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  • steelo
    9 days ago
    Ive had a Garmin Zumo 550 for years. Fantastic little waterproof motorbike GPS. Used on the Deuce (ultra has a GPS built in)
    During last 6 monthly update I found (much to the horror of my German, Scots, Jewish DNA) Garmin now wants to charge for previously free Lifetime maps due to map provider pulling out of agreement to supply the maps for legacy (older) units.
    Lifetime meaning lifetime of the machine, not the user.
    Anyway, Garmin bloke said supplier wanted to do it 3 years ago but it has happened this year.
    In case you're wondering what's going on when you try and update your 550 or other older model GPS through Garmin Express.
    I'm trying to see whether not updating the Garmin Express PC software stops it from insisting on payment.
    9 days ago
    I have the Garmin 590LM,   it says lifetime free maps, So they must abide by what they advertise and sell as. 
     I would contact Fair Trading,   As this was a selling point.