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  • Sidney
    1 month
    These day I'm finding myself spending minimal time watching the old wally box, confining myself  mainly to news/ current affairs (ABC)
    .. the replacement?.. A variety of Youtube channels centered on all things HD/ Vlogs, coupled with some guitar/music 'stuff'.
    The change really kicked in over the last 6 months or so ..  A combination of plague, winter restrictions coupled along with retirement
     seemed to have afforded me plenty of time.
    After acquiring a 2016 SG  a couple of months ago, I've been consuming shitloads of SG 'how to' orientated vids - trying to fast track the knowledge curve after owning two Heritages and other assorted bikes over the last 40 + years.
    After banging about on softails for 20 odd years, the whole swingarm/ shocker touring platform, with its variants, is a brave/strange new world.
    .. the whole radio/music thing is a real blast.
    Anyway .. Curious as to whether I'm on my 'pat malone' regards changing media viewing habits.

  • B0nes
    1 month
    Your not on your own. Netflix when in the mood. Youtube most of the time, and use the internet to check out the latest news but always take that with a grain of salt due to the amount of bullshit out there.
  • Cview
    1 month
    Podcasts been listening to a few laidlaw harley .harley heaven, crime ,joe roghan . Tons out there.