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  • steelo
    17 days ago
    No point in asking questions, making comments or pointing fingers. 
    The site is on borrowed time. The site owner has relented and put the site back on line For a short time to allow members to contact associates via pm and make alternate Arrangements for communications. Emails or telephone. Whatever. 
    Use you time wisely. It may be that it remains up for days or weeks but that is unlikely. 
    Regards. Steelo

  • Jay-Dee
    17 days ago
    That's a real shame steelo, it's been a really good site for the short time I've been around and it's sad that somebody (yourself maybe?) has gone to the trouble for the upgrade and changes only to knock it on the head due to some initial resistance and frustration.

    I hope all the members here keep well, healthy, enjoy their bikes and more importantly their lives. I've learned something from many of you and enjoyed some good laughs, banter and non PC discussions. Hopefully we might find ourselves on another forum together sometime, thanks all.

  • paulybronco
    17 days ago
    Well gents anyone who may/ may not want to keep up or touch base please email me directly on vtrsp@bigpond.com
    I believe that should the site fold there may be a remote chance of a further site with a different admin fire up.....
    Thanks for the laughs and info....best wishes to each and every one of you.

  • Soapbox2627
    17 days ago

    If passing Through Whyalla and y'all want a stop in, my home is there, I have the only Roady and wife Wendy spyder there so wont be to hard to get me

    good luck with all you guys do, it has been good here but alas its going

    will keep popping in till the end