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Brake fail..
Latest by beaglebasher 1 hour ago

I apologize for the misunderstanding Azz. 

Topic by: Azzaaa
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FuelMoto Jackpot 2:1 for M8
Latest by hdOZMAN93 3 hours ago

Beginning of this year, there was some chatter over in the US of A about Fuelmoto designing and selling their own exhaust for the ...

Topic by: hdOZMAN93
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Maximus Direct Link Tuning Key
Latest by Soapbox2627 8 hours ago

I know nothing on the tuner but the parts guy in the second dealer in Adelaide told me to just change my filter to a K&N fil ...

Topic by: OzzyGreg
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other type of fun
Latest by Soapbox2627 11 hours ago

no, but I can see it now

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Topic by: Soapbox2627
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Far Canal
Bug out van - camper - bike carrier build
Latest by Far Canal yesterday

Dr Youth in Asia

d93941cb-kevorkian-van-combo_1440453149393_120733_ver1.0_640_360.jpg Unknown_20.jpeg 39d1ac07178e8b488daab8f43b6df5d3.jpg
Topic by: steelo
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Million dollar bogun is back at it.
Latest by Wideglider yesterday

He is a legend in his own lunch-time. 

Topic by: Far Canal
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Videos for no reason
Latest by steelo yesterday

Here's a trip down memory lane for you seasoned office professionals and a treat for the young ones. Triple T (Terrible Terry Ta ...

Topic by: System
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Thinking of fitting a crash bar to my bike
Latest by dicko yesterday

Try easy R

Topic by: Choco
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SE Spark Plugs - How often do you change them
Latest by leachy yesterday

Hi All, Just wondering how long the SE spark plugs last for. I understand that they should last longer but what does that mean. G ...

Topic by: leachy
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New donk arrived.
Latest by John.R yesterday

New peices for the next powerplant arrived. Haven't full decided setup yet but will cross that bridge soon enough.

20211025_121405.jpg 20211025_121348.jpg
Topic by: John.R
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FIFI workers Riders
Latest by keith 3 days ago

Friday Nov 5th Shell Thomas Rd, departing 8.00 am, overnight to Margaret River with a few stops along the trail.

P1020928.JPG P1020927.JPG all-australian-car-day-flyer.jpg
Topic by: System
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Knock in bottom end on cold start
Latest by Floyd 4 days ago

Follow up on this bottom end knock....I put the bike into the shop...... investigation ..... got the bike back, problem all fixed. ...

Topic by: Floyd
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Starter motor troubles
Latest by Floyd 4 days ago

Thanks Kato yes helpful, I have my starter in pieces and can see no broken or worn parts ?? Thanks for the help. Really want to kn ...

Topic by: Floyd
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The start of no deals...
Latest by paulybronco 4 days ago

FB Can i just refresh your memory of your quote......" And all new cars have declined thanks to Covid, supply chains and silicone ...

Topic by: paulybronco
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Bike Stuff I swear by!
Latest by paulybronco 4 days ago

My Peter Heater is the pillion....

Topic by: GGUser260
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Rogue Rider Industries LED turn Signals for my 2020 Lowrider S (FXLRS)
Latest by BLKFLME 5 days ago

I’m interested to hear how you went with this GG. FWIW I did look into the halo indicators from Custom Dynamics about a year ago ...

Topic by: GGUser283
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Engine Oil Level
Latest by Postie 5 days ago

I now check oil after my ride so I know its good for next time. Provided there's no puddle under the bike it's still gotta be insi ...

air filter.jpg
Topic by: leachy
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Fork tube compatibility
Latest by tussuck 5 days ago

You will have to research this one as no they are not all interchangeable.  Different thread and shapes for the tops and inte ...

Topic by: Mr.Mow
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Biker art
Latest by Mr.Mow 6 days ago

Thanks man! What size are you normally? These are a pretty standard fit. The crystal ball t was a preorder only, might run em a ...

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Spook Space Mark 2
Latest by Spook 7 days ago

Topic by: Spook
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