Sagging saddle bags

  • Tasslehoff
    1 month
    I’m currently designing a set of brackets to use to support and reinforce the sagging saddle bag issue I see around a lot. I’m about to finalise the design and want to sell them. 
    These will be sold as a pair and made from 3mm Galvanised steel and power coated black. Simple 10min install with this current design.
    Modelled off my 2014 Heritage softail classic.
    Curious on your thoughts.
  • binnsy
    1 month
    Doesn't affect me but excellent job I reckon,  well done.  
    1 month
    Have actually seen kits that flat 3mm plate is bent in a big U  and holds bags in shape
  • Far Canal
    Far Canal
    1 month
    Hi Tassiehoff, you might be onto a winner there but your pictures do not explain whatever it is you are aiming at.
  • T4
    1 month
    My solution, which has lasted for thousands of kms.
    2mm plate, all home brewed. This on my Triumph, but the ones on the Harley are similar.
    Cheers, Will