2014 72

  • 72HDM
    6 years ago

    Looking for other 72's with any mods done to compare

  • Mr.Mow
    6 years ago

    haha.. I just realised I have no pics of my bike!..
    But so far, Biltwell aircleaner, Easyriders solo seat and VH slipons.. simple

  • Scott Bowen
    Scott Bowen
    6 years ago

    i changed seat, bar, air filter, v&h big radius, 10mm screaming eagle leads, screaming eagle plugs, tuner, rear and front progressives (that made a huge difference) thats about it more in performance than bling

  • Jayman6
    6 years ago
    I wonder if you could get true dual fishtails on a '72, and a retro look air cleaner...

  • LWS
    22 days ago
    Few mods: 

    short shots, tail tidy, tank lift, headlight, bars, wire tuck