Vibration in 2011 FXDC Super glide

    18 days ago
    Hi. I've recently acquired my father's fxdc after his passing in February.  
    I've owned about 6 or 7 Harley's in my life of motorcycle riding.  
    But never have I experienced the vibration that this bike has. 
    I just had a new front engine mount put in by harley dealer,  but vibration is still there.  And it's quite savage. 

    Harley mechanic said that this happens with some super glides has they are smaller then the wide glide and come out with mid mount foot controls, and like mine, now, have forward controls as a modification.  
    But I'm really struggling to believe this amount of vibration is somewhat normal. 
    Has anybody experienced this and solved the issue please? 
  • B0nes
    18 days ago
    Pull cam plate and check run out. Also check to see if it's sumping. Sounds like a scissored crankshaft. If check looks ok then check main gear drive bearing. But I'm calling bullshit on harley mechanic's comment if the vibration is excessive.
  • Hilly
    18 days ago
    There is a method to shim up the mount and settle the engine into place, without seeing it it's hard to say what's going on, BOnes could well be right if it's had a bit of a hard time, the mech is full of it, same frame except for neck rake, same engine, it's a version of the old "they all do that" line, there was a thread on here that went into it, not sure if it's still up.
    Type, Dyna engine mount alignment into the search bar, should bring up a few.
  • obisteve
    18 days ago
    Nice that you've got your dad's bike Dan. My daughter says she's gonna ride my old rat Sporty to my funeral, hopefully not too soon.
    18 days ago
    Thanks mate. Funeral was a great turn out up here in Townsville.  We had his coffin ⚰️ taken from morgue to crematorium on a motorcycle hearse. We had about 47 bikes including my brother and myself on our Harley's escort him. And about 150 people at his service.  He would of been proud as punch I reckon. 
  • robots
    17 days ago
    Check clearance on rubber, shim mount, check exhaust not touching frame, check head studs

    Put rubber grips and foot pegs on if don’t already have, tighten mirrors