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SE Stage III 122 Ci Reviews

  • GGUser565
    1 month
    Hey fellas. I have a stage 1 2023 114 CI Fatboy. Given my riding style, I feel I would be suited for a Stage III 122 Ci upgrade to my engine. Would like to maintain warranty, and as a result, I will not be looking to add a different Cam. Looking for reviews from your experienced selves regarding you experience with a Stage III 122 Ci upgrade. Unfortunately, I live in a small town with no option of a Dyno tune and will load a base SE Pro-tuner tune for this. IS this sustainable? Thank you.
  • WideglidingNZ
    1 month
    Why 122cu I'd just go with a 131 kit and be done with it and still keep your warranty if that is what you want, I do recommend a dyno tune though