Online: Nilo
    1 year ago
    Hi all,
    im looking at building a hardtail with a 240ish rear.

    Has anyone done this and if so, what frame did you use as i would like to get one with aus Cert and MSO to fit the big arse end.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • tussuck
    1 year ago
    Check out VPW (a forum sponsor) as they sell frames with all the paperwork sorted.
    Building your own can be a real nightmare as far as inspections and certification is concerns (ie things like welds and the type of and specs of steel used all need to be documented, specified, inspected and signed off)
  • Sparky1000
    1 year ago
    I was looking into it and it's alot less mucking around to get a registered bike and rebuild that than build one from scratch and try and get it passed vehicle inspection.
    Cause when it comes to bikes they are an absolute nazi about every little detail.
  • jocky
    1 year ago
    hey fxdfbob,kraftech do frames with appropriate paperwork,got mine from vpw.
    just finnished mine a couple of months ago,built it from scratch and had no
    worries getting through regency,just build it to the rules and should be ok
    you will have to get an engineer to finalize a report,as for the welds the frames 
    come with all welding done {by machine or a fukn good welder} accept for 
    extra things you might want bracket,so a pro welder is what you want
    to match the welds,i tacked mine in place then took it to my welder,just make
    sure you photograph everything ,including the welds before you paint or powdercoat
    your frame.i have some photos on this forum of my build,under ...bobber build...
    hope this has helped some..goodluck...jocky
    1 year ago
    I spoke to VPW today and they said Kraft tech don’t make frames for the twin cam engines I have.. this seemed a little odd in my opinion...   if anyone knows other frames that aus suppliers have I’m listening.

    1 year ago
    it seems some people say its easy while others are saying it is hard.
    MY problem firstly is just getting a compatible frame to work with! haha.

    I need a dyna frame as i have the 96cu A engines.

    thanks guys
  • John.R
    1 year ago
    Or run it in an earlier frame with an adaptor...