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Your other "non-Harley" Bike?

  • beaglebasher
    22 days ago
    Great story allright. Reminded me of the time I got flat back tyre 6 or 7 ks from home. I would have been 16 years old and was riding my pride and joy , a Honda MB 5.  50 cc's of raw power!
    I didnt want to leave it on the side of the road so I started pushing it along the footpath. With the tyre being flat it was a bit hard to push so the first hill I encountered I started it up and ran alongside the bike. I got halfway up the hill and thought "fuck this" so I jumped on it side saddle and proceeded on my way.  Just as I came over the top of the hill a cop car came over the hill from the other direction so I quickly jumped off . Sure enough the copper had spotted me and did a u bolt and pulled me over. He asked me why was I riding on the footpath and I told him I wasnt riding on the footpath cos I was pushing the bike. He didnt give me a ticket but he told me I had to push the bike home.  

  • Baloffski
    21 days ago
    Now ain’t that the way! Ya do one thing and get bloody caught out. Least in those days coppers were, um reasonable. Bet that weren’t the only thing ya got caught as time went on. The thing is “here now” my friend, keep those men’s and tell ‘em is good shite. 
  • obisteve
    6 days ago
    Looks interesting, aimed at the new line Sportsters. Looks way better than previous Polaris Scouts, and have to admit better than the short lived Victory Octane, more rounded tank.
    More suspension travel than the liquid cooled Sportsters, more comfort and more lean angle.
    Still an ugly liquid cooled engine though.
    Be interesting to see them on the road.