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  • beaglebasher
    5 days ago
    There is a lot of good info there Hoodeng. I am just a dirty arsed old fitter but,  I will leave that side of things to the engineer. I saw the reference to the Lewis Formula but it is a bit above my head. 
    As for what the gearbox is to be used for I would rather not be too specific FC. It is still in the development stage and the boss probably wouldn't appreciate it.
    You're right about the extra bearing dicko
    but that means a major re-design, which I think is going to happen. 
    Just saw your photo steelo. I will show it to the boss on Monday.  I am sure he will be impressed. 
  • Hoodeng
    5 days ago
    We all come from somewhere BB. When i was a tamper fitter in the railways over thirty years ago we got a big taste of stuff that just didn't cut it and needed to be drowned in cash to fix, other machines did exactly what they were supposed to do out of the box and gave many years of stellar service.
    It was rectifying stuff that was the most interesting.

  • Wideglider
    5 days ago
    I deal with repairs & maintenance all sorts of plant machinery everyday, some magnificent & reliable examples, but unfortunately many contraptions that cause no end of grief! Shortcuts in engineering design will come back to bite your arse.
    Applying endless band-aids (extra bearings etc) to hopefully fix these design flaws can just go around in circles. 
    Start again & employ a mechanical engineer to calculate stresses & design a machine to meet the capacity required - money well spent.