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Not a fan of these Suzuki's but would like to take this for a drive, just for shits and giggles

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Hello again
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Oops 50,000kms of fun lol.

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other type of fun
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With Whyalla printed on the barrel. I can see you would have thought it legit mr S. Sorry you got done. Having said that people st ...

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Pitch Invaders
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unfortunately. unsportsmanlike like conduct, = yellow card lucky the referee never went violent conduct = red card, you still cant ...

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ABC does it again...
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Again untested "evidence" Smith has had no military or civil procedures against him to date regarding these allegations. It is in ...

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The land of the free
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Not to forget the role that politics and gun lobby groups place on presiding governments as well as hopeful candidates. The NRA ha ...

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New Helmet which one
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Very talented Mr T

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Far Canal
Be careful of your home insurance if you work from home.
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Not sure if they were the "exact" words GGU but if you run a business from home or anywhere on the same insured address then they ...

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Solar panels
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Yes doc mine is a bigger unit. Both inverters are inside the garage so dont get direct sunlight on the display panels causing them ...

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The start of no deals...
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FB Can i just refresh your memory of your quote......" And all new cars have declined thanks to Covid, supply chains and silicone ...

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Anyone want to make a quid....
Latest by beaglebasher 3 months

I saw six of them parked in a row  on the wharf at Port Kembla  harbour about 3 months ago.  Every one was white.No ...

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On the pension.
Latest by dicko 4 months

Found this and I figured it sounded like Me. I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 60 years later. I don't have ...

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Impressive tools people come up with
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Haha, right-on……. the Peter Brock Polarizer For those that don’t know about it: ...

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American Idiots
Latest by B0nes 4 months

The only thing we will hear about this is the sound of crickets

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Emirates Ad
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Bloody oths mate. All the way to the top!!.........well as far as the elevators go she could meet me there,would hate to get to th ...

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RIP Charlie Watts
Latest by Baloffski 4 months

Think he sounds like he was a cool 'gentleman'.

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TV series .
Latest by bloodog 4 months

Time Apple TV  made by BBC 

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Triumph Ad
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How they build the Rocket 3. I had no idea they were built this way

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Far Canal
Was It You
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I reckon the 2nd option there would at least make some cops smile.

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Ash Barty World No 1.
Latest by bloodog 5 months

Word on the street is Ash is very very good at golf and when she's done with tennis there could well be a spot on the tour for her ...

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