want a feel for a part price.  

Topic by: TJU
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Jack Miller Motor GP Win.
Latest by paulybronco 7 days ago

He did do very well again. Those Aprillias are a handy piece of gear.

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Topic by: keith
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Public comments v natural justice
Latest by steelo 8 days ago

Topic by: paulybronco
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