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ecm on 99 roadking
Latest by nobody 16 years ago

Not sure what you mean when you say that the Power commander shorted out?Form your previous post I thought you had a catastrophic ...

Topic by: shane
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fuel economy
Latest by Surly 16 years ago

Thanks Kiteman. I own two vehicles with mph speedos in them cheers Surly

Topic by: BACAMICK
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Latest by ANDYK 16 years ago

Pulled my controls of to get chromed and when I did poured the brake fluid in the res into  a glass  was a tan colour&nb ...

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Some topics moved from General Discussions
Latest by Kingchops 16 years ago

Hi All, I've just done a bit of a tidy up in the "General Discussions" forum and moved some specific bike topics to tho ...

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Latest by Rocket 16 years ago

This would be a bump. Hopefully see some of your guys out there today.

Topic by: Rocket
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Amazing video of the combustion process in action
Latest by Rocket 16 years ago

Wow, worlds smallest camera man !

Topic by: kingchops
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RedWing Motorycles
Latest by Kingchops 16 years ago

  Big lipped Steve Tyler from Aerosmith is a big fan of bikes.  Apparently he and others have launched Redwing motorcyc ...

Topic by: kingchops
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motorcycle riding skills exhibitions
Latest by Kingchops 16 years ago

Some pretty cool riding skills.  

Topic by: kingchops
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Melted shoes on my zorst
Latest by bretho 16 years ago

cold pipes and a brand new thin wilkinson sword razer blade, works a treat with no scratches or staining.

Topic by: Rocket
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Bike project's
Latest by GREG 16 years ago

Love the trumpy, neat job. That GSXR is insane, I'd love to see it in flight.

Topic by: System
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Hello from Prescott Arizona
Latest by mattro11 16 years ago

Hi Mungrel, The Fatty's EFI, as for the powercommander, they work well, get it set up properly on a dyno though. I had mine set ...

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interesting running in procedure (not genuine)
Latest by bretho 16 years ago

here is some interesting info on the running in procedure, hard. not the genuine way.www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm

Topic by: bretho
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07 fifth gear
Latest by GMR-PERFORMANCE 16 years ago

HMMM if you say so , I have done a few and it has removed most of the gear noise. We have had good luck with it sorry that it has ...

Topic by: rooshooter
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New Photo Gallery for members
Latest by jap 16 years ago

good one Kingchops . Jap

Topic by: kingchops
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Not long now--))))
Latest by kensim 16 years ago

yea its a g ood feeling waiting for the bike

Topic by: Gav
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107 kit photos
Latest by GMR-PERFORMANCE 16 years ago

We try to ensure that there is never any issues, so when there is something that comes ups we do our best to make sure it is handl ...

Topic by: System
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Latest by Bobtail 16 years ago

Hi Surly, I've just done a 550k round trip of the South West ( Mandurah/Bridgetown/Mandurah) taking in Balingup & Nannup ...

Topic by: Surly
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Uncle Ho
Tyres for Dyna
Latest by Uncle Ho 16 years ago

think I was lucky that it was only a slow leak. When I was getting a new tube fitted was told about a guy with a Ducati, picked up ...

Topic by: Uncle Ho
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Hey from Adelaide
Latest by bretho 16 years ago

welcome aboard Jason

Topic by: Harleyglide
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Road King Frames
Latest by nobody 16 years ago

Hey Steve Good thing about a RoadKing is that you can never have too many parts nobody

Topic by: Hogfather
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