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  • Retroman
    28 days ago

    I have 2 new Supertuner pro tuners for sale, Still sealed in the original box. BRAND SPANKERS NEW.

    These will do any model from 2002 until 2018 , including M8 bikes in 2017 and 2018

    $600 (each) and they are yours. I was "gunna" keep them for my next bike(s) but that's not looking likely as I'll be keeping my 2008.

    These came from stage 3 and 4 kits where the bikes already had a Pro tuner from new for the initial "stage 1" tune.

    Located in Perth WA and can be collected if desired , but post will be no worries.

    For sure they are worth more than a "re-engineered" unit and we all know what they cost , $400 from ebay.

    Jeez the "used once" units all over eBay and Gumtree are asking $200 !

  • Retroman
    15 days ago

    One sold so one to go peeps, remember these are made of "unobtanium"

    I have even had e request from the US to be paid by paypal but I will keep it in Australia for the time being at least.

    I am also wary of the paypal drawback potential and some internet scammer.

    The sold one went via the forum to a Perth resident and I even loaded it up to the bike for him. Stage 2 with 204 cams it was !