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Cleaning Roadworks Crud

  • Sniper
    21 days ago
    Recently had the misfortune of unavoidable roadworks on the RGST that horrible sandy road base junk, and to make matters worse they were wetting it down.

    To say the sandy coloured crud has got in everywhere is an understatement.

    So far, muck off, and snow job, had little effect.
    I can scrub wheels, but there’s lots in very hard to access areas.

    Has anyone found or recommend a cleaner that gets this shit off, but also not going to attack things?

    Don’t really care what it costs…

  • Rextheute2022
    20 days ago
    Try auto glym wheel cleaner ? 
    Spray on hose off - my heritage is a black finish and it cleaned all the Kurd off after a similar thing - cleaned the motor , painted bits under neath  even the hard stuck on bugs . 
    I didn’t leave it on for too long , just as long as it takes to clean the wheels and then hosed off 
  • SRV72
    19 days ago
    I'll give this a go. Thanks for the advice mate. My bike was covered in crap after a recent 8000km trip