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Finally Back (with a Garage)

  • 78gold
    17 days ago
    Hi All 
    Its been a while as a few "life" issues been going on.
    Haven't had a garage or accessible workshop for nearly 3 years but that has recently changed and I hope to get a few more bits done.
    Over the past few years I have sold a couple of my Harleys, bought a couple more and my 3 month project tidy up of an XS650 is in its 7th Year. lol

    Currently have:
    1971 FLH
    * Pretty Stock and will stay that way.
    1986 FXRP
    * Fitting a Corbin Warbird kit. Been on hold but hopefully start again now have a Garage.
    1989 FXRP
    * Swingarm chop conversion. Mostly my work including the paint job which was done with Rattle Cans.
       Still to fit the 3 deg cups and 6" over forks but then done(ish)
    1980 XS650
    * This one is a bit embarrassing and I need to get my finger out and get it finished.

    Looking for a Shovel p[roject but thats on the back burner.

    Anyway see you on the road and will be at Wagga Swap and Shovelfest in Bendigo
  • tussuck
    16 days ago
    Corbin Warbird.... Now that takes me back!

    I have a full set of bits for an 86 FXRP (off a CHiP's bike)