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SE Super Tuner Pro Tuning setup table

  • bodgie1307
    18 days ago
    i have a 103 stage 4 race kit with 4.9 g/s Fuel injectors and tuner has set the CID to 107 & injector size to 4.22 in the tuning setup. is this a normal thing to do ?
    Bike runs hard with 112HP @ 5700 & 112Tq @4000 ( bike has the 30/70 pully swap prior to this it made peak hp @ 6000 and Tq@4300 ) it does blow a little black smoke when you crank the throttle.
    Will be taking it back to tuner for another dyno run to look into black smoke see if they can squeeze a little more out of it.
  • Hoodeng
    17 days ago
    Give old mate Lushy a call if you are in SA, he's pretty up to date on this stuff.

  • Retroman
    17 days ago
    You can change those numbers yourself easily enough. Then "save" it as a unique calibration name. I do it all the time for "radical builds" using mixed brand parts by Indy shops.

    A puff/bang of black smoke probably too rich , or can just be the carbon sloughing off the inside of the pipe system on WOT
  • Grease Monkey
    Grease Monkey
    16 days ago
    Upping the cubic inches in the calibration is something tuners can do if your VE is getting close to maxing out, tops out at 127.5 from memory, injector size is probably a compensation strategy the tuner is using, you obviously know a bit if you are able to pull the Cal from the dongle, open it and see what's changed, if you want a few ideas on it all download the TTS tuning manual, not the hacked up for dummies version, the original is a comprehensive guide to how to tune, or, call Lushy.