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Rogue Rider Industries LED turn Signals for my 2020 Lowrider S (FXLRS)

  • GGUser283
    17 days ago

    So I recently purchased these new LED turn signals for my bike and turns out they don't fit my bike as the housing is different. The lights fit come with a 1157 connector and my bike has a 1156 housing. I purchased these lights after viewing various videos and reviews and they all seem to be using the same part that I've purchased and it fits their bike (same model as mine) but not mine.

    Am I missing something here? Is there a workaround this? 

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Mr.Mow
    17 days ago
    Just hit them up directly, I’ve done work for them, they’re really good guys, they’ll sort you out.
    It could be a US specific thing, they tend to run indicators as always on running lights.