• steelo
    10 days ago
    Thanks jd. I think my heart broke a little bit. 
  • fatbat
    10 days ago
    Pretty disappointing given the range. 

    One thing I hadn’t considered was, “Which then got me wondering if the traction control worked from standstill at all… Ummm, not really is the answer. A little impromptu burnout got very smokey, very quickly. Now I’m not normally a burnout kinda guy, but it turns out that electric motors are really, really, stupidly good at burnouts. So that’s a thing. Makes sense when you think about it. No gears to worry about, just twist, smoke and giggle”. 

  • Grease Monkey
    Grease Monkey
    8 days ago
  • Jay-Dee
    8 days ago
    Quoting steelo on 13 Jul 2021 03:03 AM

    Thanks jd. I think my heart broke a little bit. 

    Sorry steelo, I didn't want that to happen.
  • Krash Kinkade
    Krash Kinkade
    6 days ago
    I’ve never seen anyone riding one myself.
     But a local cafe owner at East Lynne told me, someone road one there from Canberra. But I think more for the city than the bush.