• bodgie1307
    15 days ago
    !4 breakout fitted with chopz option 5 ( integrated Leds) and baileys under perch front leds. All indicators / brake / tail lights work normally however the LH dash indicator flashes fast.
    Red security light stayed on until i used lh indicator .. bcm registered codes b2161 ( brake light open ouput ) , b1101 (lhcm bulb out). code b2161 cleared but b1101 will not clear.
    NO equalizer or resisters fitted.

    tried the 4 way hazzard sync 
    tried the custom dynamics left & right indicator + 4 way hazzard sync 
    code b1101 fails to clear 

    anyone else had this ?

  • Chester
    15 days ago
    Not exactly the same problem but similar.  After replacing my halogen headlight and indicators with LEDs, I notice occasionally I get the high beam indicator lamp on the dash stay on.  It records some error code to do with the headlight being out.  Once the bike is restarted the high beam lamp goes off.  It records and error code but I just ignore it as it hasn't cause any other issues.  The CANBUS system should be able to handle LED's but it's not perfect.
  • bodgie1307
    15 days ago
    did the LED / BCM Sync as per harleys 4 way flash then cleared codes but B1101 would not clear.
    went for a ride all normal even the dash indicators and no red light. after ride re checked bcm codes and i have B2161 ( brake light open output ) B1101
    ( LHCM Bulb out ). cleared codes and this time both codes cleared. see what happens on next run.
  • Drac
    15 days ago
    Also make sure all lights are working.
    I had a blown brake light bulb do the same thing
  • Grease Monkey
    Grease Monkey
    8 days ago
    I had to use an equaliser on my old Dyna but it wasn't canbus, still the blurb says for canbus so it must be a common issue and that's the remedy, mine was a badlands unit, fixed my problem.