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rick k
Paint peeling off brake reservoir
Latest by rick k 7 hours ago

Seeing they painted them they should of at least used a primer prior to painting , same goes for the black panted oil tank . I spe ...

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Topic by: rick k
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Looking for someone to check out a bike in WA
Latest by wello 7 hours ago

haha yeh pretty much mate .. it did sound nice though

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Topic by: steelo
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New Sydney motorway opening
Latest by beaglebasher 9 hours ago

Just heard about that. I  drove trucks up and down the Pennant Hills road and it was always a nightmare.I think it is only ab ...

Topic by: Krash Kinkade
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Site update
Latest by steelo 9 hours ago

30-10-2020 6-38-47 PM.jpg
Topic by: System
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Old Fatty
Please post something
Latest by Old Fatty 10 hours ago

Topic by: steelo
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Regulator/battery drain
Latest by Wideglider 16 hours ago

How did you go with this?

Topic by: Gemmakhan
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Krash Kinkade
Latest by Krash Kinkade 17 hours ago

we will just have to watch the game & find out, as looks like all new young player's, but QLD have the old most winningest ori ...

Topic by: paulybronco
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Wall Street Journal article on HD's future
Latest by Chester 17 hours ago

It'll be an expensive toy for a hand full of people that can afford them.  From what I recall Zero tried to launch in Aus, bu ...

Topic by: Krackers60
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Latest by speed3se 19 hours ago

Thanks gidgi , checked out there website.  Just wanted some real riding experience info.

Topic by: speed3se
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Serial1 e bike
Latest by Chester yesterday

Just found this on youtube.  Very interesting the stuff their coming out with.  Design is great, the belt drive is a coo ...

Topic by: Chester
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Ride down South - Oct 2020
Latest by steelo yesterday

Had a day off yesterday (well actually I have every day off) so helped organise a ride down south. Headed off early from the Feath ...

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Topic by: steelo
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Big Steve
Dyna upgrades on upgrades
Latest by Big Steve yesterday

You’ll be happy with Galfers. I had them on my old Dyna and they were delivered in about a week from Revzilla.

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Topic by: Birtyyy
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rick k
Ride pics
Latest by rick k yesterday

You say you may not be a photographer but you sure got location background right . Bike looks  great sitting amongst the cane ...

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Topic by: Grease Monkey
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rick k
TC Softail Oil , what do you use ?
Latest by rick k yesterday

Good to know,,, Tks Brucefxdl .

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Topic by: rick k
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rick k
Assistance Appreciated
Latest by rick k yesterday

or off a 48 or 883 low going by the how the bars bolt in .

Topic by: TJU
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other type of fun
Latest by bloodog yesterday

5kg of Whiting fillets .....mumu me u

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Topic by: Soapbox2627
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Motor mounts - talk to me
Latest by robots yesterday

Try the service bulletin first Shave top of mount, then shim with washer. I have the sputhe and only noticed a bit more stabili ...

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Topic by: noctm
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Krash Kinkade
NRL state of Origin 2020?
Latest by Krash Kinkade yesterday

wonder who will win this?

Topic by: Krash Kinkade
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Idling problem
Latest by magnum54 yesterday

a very common problem for those who follow the manual

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Topic by: Smokey61
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perth harley
Latest by Mitchleeey 2 days ago

Heard this as well. 

Topic by: FBUser45
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