2024 models

    1 month
    Bloody hell  they start at $50K
    bugger that
  • paulybronco
    1 month
    Hear you Steamer...think we reach a stage that you think WTF! Maybe let some one else cop the twitter/youtube/Instagram/facebook...social media likes for their new bike then i buy it from them without any fuss for 10k less with 1000klm on the clock.
  • groover
    28 days ago
     I must be getting old as the models just don't excite me, especially for the only they are asking. That electronic dash looks like a load of $$$ if it has to be replaced and I don't like the creases in the tank. Think I'll stick with the second hand market in future.
  • WideglidingNZ
    26 days ago
    If I won lotto I'd be all over a '24 Roadglide ST which is designed by a factory bagger racer, I like the fact it's a 121 without the VVT bullshit and it's pushing over 125hp with 140 flb's+ of torque, it has Ohlin's SE shocks, carbon fibre extra's. Just wack a descent aftermarket cam in and it's done
  • Neale
    25 days ago
    Nothing there for me I’m afraid.