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Immigration Minister cancels Novak Djokovic’s visa
Latest by Jay-Dee 2 hours ago

Thanks User214, I read my posts again today and I was definitely ranting, it needed to be addressed.

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Topic by: paulybronco
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For sale 2008 Anniversary edition Ultraglide
Latest by Vic 2 hours ago

Looks a lovely bike steelo but yeh a bit on the high side given the year imo.

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Topic by: steelo
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Fitting a usb port to softail standard FXST
Latest by steelo 9 hours ago

Have you got a pencil?

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Topic by: oldnblind
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Million dollar bogun is back at it.
Latest by paulybronco 13 hours ago

Watched a youtube guy based in Thailand who does some cool vids explain how much and how he makes his money. In Nov there is a sur ...

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Topic by: Far Canal
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Far Canal
New Sportster S
Latest by Far Canal yesterday

That is good to hear Choco. Did not even notice it had a custom paint job but saw right away that the voluminous factory exhausts ...

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Topic by: System
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shell v power
Latest by Lew72 yesterday

Most fuels these days in Australia will come from the same refinery in Singapore. The only difference is the fuel additives that a ...

Topic by: robnicko
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Latest by B0nes yesterday

Not a fan of these Suzuki's but would like to take this for a drive, just for shits and giggles

Topic by: B0nes
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Twin Cam FXR, V2.
Latest by John.R yesterday

Negative, I leave painting to the pros, and thank fully have access to an absolute jet of a painter with top of the line facilitie ...

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Topic by: John.R
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Grease Monkey
Good bike shop in Adelaide
Latest by Grease Monkey 2 days ago

My 03 fxdx used to eat them poor little things, good to know there are still good shops around.

Topic by: Sav117
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Brake pedal in relation to foot peg.
Latest by conmore 2 days ago

Hi there I’ve checked and there doesn’t seem to be an extender for a Street Bob unfortunately. I appreciate the pedal has to ...

Topic by: conmore
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Wont start while in gear
Latest by mickle 3 days ago

Yep left hand switch pack will be fucked they tend to get water and corrode inside sometimes a bit of spray may work, this is an i ...

Topic by: patgreyling@hotmail.com
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Hello again
Latest by mickle 3 days ago

Oops 50,000kms of fun lol.

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Topic by: mickle
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Fornales Rear shocks
Latest by Baloffski 3 days ago

Pair of Fornales alloy rear shocks.They are in good condition , but would advise a service for piece of mind. They fit a few Harle ...

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Topic by: Baloffski
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96b twin cam to 103 help
Latest by Hoodeng 3 days ago

It's Sunday, what are you doing out of bed?

Topic by: Postie
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Slim S - runs hot
Latest by paulybronco 3 days ago

Its not really addressing the underlying problem though is it...

Topic by: patgreyling@hotmail.com
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Memphis shades Gauntlet Fairing FXST 2021
Latest by evo94 3 days ago

tnx for posting....useful info for many im sure...

Topic by: oldnblind
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Grease Monkey
New streetbob
Latest by Grease Monkey 4 days ago

Hey mate, this comparison gives you an idea of what to expect from the cams you are looking at, that 114 loves a cam and a tune.

Topic by: dvstreetbob
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2008 Fatbob "issues"
Latest by tussuck 4 days ago

Gotta LOVE that MilSpec aircraft cabling though!  I run it on the FXR and its a dream to use.

Topic by: Chrisso63
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Power vision licence
Latest by binnsy 5 days ago

Anyone on here purchased a new licence for a power vision tuner.  Thinking about buying one for the one I have so I can give ...

Topic by: binnsy
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Latest by Asatru_88 5 days ago

G’day mate, Would the rear LED indicators fit 2016 Dyna?

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Topic by: Onequickpuck
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