Free Harley stuff to give away.

  • Ultramick
    18 days ago
    Yeah it's me again. If you read my previous message about cancer you might understand that my health isn't the best. I have lost a lot of muscle over the past 2 years and find that even pushing my Ultra Limited around the shed floor is a struggle and that's without trying to park it on rough surfaces etc. One day it is going to fall on me and my wife and do some serious damage.  For that reason  I have traded it in on a new Suzuki VStrom 650. Yeah yeah, I know, but my Ultra weighs 415 KG compared to 215 kg and to me that means I can keep riding for a while yet. No radio, no GPS, no floorboards, no panniers and top box. Shit I'm gonna miss all that !
    It should be here late this week or early next week. It also means no more long trips away with the wife and we will both miss that a lot.
    I don't want any money for these items, but I don't want to throw them in the bin either, so if anyone wants anything let me know. 
    My email is ...........
    Phone .......... 0438 406 429
    I will try to post 5 photos showing it all. but here is the list.
    2 wind deflectors for the batwing 
    2 stainless muffler clamps
    1 tail light lens
    2 batwing vent chrome covers
    1 CB aerial 4 foot.
    1 radio aerial 3 foot long
    1 radio aerial 4 foot long
    1 OEM clutch rod (replaced with a Fat Rod)
    OEM cams, chains, sprockets etc (2003 ?)
    2 Brand new helmet headsets (never opened)

  • Far Canal
    Far Canal
    18 days ago
    Good on you Mick for giving it away.
    I read in a book once by a favorite author who was watching someone giving away hand made stuff. And the makers attitude was "The only stuff you actually keep is the stuff you give away"
    In a strange way it can be true.