Anyone want to make a quid....

  • paulybronco
    4 months
    So the mighty Nissan GTR will no longer be brought into Australia after 31 October 2021. This car will rapidly become a collector item because of its exclusivity. Just have a little look at what a maloo ute sells for now after Holden stopped cars in Aust....
  • Mr.Mow
    3 months
    Next gen one will come, bunch of cars no longer meet the ADR regs, something to do with side intrusion bars or something.

    We’re such a small market they won’t bother changing for here alone.
  • beaglebasher
    3 months
    I saw six of them parked in a row  on the wharf at Port Kembla  harbour about 3 months ago.  Every one was white.
    Not really my cup of tea but I can appreciate good machinery.