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How much to replace fob, coding and little black key?

  • fatbat
    11 years ago

     Bugger me, I lost one of my sets of keys. Current generation keyless start so I need to get a new black fob and coded to match my bike/spare key. Also need to get another little black key to lock/unlock the steering lock and ignition switch. How much will this set me back?

  • careyman
    11 years ago
    this is from the 2013 cat with USA prices, just double it and u will have the aussie prices :)

    A. H -D® Smart Security System – ’07-later models
    The H-D® Smart Security System offers automatic self-arming
    and hands-free disarming for vehicle electronic security functions
    for your ’07-later Harley® motorcycle. The Hands-Free
    Fob communicates directly on its own unique and individualized
    frequency with the Hands-Free Security Module and
    Antenna. Attach the Hands-Free Fob to your vehicle ignition
    key ring. As you upright your vehicle or switch the ignition on,
    the Hands-Free Fob will communicate the Security System
    “disarm” command allowing you to start your vehicle. After
    riding your vehicle, park and switch the ignition off with your
    key. Within 5 seconds the Security System will automatically
    self-arm, disabling your vehicle starter, ignition and electronic
    fuel injection (EFI). The Smart Security System includes:
    Hands-Free Security Module (Integrated Security Sensor and
    Turn Signal Module or Body Control Module), 2 Hands-Free
    Fobs, Antenna Module, Antenna Harness and Antenna Mount
    (Dyna® models).
    Also available:
    H -D Smart Security System Hands-Free Fob
    Replacement/Additional Hands-Free Fob.
    68926-07 $39.95
    Fits ’07-later models equipped with H-D Smart Security
    66373-06 $1.95
    CR2032 3v Lithium Replacement Battery.
    B. H -D Fact ory Security System –
    ’06-earlier Models
    Equip your ’06-earlier Harley-Davidson® VRSC™, Sportster®,
    Dyna, Softail® or Touring model with the security system
    designed and approved by The Harley-Davidson Motor
    When armed, the Security System disables the starter and
    ignition while monitoring the electrical system and vehicle
    motion with adjustable sensitivity. Minor disturbances trigger
    a momentary warning; major ones, an unbroken thirty-second
    alarm, after which the Security System returns to monitoring.
    A distinctive four-way flasher pattern is the alarm signal. An
    optional self-powered Smart Siren Kit adds a piercing scream
    that sounds even if the battery cable is cut.
    The Security System is armed and disarmed with a remote
    control waterproof key fob utilizing state-of-the-art rolling
    code technology. If the key fob is not available, the rider may
    arm or disarm the system by keying a previously entered
    personal code on the turn signal switches. Kit includes 2 Key
    Also available:
    R eplacement/Additional Remote Control
    Waterproof Key Fob
    68926-00 $44.95
    Fits models equipped with H-D Factory Security System,
    North America.
    68927-00 $44.95
    Fits models equipped with H-D Factory Security System,
    International (except Japan).
    66373-06 $1.95
  • Soapbox2627
    11 years ago

    anywere shingles, he  found a set and vob

  • scotti
    11 years ago
    Yeah but he also said he kept them all nice and safe in his safe , since last year ?
  • Retroman
    11 years ago

    Keys $32 for 2 at your friendly local HD dealer ( takes 3 weeks !) Or some key cutting joints can do them from your "other" one while-u-wait !

    One New fob plus "coding to the bike" , @$100 , ONLY from your friendly local HD dealer

    I've just been thru' this very scenario 6 weeks ago , bought a bike with only one key and one fob so it had to be done.

    I personally have never lost a Harley key/fob but know dudes who have and it turns into a CUNTFEST out on the road !!

    You must must have a spare back at homebase for that reason.

  • scotti
    11 years ago
    makes you wonder how the Perth guys feel??

    Isn`t that something ya should be askin a women , from WA Soapie ?
    Jus sayin`?
  • Soapbox2627
    11 years ago
    Yes I can see the dilemma, I mean emotionally definitely not touchy feely