Online: SoftailSteve
  • Stewy
    1 year ago
    Cold and wet getting there,, cold and wet going home,, but it was still a fuckin great run, as always.. 
    good to see and catch up with the regulars.
    Mick and Di, thanks, you did it again. A good time had by all.
  • Far Canal
    Far Canal
    1 year ago
    [Quote: Chinas guard picked up something on a back road and locked up at 130kmhr nearly putting him over the bars.


    Good thing that did not end in disaster or hospital.
    Wonder if the design of that front fender contributed to scenario?
    Looking at the picture 2 shots up from this one on Mickles post the bottom of the fender is pretty close to the road which would increase the chances of that happening.

  • brucefxdl
    1 year ago
    was following a little way behind,didnt see anything on the road that might have caught up,but then again it may have been shot to the side when what ever it was [ if anything] left the bike. china was over the brow when we caught sight of him.
  • tussuck
    1 year ago
    That guard looks to be bloody close to the tyre.  At speed with a warm tyre expanding (even a little bit) the clearance would be too low.  Especially when the rear looks to have a good gap so anything suucked in would quickly run out of room as the tyre rotated and drove the object to the front of the guard....  He is lucky the guard let loose.