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rick k
TC Softail Oil , what do you use ?
Latest by rick k 1 hour ago

I’ve just purged the engine using phatty’s recommendation , see how it goes . Thanks all of you guys , I wouldn’t have done i ...

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Topic by: rick k
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other type of fun
Latest by Soapbox2627 3 hours ago

This time I never unplugged the wrong freezer We had a power outage and I recon it spiked the freezer We cooked as much as ...

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Topic by: Soapbox2627
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Latest by steelo 7 hours ago

That’s not right bd. A Harley motor goes potato potato potato

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 5.29.29 pm.png
Topic by: bloodog
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Wall Street Journal article on HD's future
Latest by Chester 12 hours ago

Ok, it might be a little unfair to call those bikes flops.  No doubt they sold lots of the Street bikes, but unfortunately I' ...

Topic by: Krackers60
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Latest by Ratbob yesterday

Yep, having a certifier on board from the get go is one of the VSCCS recommendations. Hopefully Mark can get it sorted or he certa ...

Topic by: DisturbedMark
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NRL 2020
Latest by paulybronco yesterday

Ha Ha

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Topic by: JFE
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Anyone use this website??
Latest by B0nes yesterday

Couldn't be any more dodgy. The email address is also linked to these sites https://www.vision-direct.com.au https://www.airmans ...

Topic by: AussieLowRider
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Your other "non-Harley" Bike?
Latest by brucefxdl 2 days ago

found an r/t boxer [ seen from the road the other day ] think i might might call in and see what its doing.it appears like its bee ...

Kawasaki W800 800X500.jpg A14A834B-B69C-4B52-9757-3580CAD3ABC7.jpeg 0A7D2FC6-871D-46AE-A076-9D431677B18E-7614-000010995A972CFE.jpeg
Topic by: System
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Ride pics
Latest by magnum54 2 days ago

yes cold coming down off the plateau  even good quality gloves struggle with wind chill factor

PXL_20201004_002028761.jpg PXL_20201017_044122549.jpg PXL_20201017_050138192.LS_exported_0_1602914300667.jpg
Topic by: Grease Monkey
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Grease Monkey
COVID Builds! What yah doing to your ride during lockdown?
Latest by Grease Monkey 2 days ago

Hahaha, was not expecting that, good luck with the 4, had a few blats on them back when.

New folder.jpg 0EB707BD-05B1-4AF5-9FA4-CAB72A4F563D.jpeg 20200815_144035.jpg
Topic by: tussuck
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Krash Kinkade
Latest by Krash Kinkade 2 days ago

Yeh good game! Looked to me like Richmond younger & faster & it showed up in last quarter.

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Topic by: bloodog
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margs river
Latest by keith 2 days ago

Get well soon Wello.Leaving from Shell Thomas Rd 8.00 am Friday 13th scenic route with a few refreshment stops along the trail.

Topic by: wello
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SA Getaway Oct 2020
Latest by wadewilson 2 days ago

Some more random photos of the trip

DSC02253.JPG DSC02281.JPG DSC02266.JPG
Topic by: steelo
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Trade up or not?
Latest by mattt 3 days ago

When I was getting ready for our 2018 16,000km Lap Around The Block (you can read about it here: https://hdforums.com.au/Thread/67 ...

Topic by: inkaporka
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Grease Monkey
S & S Pushrods
Latest by Grease Monkey 3 days ago

The SE tapered's go ok, I've put them in plenty of bikes without any comebacks, use them in my own as well.

Topic by: baldy1450
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carbon fibre
perth harley
Latest by carbon fibre 3 days ago

Rumour only!! Heard that all 3(SW??) connected WA dealerships had been sold to a large auto group.

Topic by: FBUser45
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Far Canal
Livewire owners beware
Latest by Far Canal 4 days ago


Topic by: Far Canal
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Krash Kinkade
Here’s my 2016
Latest by Krash Kinkade 4 days ago

Nice one , Pagey!

B68EA3A5-A0D4-4D5E-BC43-583260679AC1.jpeg 4CD9BC05-987F-4E1E-873C-DFE51DAC2642.jpeg 73A0CF13-A923-45F2-A274-3C50029B50C8.jpeg
Topic by: Pagey
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speedo fogging
Latest by Smokey61 4 days ago

Older Harley speedos never fogged up. No other bike I've owned, Harley, Triumph, Norton, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, ever had fogging i ...

Topic by: wello
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Krash Kinkade
2into1 or 2into2
Latest by Krash Kinkade 4 days ago

I'm not an expert & have only ridden a m8 200kmhaving said that, a friend owns a m8 & has his own DJ250i dyno, he said I t ...

Topic by: M3TALH3Ad
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