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gas tank strategy

  • Far Canal
    Far Canal
    13 days ago
    Quoting FBUser214 on 06 Jan 2022 05:09 AM

    I got tired of fucking about with that and got one of these.

    Quoting Far Canal on 06 Jan 2022 07:14 AM

    They look pretty snappy, why are they not suitable for fuel pump tanks?.

    Quoting FBUser214 on 06 Jan 2022 08:33 AM

    Harley fuel lines to injectors are up to 60 psi, but the balance tube or crossover tube where they are used  is low pressure.
    They are obviously not up to the task in higher pressure situations.

    I'll be darned!, did not know the fuel pumps had to run those sort of pressures.
    Only taken my tank off once in 13 years and can't remember why I had to do it.
    Would have taken it off lots more if it wasn't such a palaver.
    As 009jim said, the old bikes were so much easier.
  • wadewilson
    6 days ago
    I know it is not the same bike but in their wisdom the designers of the Pan America put the airbox right up under the fuel tank. You have to take the tank off to get to the air filter. Not an issue for the most part but after a few days riding in the desert sand my mates had cleaned their filters on their BMWs and were on their second beer while I was still taking my tank off. I have learned to plan my filter cleans to be done before getting into town for fuel. Although it has a quick connect fitting on the fuel line there is still a bit of messing around to get the tank off. And if it is full, Oh well I will just clean the filter tomorrow night when the tank is lighter.
  • steelo
    6 days ago
    Still waiting on some pics and a bike review ww.