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  • Bear
    13 years ago
    Sad but true
  • steadythelead
    13 years ago
    My first ride on a HD was when I bought my first HD in 1965, Army green 45WLA for 45 quid. Army surplus almost brand new just 20yo, Tyres perished and no battery. Stuff was so easy to get back then to make her right.
    Ripped it down sandblasted and repainted it. Pulled down motor, new rings and made a new set of gaskets. Rode her for awhile but went back to Triumph.
    Some ways wish I still had it. Have had a few since [ not wla ] still love em.

    2008 Vivid Black Softail Custom
    SE performance slip-on's
    SE air cleaner
    Big Joe's "Fuelshot 3"
    "Live to ride" covers
    Kuryakan ISO stirrup foot pegs and pedals
    Kuryaken indicator mirrors
    SE hand grips
    Spectro oils
  • hattown.nt
    12 years ago
    Around 2001 just before I bought my 1st one.
  • Fangio
    12 years ago

    I'm still waiting...

  • kanunski
    12 years ago
    Two weeks, one day, and about 4 hrs. Same smile is still ever present !!
  • robert65
    12 years ago
    mine was 1981 and haven;t looked back
  • Barney
    12 years ago
    Early 90`s on a mates FXR, loved it but took me until this year to get my FXD.
  • Fangio
    12 years ago

    9247 K's ago...should have done it years ago

  • poverty rider
    poverty rider
    12 years ago

    3 months ago!

    I had been thinking of upgrading my 85 K beemer when the wife and I decided to see what the local Harley dealer had on the floor. There was a red Dyna sitting there - screaming "pick me, pick me" at us so I took it for a test ride.

    The next step was the hardest. I had to do the bartering business with a straight face. I didn't want to let the dealer know how much I wanted this bike.

    Once you go Harley - you never go back.

  • KDh Kustoms
    KDh Kustoms
    12 years ago

    I was a pillion at 17 a mate had an 86 wideglide first of the evos last of the four speeds I used to sit out the front just look at it admiring all the chrome we went from pub to pub did about 300ks between melbourne and mayborough and back. Next  was morgan & wacker demo rides at bike week on the gold coast I think i rode every bike in the twice. Then bought my first one a 00 heritage in 05 I did 3000 ks in the first 2 weeks not going anywhere special I had to buy a face mask because my mates said i looked to goofy riding around with a smile that big, I did a total of 29000 ks in 6 months I did my honeymoon on the bike rode from gold coast to melbourne down the great ocean road back through central vic through dubbo zoo( very cool you can actually ride around the zoo from animal to animal) and then back to gold coast. I will always love harleys it is a passion that will never die( I even named my son Harley) thats my story.


    KDh Kustoms

  • 2005 FLSTFI
    2005 FLSTFI
    12 years ago

    My First Harley ride was in '98' on a '96' Fatboy. It was me mates, he told me to take it for a descent ride, I did for about an hour & 80k's.

    It was love on first ride. Still to this day I reckon it was better than me first root. Love'm that much now I want a second one.

  • Frog
    12 years ago
    1982, I had just bought an 81 Sporty fro Harley Heaven in Melb. Loved that bike.
  • Ferret
    12 years ago
    I was 18 months old in 1979 on my old man's WLA, which he restored in my bed room (I was gunna write nursery but how gay does that sound). Don't recall bugger all of the big day in kid's life, but from the stories I remember, the snob nieghbours were totally horrified. I guess I was brain washed from an early age.
    First ride of my own when I was 16 was a Panhead, first of the Duo Glides, when the old man went over to the States and didn't lock his keys up. Got away with it for 12 months till my balls dropped and I got the guts to tell him. I recall leaving home not long after.......
  • BlackBantam
    16 days ago
    First ride on a Harley, was around 2002 - 2003 on a friends 1984 FXR(?). 
    Wasn't really impressed and made worse with the forward controls being to far forward.
    I bought a 2014 Sportster 1200 Custom back in 2019. Good little bike.
  • Spook
    16 days ago
    My first ride on a Harley was on my first HD, an Evo 1994 Road King.
  • Stupot
    10 days ago
    I had been pillion on various shovels and irons as a youngster but the first time i was let loose was on an 85 softail (kicker) taken out to 1480 and raked with apes and forwards ridden by a hoodlum mate of mine who was 6'1 or 6'2 so being a whopping 5'9 it was a bit of a stretch to reach em around 2009