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import Harley

  • Krash Kinkade
    Krash Kinkade
    2 months
    Quoting gary76 on 26 Sep 2021 01:46 AM

    Thanks Keith & Retroman......What im looking for is around 2012 Road King with all hard touring pack. Theres a bloke over in USA that has one, for the price im willing to pay, but its a private sale,  I'm not to keen on that

    Anyway still got to way all the cost up before i go further. Got to really find a deal at todays Aussie $ maybe 73cents
    The only  feasible  time to buy is if the Aussie $ is 80cents or above
    But ill be on the phone to West Coast Auto Compliance tomorrow
    Enjoy ur day riders

    Gary76 , sounds like you have weighed up everything , I agree on our $ being low , but I think it might go up, if you wait a few months.
    if I was doing it myself & it was possible to fly over USA. I would go over buy & ride it in USA before shipping as could help if you shipping a bike you have owned and use in USA. But I know with this Covid-19 stuffing everything up. Would probably have to wait for things to settle down a bit.
    anyway good luckk to you & hope you get to do it!

  • gary76
    2 months
    I think u got to own it for 12 months in USA, but thanks for ur comment
  • Retroman
    2 months
    My own bike , a 2008 FXSTSSE2 , came from Central Texas in 2011 as a 3 year old 6,300 mile bike ( @10,000 K's).

    The bike now has 63,000 K's and is still going strong. It is not unique in Perth but is damn close...Black Diamond with metal grind flames.

    I had just been at Daytona Bikeweek , and saw and fell in love with the model. Which is why 10 years on I still have it !

    This model Frasers Perth had only ever sold 2 new, at $58,000 Aussie dollars. Mental, the price of 2 Wide Glides damn near at the time.

    Aussie dollar was at $1.08 USD. That made buying a bike MUCH cheaper then than anything you could find already in Australia.

    Two years later a good mate bought the same bike from an HD dealer in North Carolina. Aussie dollar at the low 80's US cents by then.

    He bought the Copper/Anniversary coloured variant , ( not sold new in Oz !). He bought it sight unseen other than good photos, a lovely thing.

    His end cost was WAY more than mine as the "multiplier effect" of exchange rate change works thru' the process at every level.

    Like me , he loves the bike and still has it. (That's the one we had to source a motor for , getting one just last week)

    Now today 2021 you could still source one in the US , but would have to REALLY want a rare model to proceed
  • keith
    2 months
    Thanks @gary76, PM returned.