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  • Benno
    11 days ago
    Quoting beaglebasher on 17 Nov 2020 09:40 AM

    Dont mean to hijack your thread Benno but I cant be bothered starting a new one.

    I have a 2002 model 88 inch twin cam that has almost 60 k on the clock. I have never opened up the cam cover and had a look but I intend on doing that before I take the bike up the coast at Christmas.  I dont know if it is my imagination or not but I sometimes hear a slight rattle that I havent heard before. I had the primary cover off a while back and all was good in there. 
    My question is when the cam cover is off, can you see everything or do you need to go further and is there any special tools needed?
    The bike  has been reasonably well maintained and it runs like a train .   Any tips will be appreciated.

    Quoting Benno on 17 Nov 2020 09:22 PM

    Plenty of videos on youtube BB so you get an understanding of what is required, I just done the cams in my 07 dyna @ 50k, pads were worn down maybe 1/8 - 1/4". For peace of mind with the k's on your ride, I would be doing them while your in there.

    Quoting beaglebasher on 18 Nov 2020 09:20 AM

    Cheers Benno. I will have a look on you tube before I tackle it.   How long  did it take you to do the job on your bike?

    I am lucky enough to have a mate who is a tech, he came over with all the correct tools, and made sure I was on track, took maybe 4 hours, but we were jacking our jaws quite a bit. If I didn't have access to the bearing puller, etc, I probably would have just got my local indy to do it, they would do it in a couple to three hours I reckon. 
    We changed the lifters, push-rods, cams, chain pads, the lot, might as well while you are in there.
  • Benno
    8 days ago

  • steelo
    8 days ago
    Well done Benno. Very little damage by the looks of it. 
  • Benno
    7 days ago
    I spent 2 days spraying the joins with WD-40 but it didn't free them up, 4 hours after spraying Inox on them I could wiggle them around and got them off. That said, there are area's on headers where the slip on's sit, that are pretty corroded, there are a couple of small holes about an inch from the end of each pipe, and some dents where someone has pried them off in the past, I think it should be fine though to hold the new slip on's. I rate that Inox for free up rusted on bit's.

  • brucefxdl
    7 days ago
    inox is good
  • beaglebasher
    7 days ago
    so you got them off then?
    well done mate.  
    I have  been on jobs where we had the  opportunity to flood  big nuts and bolts with  different  products.  
    None  of them  really  worked. After  letting  them  soak for  a  couple of weeks and some  extreme  brute force and ignorance  the threads were always  bone dry.
  • FBUser10
    2 days ago
    A really good penetration fluid is 50% acetone and 50% tranny fluid. I put it on my rusty header bolts, and they nearly came off with nothing more than my fingers.